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For One Small Moment

The faint buzzing of my phone halted my meditation. The sound was short, so I figured it was probably a text. Slowly unfolding my legs, I stretched out on my yoga mat to get the blood flowing to my feet again. There was no telling how long I’d been meditating, and I’d rather not find out by busting my head open. Grabbing the phone off the floor, I checked my notifications.

I bit my lip, forcing down a smile, when I saw it was a text from Eidan. Unlocking the phone, I impatiently waited for the message to load.

Open the door in 5.


With a roll of my eyes, I tossed the device on my bed. He must have been on something. We’d been talking for 3 months, and this man still couldn’t get his act right. There was no stopping his arrival though, so I decided I had meditated long enough. Rolling up the mat, I glanced around my room to see if there was anything that needed any TLC. Eidan had visited several times since our first encounter, and I could never put any real effort towards tidying my apartment’s appearance.

After tidying a few things, the last scattered articles of clothing got kicked into a pile in my room, my feet already headed for the kitchen. I grabbed a pair of basketball shorts off the couch as I walked by. Pointing at the fridge, I curled my finger and the door opened. I twirled my finger before bending down to pull on the shorts. When I turned around, I snatched the hovering fruit cup and spoon out of the air.

Plopping onto the couch, I stared at the coffee table. Notebooks, pencils, and library books cluttered the space, leaving little room for my feet or fruit cup. With a groan, I put the meager breakfast to the side and clasped my hands.

“As you were

So it is.”

My tattoos lit up, a thin stream of green mist wriggling down my arms. When I opened my hands, a small pile of green dust sat in my palms. Taking a deep breath, I blew the powder across the table. The room sprung to life as my supplies scattered in a wild frenzy to restore order. The last book slipped onto a small stack under the table as a thud came from my front door.

With a frown, I turned to the door, then back down to the fruit cup in my lap. A second thud decided my fate, irritation bubbling with my stomach as I got off the couch. I marched over to the door, dragging my finger in a horizontal motion to undo the locks. My grumpy look was overrun by my very displeased Mate’s glare from the other side of the door.

I cocked my hip against the door and crossed my arms, already prepared for his complaint.

“Where’s your phone?”

My eyebrows lifted at his audacity so early in the morning. Extending a hand, the phone materialized in my palm.

“Good morning to you too.”

“I told you to open the door.”

I made an overly large gesture towards the empty space between us. The hints of a low growl rumbled from Eidan’s chest. Fixing him with a look of my own, I pulled the door open wider. I started to make a face at his back as he passed, but I caught a glimpse of a large bag in his hand.

“What’s that?” I called, physically locking the door out of habit.

“You’d know by now if you opened the door like I asked,” he snapped.

“Excuse you?” I fumed. By the time I entered the kitchen, Eidan was grabbing plates from the cabinet.

“What?” The eyes of a wolf glared down at me when he turned. It was hard to believe he wanted to start a fight so early into the weekend, but I’d give him one if he asked. After staring at him longer, I realized he’d been sweating.

“Did something happen to you?”

“I had to stand outside when I told you I was on the way.”

The lights flickered, and we both looked up. Eidan looked at me first, and I took a series of deep breath before responding. Interacting with him everyday had made it harder to keep my emotions under control. Shifters seemed to believe that honesty meant openly expressing themselves. It taught me that my Mate was a glass jar of emotions constantly throwing himself off a counter, and he really wanted me to join in.

“You instructed me to open the door. I know you’re upset with me for not following that directive, but can you see how you might not have communicated that request in the best way?”

Eidan’s jaw clicked as he struggled with my question.

These arguments were nothing new. We argued over just about everything. It seemed inevitable to me, but we agreed to try different ways of talking. Rephrasing, breathing, questions, you name it. Sometimes they worked, and sometimes they didn’t. The problem was that we were both headstrong, and didn’t want to be wrong. Ever. So we argued until we found a stopping point or got tired of it.

“Fine,” Eidan huffed. He grabbed the bag and plates before walking past me to the living room. With a roll of my eyes, I grabbed two cups and followed him.

A large werewolf pouted on my couch when I turned the corner. The bag was gone, and my fruit cup sat beside two plates of fresh waffles, eggs, and bacon. I contemplated throwing the cups at his head when I realized what this was all about.

I flipped the small stack of cups towards the table, a small flash of light shining where my index finger touched the base. While the cups floated onto the table, I walked behind the couch and wrapped my arms around Eidan’s neck. Placing several kisses on his temple, I nuzzled my nose against his cheek.

His chest shook in approval under my forearms, and I tried not to snort.

“Thank you for breakfast, Eidan. I really appreciate you bringing me food this early.”

“You’re welcome.”

Satisfied with our genuine ceasefire, I hopped over the couch back to sit in front of my plate. Eidan separated the cups, while I turned on a small projector. Once we settled on an anime to continue, breakfast finished enjoyably. We had been cuddling, a pastime I had grown to enjoy, when Eidan’s phone rang. I lowered the volume when he picked up, but paused it when I felt him stiffen.

“I’ll be there in 30.”

I hadn’t been paying attention to what was being said, but the revelation that he was leaving was unavoidable. Eidan had long felt the weight of my stare and looked down at me after hanging up.

“I need you to come with me. Please.”

Well at least he said please.

“What’s going on?” I pried, sitting up as I did. I would note that adding the please only made it more of a gentle notice than an actual request. The tone of his conversation was suspicious enough without it, so he had to give me more than that.

“Can I explain in the car?”

Eidan’s leg had started bouncing, his impatience already taking over his motor functions. It must have been some sort of emergency, so I could count it as a decent compromise.


He didn’t bother hiding his relief at my quick concession. The rush and secrecy made me antsy, I couldn’t lie, but I would trust him. Eidan had proven himself a loyal and faithful Mate the more we got to know each other. There was no reason to doubt him now.

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