The Chronicle's of Life and Death

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Chapter 9 life

Leo was a faithful subordinate. He was punctual and responsible but what I needed most from him, was the care he put into shouldering responsibilities I sometimes… could not. As Life, my responsibility was to him and the people that didn't have the strength... Ms. Jessica would often repeat a single statement to me-

“Life, you are not God. You’re simply… his aid.”

More times than I can count, I myself did not have the strength and it was times like those that I was most grateful for Leo. With all the things that I am, human is one of them. So as we made our way to Domino City, the silence between him and I… didn't bother us. He stared forward, focusing on the road ahead. Trusting me and my decisions. Little did he know, we were about to encounter a situation we had never faced…

“Aren't you curious?” I ask as we closed the last bit of distance between us and Domino City.
“I trust you.” That was all he said. As Life, your empathy (amongst other things) is heighten ten folds more than the average person. It helps me understand, it helps me make informed decisions, it also gives me anxiety that doesn't belong to me and drains me of strength I barely have. So when Leo spoke, I believed him.

"Be prepared for anything," I said.
"Yes miss Pendragon." He says with a nod.

As we crossed over into Domino City, my heart constricted. It had been years since I had been home. My head felt woozy as I watched the passing buildings that seemed to have never aged. The road I took led me to the reservation that was our family's land. We were reserved people. Never too odd or loud. We minded our own business. It was best. The last thing we needed was for the townspeople to be threatened and to wage a war they couldn't possibly win. We lived in harmony, serving sometimes as their protectors. I found my eyes searching the streets as if looking for something. I shook it away and focused ahead. What could I possibly find here? Everything I've ever loved was gone or trying their utmost best to stay hidden away... from me.
We turned into large steel gates that held our name proudly. I willed it opened and it did, still remembering my essence. A brief smile crossed my lips as we drove up to the front doors. Our family had two homes. This estate was built when our family outgrew the one closer to town. There were so many memories in that place. We grew up there, my siblings and I. I had thought about staying there while Leo and I were in town but I couldn't... it was moments like these that made me miss her most. When my mind slipped and my walls faltered.

"I will catch up to you." I thought to myself as I opened the heavy wooden doors.
"Welcome home..." came a voice in the shadows. Instantaneously, Leo was at my front, shielding me from an unknown presence.
"Stand down Leo," I say placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. He recoiled into his usual position, letting me pass him further into the house.
"I didn't think you'd be here... you or anyone else," I say eyeing a dark silhouette in the doorway to the lounge.
"That's because everything you know, you assumed." He retorts. I scoff and roll my eyes stalking closer.
"I don't assume. I'm certain no one comes here." I say, arrogantly challenging him to meet me halfway.
"Spectre." His whisper echoes through the passing wind, stunning me for a millisecond.
"I'm going to ask one more time before I let Leo here, send you to a place you really don't want to go to," I explain.
"As you wish Princess..." he says before emerging from the dark. I recognize the voice with that single utterance, I could feel my face fall into a frown, my arms falling to my sides... after all this time-
"Hello princess." He says gathering me into a hug. He towered over me. Engulfing me in his person, twice the size of me. I say his name again, lost in my thoughts. He lifts my chin and I laugh. My mind suddenly registering that when I have last seen him, he was an inch short than I was, and now... I have to look up to meet his gaze.
"A big change from the 16-year-old you left, isn't it princess?" He smirks.
"I slap his chest causing his smirk to grow wider.
"Don't call me that." We say in unison.
"My, how you've grown..." he says touching my hair.
"When we had met, this was black and now... now its shades of brown. "He smiles.
"When we had met, I had been trying to run away from a place that would have hunted me down all my life. Things change when you make a conscious decision to return to such a place, Silas." His body tenses at the sound of his name leaving my lips.
"How did you know she was going to be here?" This time it was Leo that spoke. Silas focused his eyes over my head to Leo still standing in the doorway.
"I know her." Was all he said. Leo narrowed his eyes at Silas, not knowing anything about him or what was going on was killing him. Leo liked to be informed, it helped him do his job better so naturally seeing Silas hiding in the dark and not knowing anything about him set him on edge, to say the least.
"It's alright Leo. This one is harmless." I say moving to inspect the rest of the house.
"I'm aware, he's just human." Leo subtly taunts, Silas smirks as he runs his hand through his brown hair. I knew that Silas didn't just happen to be here. He isn't the type of person to wait around and see what happens. He studies, researches, plans, and makes informed decisions. That was who he was. So it makes me wonder, what gave me away? Or should I say us...
Do they know?
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