Beyond the Waves

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When a young girl moves to a new town you would usually expect to see her parents or at least an adult with her. But that is just soo unrealistic in Willow Fay's life. Willow was a baby only 2 months when it first happened during the time her parents were asleep, resting for the few minutes they could with a new baby in the house. She was gone by the next day and that was how it was like every time, completely randomly she would disappear and reappear somewhere totally different, with no knowledge of how or where she was. By the time she was 8 she had lived in 10 different places with 5 of them being just her and no adult, fending for herself. If she got lucky she would get taken in by a kind fellow who found her on the streets. But if not she would wander all around the place and beg for scraps, hiding in places that would keep her warm. Each place she "Traveled" was new and different and each time she would promise to the only friends she would make, that she would find a way back to them.

Fantasy / Children
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Hopeless and Helpless

“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you”. -Bethany Hamilton

The waves are peaceful

crashing against the sand

then meeting in the middle

forming waves

Then “Boom,” just like that another


Another loss and another new beginning

With each move more unexpecting and unsuspecting

to when it is going to happen

just when I see the light

smell the flowers

and get used to the new place

I get whisk away to a new one

it’s like a curse

since the day I was born

forced to live alone

on my own

So maybe it is a curse?


Something that you are forced to live with until you find a cure. Commonly mentioned in “Fairy tales”, by The Brothers Grimm where you are someone else’s pawn in a big dramatic plan.

(Like to take over the world)

Thank you for reading and I hope you like this new story I will be writing. Any Recommendations please put them in the comments and if you like it please vote. This is my first time writing a story that is not a Fan-Fiction and completely my own so please roll with me, I will get the hang of this eventuality.

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