The Trapped Alpha King

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Living in a world that's divided between humans and wolves. The wolves are forced to isolate themselves in a secluded woods area. Ryleigh does what she could in order to take care of her younger sister and her while her father ignores her. One day, she goes into the human city to collect some items when a chase leads her to a hidden room. A room that held a man who had been locked up for over a century. She decided to rescue him but while doing so gets wrapped in a vicious game of cat and mouse. While the sexual tension rises, she finds herself too far deep when she learns he was the Alpha King that went missing.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

The world between humans and werewolves has always been divided. Never on the same team and always fight. Until the day a human and wolf fell in love and created a half-breed. This caused the two worlds to go to war as these two types should never be crossbred. The war was ugly and a lot of us were killed. Some were even held hostage until this day. In the year 2021, it was man run. Wolves to this day pay people just for scent potions so that you couldn’t notice they werewolves. Technology has destroyed other lives and if you aren’t human then you are nothing. “Now this is why we live in a secluded forest, away from everyone Nalia. When I go into town I have to hide my scent just so we can eat. Our Alpha is only as strong as we make him because even he is hopeless.” I looked down at my younger sister as she was listening to the reason why there are times I have to be gone for hours of the day. Explaining why we couldn’t go out into the world without worrying. We lost to the humans with their modern weapons. We lived in solace for a long time and that’s due to the fact that we keep to ourselves and this place the humans can rarely find. “Why do they hate us so much Ryleigh?” She looked at me with her brown eyes and it’s horrible how I have to ruin her innocence. “Because decades ago a human had rejected a wolf because she fell in love with another human. Her mate had murdered the human which destroyed the treaty. We never crossed worlds until that couple doomed us all. You see we had a King. He was one of the strongest wolves to ever exist. He went into battle but unfortunately, he didn’t make it. No one was ever able to find him again after that.

I stood up from the floor and quickly got my bag from the bed. “I have to go into town today, so please stay here and behave. Don’t let father know I have left.” She nodded her head and I proceeded with the masking perfume all over my body before I hopped out of the window and into the woods. It’s crazy the world we live in. Yes, we had freedom but it was limited when it came to humans. Killing off our food supply and our living sources we had to fend for ourselves. We had no choice but to keep moving forward and that is what we are used to now. No half breeds, no humans, and limited to two pups. I ran deep into the forest where I kept the hidden car that I had stolen from a human. The town was nearly 15 miles away so not being able to shift and be naked made it unbearable. I headed to the nearest city where I would stock up on the things that we needed. My father was always busy so it’s not like he ever noticed I was gone either. But why would he? I parked my car about a mile away and began my walk in there. While walking I noticed that there were road block signs and people on the side of the roads. It was some kind of party or parade. I knew it was best if I didn’t get seen even though something told me to stay there. If I wasn’t home before 8 who knows what would happen with my scent. I walked quickly with my head down just avoiding everyone while I walked into a grocery store and continued my grocery shopping. I know you’re probably wondering how my father will find out when he sees all the groceries. To be honest, he doesn’t notice anything. He is too busy training my brother to be the next Alpha than worrying about what his two youngest daughters are. During a raid about fifteen years ago, she came up missing. A lot of wolves went missing that day. But I know things will one day change where we never have to worry about it anymore.

I stuffed my cart with as much as I could because my potion is only good for about two hours before I have to spray again. We may have the best noses but people know when they smell wet dog that it is us. They seemed to have mastered us right about now and we are meat-eaters. We’re the creatures they write books about and call us monsters just because of one person’s wrongdoings. I didn’t like it but what could we do in their world. I completely zoned out just thinking of the day we didn’t have to hide anymore. A shove woke me out of my trance as I aimed for the ground and I had to let myself or people would know. But an arm had caught me. I was suddenly being lifted up and was face to face with a man. “Ryleigh, what are you doing here?” I looked at Danny who is a secret friend of mine. “I had to come shopping, but I will be leaving soon.” He looked around to make sure no one was there. “This is the day they go hunting for wolves, you can’t be here.” My breathing became hitched. He looked at me and then to my cart. “Okay, I will deliver your stuff at the usual spot. Just get going please?” I nodded at him and walked out before I headed back to the pack. But when I returned outside and headed in a different direction, someone had called me out. “Where are you going during this parade? You need to be celebrating with us.” I looked back at him and just kept quiet. He walked closer to me, but I walked backwards. He has to know.

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