I Am the Life: Book Three of the Lost Scrolls Trilogy

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Author's Note

Author’s Note

The Lost Scrolls Trilogy is a work of Fantasy. I wrote it to be a wonderful and fun adventure, but I also wrote it in an attempt to express the deepest of truths.

While it is set in a world of five intelligent races, our world has but one, the Human Race. Just as the Five Races are torn apart by distrust sown long ago, and their world is ruled by the Dark Ones, so we humans have been lost in darkness from time immemorial.

Filynora’s story is a quest for the Lost Scrolls. In them she finds a fascinating, compelling narrative of creation, fall, and redemption. In our world, the real ancient scrolls tell that same story but are now bound in book form as the Holy Bible.

Her journey led Filynora to confront evil, both in the world and in her heart, and, though she certainly isn't perfect, she triumphs in the end. Like her, we are all on a journey in this life, and like her we are confronted by evil around and within. We are no more perfect than she is, but we, too, can press on to the end.

She is guided to the Scrolls by Jesiah, and she discovers that they contain His story, yet they also contain her story. In the end she finds forgiveness, redemption, and victory through the Scrolls and through the Jesiah of the Scrolls. The real life Jesiah is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Good News is that you too can find forgiveness, redemption, and victory in Him. He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father but by me.” I encourage you to pick up the Bible today and let your quest—your adventure—begin!

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