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Escaping Fate

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Ava has had a rough life. Her pack the Red Claw used her as a slave and abused her as she grew up. Worst of all the alpha and Luna are her parents. I find my mate and that journey is a long hard road. NOW ON GALATEA This is a short story This story contains heavy sexual content, assault and abuse. If that may be triggering please be cautious reading the story.

Fantasy / Erotica
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"Ava, Your ass better be up!" My father Alpha James yelled from outside my door. Without a moment to move my door handle is being shook off as he yanks my cracked wooden door off the hinges, breaking part of the wall in the process. He stands there staring at my his dark emerald eyes filled with anger. All I can do is bow my head in submission to save myself for being hit. I know it doesn't work, it never has.

"Why haven't you started cooking? The pack is starting to become hungry and the warriors just got back from battle. Don't you think they deserve a meal in thanks? Or are you to stupid to think that the omega's would do it?" My father yelled inches away from my faces. My father is a large man standing 6'7, very muscular and his voice demands attention. He is not a man you would want to piss off but some how my existence pissed him off. I never understood why though.

"I am sorry Alpha, I didn't know they had returned yet. I will go down now and prepare a feast in their honour." I whisper barely able to speak. My head fixed on my bare feet to not meet his deadly gaze. I know not to look at him when speaking that is just asking to be hurt.

"I expect nothing less. I want it done before 7 tonight. I do not want anyone seeing you, do you understand? I don't want to hear a word from anyone in this pack that you spoke to them." Alpha James said still staring at me waiting for me to notion that I understand him. I nod my head and dust off my long sleeve top that is covered in dirt and dried blood. I hear my father walk away I begin to walk through my room. If you can even call it that. It only has a pillow thrown on the floor with one blanket laid under it. I have a small box with clothes that were given to me by the omega's. Only about 3 shirts and two pair of pants. I have no shoes, they will never grant me such luxury.

As I exited my room heading down the stairs, I hear all the wolves from my pack playing games and joking around talking amongst themselves. I hear a few insults they said about me, which is nothing new. I have been treated like this since I was 8. My brother looks at me with nothing but disgust as he turns his head and starts making out with a random she-wolf in the pack. I make my way past the group and enter our kitchen.

No one is allowed to help me anymore. The omega's are strictly told if they help me they will be punished or killed. My sister saw how much I got along with them and how they cared for me. They wouldn't allow that so I was beaten to the point I couldn't even walk. The omega's looked at me terrified as if I was going to be killed in front of them. I laid on the floor bleeding for hours before I had enough strength to lift my head.

Realizing the extent of my injuries I made my way up the stair on my stomach crawling. I knew if I stayed there I would have died. It took all my strength but I managed to get into my room and curled up into a ball on the floor by the only window I had. It had a big crack in it and you could barely see through it. That night I laid there body trembling no blanket freezing and losing blood at a alarming rate. It took hours for my body to try and heal and stop the bleeding since I was severely underweight. I couldn't help but think why my family would hate me so much for being born.

I stand in the massive kitchen. It's full of everything one would need. It has 4 fridges and 3 freezer bunkers, the cabinets filled of every seasoning and spices you could think of. The storage closet was full of equipment to aid me in prep. I looked into the first fridge grabbing a armful of vegetables and fruits. I place them on a counter by the sink and begin to wash them off as I turn to look at the bunch of wolves outside my kitchen window. The children run playing a game of tag making me smile at them being as free as they could be.

Once I finished washing and prepping the veggies I place some into the oven to bake and others into the boiling water to cook. I start to season a bunch of different cuts of pig. All different to ensure no one could complain about them tasting the same. Lost in my thought I slit my hand on the knife as I was cutting up the pig. I rush to the sink and run my hand under water as I look around for something to cut off the blood flow. I scan the drawer under the sink seeing a towel and wrap my hand cutting off circulation to stop the bleeding. I wash all the blood of the counter and floor before continuing the meal.

After 3 hours of cooking I had finished. Walking over to the dining hall carrying the trays of food taking several trips. I go back to the kitchen and start grabbing all the different types of drinks ranging from water to homemade herbal tea's to moonshine. Once it is all loaded I open the hall for everyone to file in. I stand at the end of the feast for anyone who needs help which is usually the children who need help getting drinks or making a plate.

This is the only time of day I feel any sort of relief. Everyone is sitting and no one is bothering me about doing stuff for them. They are all in their own world only needing me to refill drink containers. I am not allowed to eat with the pack. I can only eat the scrapes given to me once I am done with everything. Usually it isn't much but I learn to be thankful it's anything at all because some nights I will not be able to eat.

"I need everyone's attention!" My father says standing at the front of his table with my mom by his side and my brother on his other. Everyone becomes silent and fixed their eyes on him.

"I would like to raise a toast in honour of our warriors! They have no only come home safe but given us new land" hand raised with his cup filled a large smile on his face. Everyone joined in raising their cups while the pups bounced and clapped.

" We also have other reasons to celebrate. My daughter, Crystal has found her mate, beta Louis from the treetop pack!" He looks around as everyone cheers and clapped at the union this would bring.

" They will be returning here tomorrow to consummate their union and fully form their bond. During this time we will be holding our spring festival. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the festivities." Luna Amber stays with pride and tears in her eyes.

My sister, Crystal, is someone this pack holds with the highest respect. She is very spoiled and never gets in trouble. She would bully the other females in the pack and they all turned a blind eye because she is the alpha's daughter. She never had been trained for Luna duties or to defend herself as it's expected other would do that. She's never had to cook or clean anything. She doesn't even get herself dressed she has servants for that. They pick her clothes run her bath get her dress and do her hair and makeup.

I stood by the serving table my heart pounding. I knew something is wrong. My head begun the spin and legs wanted to give. I couldn't allow it or else the pack will take it as disrespect and will lash me for it. I hold my breath tears filling my eyes. Everyone sat back down and finished their meal. I took a deep breath put on a fake smile and tried not to draw attention to myself.

After what felt like hours the dining hall was cleared and cleaned. My body burning and felt like someone had grabbed my throat and crushed it. Nothing but pain filled me. I rushed to wash the dishes to be able to get to my room and lay down.

"I expect you tomorrow to have the house spotless. Your sister and her mate should be in sometime in the afternoon. The treetops alpha will be here as well. Stay on your best behavior. Go to the gardens before sunrise to pick fresh flowers for the house." My mother stated looking at me with dead eyes. She showed no emotions. I just simply nodded and bowed as I walked out the room.

I walk as fast as I could without getting in trouble. Everyone should be asleep by now. I make it to my doorway remembering what my father did to it. I walked to the window stripping my clothes off taking in a deep breath. My body illuminated by the moon in the sky. My long thick red hair covering my breast stopping just under them. I look onto the gardens and see someone looking up at me. I watch them as they watch me. Both of us puzzled at the sight in front of us. When I hear steps behind me.

" To what do I owe for this view?" A deep whisper said into my ear.

I turn to see a man in his track pants looking at me hurgerly. I try not to panic and watch him carefully. I have never seen him before but he must be one of the warriors by his tattoos.

"Oh you're the quiet type. My favorite until I have you screaming my name." His eyes black full of lust.

He walks closer to me like a wolf stalking it's pray. I know what's coming and I can't stop him. He lays me down on the ground forcing his lips onto mine. His weight fully on top of my chest as he runs his hand down my stomach. I hold back the tears welling up in my eyes.

"Goddess you are so beautiful. I will give you the best night of your life. Begging me for more next time." He says as his lips trail my neck.

I wanted to vomit as his hands wandered my body. He gets off me standing and strips his pants and boxers off. His large throbbing cock now exposed. He grabs me by my hair and forces me to my knees. He looks down at my grabbing my chin and staring at my violet eyes as my tears flow down my face.

"Open your mouth" he barked at me

I couldn't do it. I may be used to the beatings and abuse but this rarely happened. The men usually stay away from me like the plaque. It has happened before though. Twice growing up I was assulted. Both times I couldn't say a word of what happened or else be beaten for lying. My father wouldn't believe me he thinks I deserve it.

I look up at him with pleading eyes. He put his hand into my mouth forcing it open and placed his cock in. His head dropped back as he had his hand placed on the back of my head forcing himself in and out my mouth. He growls from his chest enjoying this. Looking back down at me he sped up growling each stroke.Fully crying he held my face all the way against himself making me gasp for air once he released me. He pushed me back to the ground and assulted me.

After hours of the abuse he looked at me and smirked. His hand rub my stomach. He was proud of himself.

"Next time will be easier. Don't allow anyone else to touch you until then. Your mine."He got up and put his clothes back on and left me his shirt to cover myself in. He walked out my room whistling. Not able to cry anymore I threw the shirt into the corner and curled up into a ball against the wall.

I stood like this the rest of the night. My knees tucked into my chest as my chin rested on top of them.

As the sun rises I got up slowly waking over to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and see all the bruises from last night. My arms have fingermarks from him holding me. My chest has bite marks on them showing teeth marks scabbed over. My legs are red and have scratches all down them. My face has is all red, lips are swollen and bruised from him sucking and biting them. My eyes are completely sunken in from lack of sleep and crying.

I turn on the shower water barely coming out. The water ice cold. I get in putting my body into shock. I grab the small soap bar and begin to scrub myself trying to get all thought and evidence of that man off me.

I rush out the shower and put on a loose pair of pants and a massive shirt that swallows me up on . I tie my hair into a bun and do my best to ice my eyes to lighten my dark circles. I don't have much time though.

I run once dressed and ready to the fields and begin to pick herbs and mushrooms and bring them in to be cleaned and stores. I go back out to the fields and grab all the rubbish laying around and clean it up. Once the training fields are cleaned I make my way to the garden and start working on picking flowers. Once I get a arrangement of daisies, Babies breathes and hydrangeas. I get into the pack house kitchen and begin the flower arrangements placing them in vases once finished placing them around the entrance way, living room, hallways, and the in Crystals room. For the guest rooms I place small planters with chrysanthemums and larkspur.

I go around the pack house cleaning while the omega's cook breakfast for the pack. I start by dusting the entrance and mod the marble floors. Once I enter the living room the pack has started to gather for breakfast. I fluff the couches cleaning under the cushions. I make my way to the fire place placing new fire wood into it and arranging photos on the mantle. Wiping down the tables I feel a pair of hands wrapped around my waist. Then I smell him.

The man from last night has his arms wrapped around me in front of the whole pack. I hear people whisper others look on with horror. He pulls me close kissing me.

"I missed you baby girl" he said smiling at me. I couldn't make a bigger scene by rejecting him so I have to endure it for now.

"I hope you slept well. I really enjoyed it." He said huskly in my ear. My cheeks fully red taking a deep breath.

"I'm sorry I didn't get your name." I say as his lips just barely graze mine.

"That is my fault. I am head hunter David. I want you to join me for breakfast." His eyes staring deeply into me me trying to read me.

"I am not allowed to do that. I must prepare for my sister Crystals return. I do not wish to disappoint you." I say trying to be a polite as possible.

People behind us are watching the scene in front of them. The head hunter wants to spend his time with the alpha's slave child. Most a whispering terrible things about me. I do not react at all to them only to the man standing before me. I wish to be as far from him as possible but I cannot do so. He is highly ranked and my father will literally kill me for causing a scene the day my sister is to be home.

"Fine I will find you later after training. I want you ready to help me get cleaned after." He says matter of factly and turns and walks out the room. Just like that everyone follows him to the dining hall.

I turn back to cleaning trying to catch my breath. I finish cleaning the living room and make my way to the bedrooms and begin cleaning them and making beds.

As I finish I hear everyone excitedly make there way back into the pack house meaning my sister has arrived. I dust off wiping my face making my way down the stairs making my way to the omega's and standing beside them.

My sister walks in her long brown hair put up into a braid on her shoulder. She stands tall. Her small breast pushed all the way up and fully exposed. Her waist is tiny and has really wide hips. She looks around for my father. Running to him once there eyes met. I see David watching me looking confused. The beta walks in next. He is handsome but nothing jaw dropping. He is fit and tall, his skin a light Carmel color with black hair and brown eyes. He looks at his mate in awe at her. That's when I smelled it. A smell so strong and intoxicating. It smelled of cedar wood and pine. It was my mate.

After a few seconds a drop dead gorgeous man enters. He is nearly taller than my father probably 6'10. He has deep blue eyes face completely chiseled. He looks around sensing me he looks at me puzzled. That's when I felt a arm snake around me. I don't have to look it's David. He must've noticed my staring at the alpha and wanted to say I'm his. The alpha's jaw clenched as his eyes fell black. I took a deep breath and looked at him with a confused look. He went to step towards me as my father spoke.

"Alpha Black I hope it wasn't a bother for you to join us. We hope the house is up to your standard. We didn't have long to prepare but our omega's have been working tirelessly toake things comfortable for you." My father said as he held his hand out. His eyes not leaving me

" It was no problem. It's not often my beta finds his mate. The land is fine and your home seems to be very prestige. Though it does smell of sweaty wolves." The alpha said smirking at David. I took a deep breath and had to mentally prepare for the beating coming. The alpha complained means I am to be beaten.

"I'm sorry for that. Our men were training when they heard of your arrival. I will have Ava on it immediately. Come here Ava" My father said his words laced with anger. I made my way to my father head locked on the ground

" Yes father, I'm sorry I disappointed you." I said tears filling my eyes. Without another word my father grabbed my face and made me look at him. David watched worried and my mate alpha Black watched lost for words. He held my face up as he called for David.

"David, you have taken a liking to her have you not?" His voice bouncing off the walls scaring everyone in the room. My sister even flinched. Alpha Black looks on angerly.

"We need to run now!" My wolf chimes in

"He is going to kill you! Mate is not protecting us we need to run." Lyra says as I feel her anxiously pace around.

My wolf barely speaks to me so I know I'm in danger. I'm going to die.

"I can't just run they will catch us, Lyra" I tell my wolf, my body going tense.

"If he takes us as his mate we will have to stay here and continue to be the packs punching bag " she whines.

"What do you expect from me? If I run they will catch us and kill us. If I stay they will force mate us. This is a lose lose situation" my stomach turning at the sight before me. My brother smirking at me knowing I am to weak to fight this. My sister laughs into her mates neck while he stares at me with pleading eyes. I can tell he wishes to say something but doesn't dare step in or it will cause a worse punishment.

I stay silent trying to figure out what I am supposed to do. My mate is doing this as a punishment for David touching me. I didn't do anything wrong , I didn't cause this. He doesn't know me at all. My head hung in shame knowing that this is my life.

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