MaxKane and the shadow knight

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Join max in his first adventure against the demons of the shadow lands where he has to face his first enemy the shadow knight

Fantasy / Action
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The survivor

The screaming started as the humans had declared war with the creatures of light and peace called the Angels . Angels were peace loving people who fought to give humanity a good world but the humans had gotten scared of the Angels power over the elements so they declared war no Angel survived or so the humans thought but one baby was left in the rubble with a blood red fire tattoo. The Angels could never be fully wiped out there would always be one survivor which will gain the powers of the crimson flower the most powerful branch of magic in the world. And as for the humans they found the Crystal of everlasting life which contained the crystals of humans,Angels ,Demons and the crystal of the elements. The humans fought over it until one day it was broken and from the cracks of the crystal rose the five worst demon generals which had not been seen since the beginning of time when the first angel king contained them he was the most powerful angel and even he struggled to contain them so they gathered their powers and they enslaved the entire world the only being in the universe that could stop them were the angels so it was up to this Angel to travel to the true land of the Demons ,the shadow realm , and steal back the angel shard in the crystal of everlasting life.
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