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Fantasy / Romance
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Mountain Side pack has always thrived at being one of the strongest and largest packs of the east coast, topping well over 700 members. Alpha Jared became alpha at age 17 when members noticed a dramatic decline in his fathers health. Doctors did tests and confirmed a strange acting poison in his veins slowly killing him. There was no cure, and he had mere hours left. 11 years later doctors still haven’t found a cure, but do know the poison is coming from hunters. There hasn’t been another attack on alpha Jared’s pack since until he started noticing pack members missing, and once he found them dead he knew it was back. Reaching out to his closest friend he hopes to get help and end this problem.
Alpha Cameron of the Black Rock pack has first hand experience as well with this poison. He lost 150 members 3 years ago, he swore on his baby sisters grave, who he lost to this poison at the age of 15, that he wouldn’t stop searching for the cause and destroying it, and killing every last person involved with it. So when his best friend reaches out to him asking for help he is eager to get his best men and women together to head to the east coast to hopefully rid this poison once and for all!
Arriving in the small town Cameron is eager to get to hunting, his animalistic side ready to end the lives of everyone who is involved with this. The first night in the town he meets everyone, including the soft spoken human girl who makes his wolf howl in happiness and craves to know her, and her boyfriend who knows too much and has a hidden secret.
Mollie is a shy and quiet girl who tries to stay hidden in the shadows. Abused by the man who says he loves her, and her own mind she doesn’t fight the demons until she meets the one man who shows her she’s worth it. Cameron gives her the courage to better herself, and to finally be free from her demons. Unfortunately the love he gives her is the proof the hunters needed to find werewolves true weakness.

“I swear by the Moon Goddess herself that I will do anything, say anything, and give you anything in this world so long as you be mine forever.” The alpha spoke with determination and all sincerity in the world. The man in the shadows wasn’t able to hear the meek girls reply as she threw her arms around him, but he had heard enough. He walked away quietly grabbing out his phone to make a phone call.
“Retreat back, new development. Do more research on what happens when a male werewolf loses a mate” he hung up without waiting for a response. The wolves think they have the upper hand, but they will never see what’s coming.
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