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The Alpha King and God of War walks the earth. The golden wolf of the century is born again, but that won’t be enough to save the werewolves from the great war to come. Ares must accept a century-old family prophecy as it starts to unravel and seek the blessings of the Gods to master his elemental gifts. What he finds is more than he expected and everything he’s wanted. She’s beautiful, for a human. She’s sweet, smart and a little sassy, for a human. He’s certain she’s enchanted his wolf, but how could a weak little human have such power over the strongest wolf on earth? A whirlwind adventure from the Mayan jungles of ancient ruins to the sacred volcanos of Hawaii, the plot twists and turns as we hunt down Gods and fight temptation.

Fantasy / Other
Paulina Vasquez
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Chapter 1 - Pressure

“I love breakfast in bed, especially when breakfast is you.” She purred with her legs straddled across my hips as she lowered herself onto me.

“Good girls always say please and thank you, Sir.” I smirked.

She looked down at me through lust-filled eyes and started raising and lowering her hips. “Please Sir, let’s make some pups.”

And there it was.

It was always at the forefront of her mind.

Pups. The one thing we had been unsuccessful at achieving. The pressure was maddening. I couldn’t just enjoy being with my mate and letting everything happen naturally. Nope. She had been determined to produce pups since the night of our mating ceremony two years ago.

I watched for a moment feeling her heat pull me in. The slick of her arousal coating me and the scent of her sex filling the air. Her breasts bouncing and hips grinding against my pelvis. I watch as she desperately tried chasing her own orgasm, stirring the beast inside of me.

Victoria leaned forward to kiss me, and I grab a handful of her long blond hair. Kissing her back, I bite on her lower lip, and she moans into my mouth. In one quick move, I roll her over and pin her beneath me. Thrusting my hips and driving into her with determination. Her long legs wrap around my waist which allows me deeper penetration and I focus on my own pleasure. Before long, her legs start to tremble and her eyes glaze over in bliss.

“What was it you wanted?” I demand.

“Fill me up … please.” She begs.

The sound of the bed creaking, mixed with skin slapping, and Victoria’s moans fill the room. I continue on my mission, rutting into her. My core tightening as my release nears. I bend down to kiss her and with a growl, I explode deep inside of her.

“Thank you, Sir.” She says breathlessly and I roll off of her.

A few hours later, my father and grandfather enter my office. Tobias Crow is my grandfather, and he’s referred to as Alpha Crow. While his home is still here, with the Moon Realm, he also serves on the shifters council. Being on the shifters council has proven to be beneficial for us in more ways than one.

My father, Michael Anthony Crow, commonly referred to as Alpha Mac, is also known as the Rogue King. The Moon Realm was built on taking in werewolves who had become packless. Those who were victims of unfortunate circumstances and those who were abandoned or abused by their packs. He’s dedicated his life to taking care of them and helping to save many from the black market. In return, he built one of the largest and strongest packs in the world.

The black market violates shifter laws, but it still doesn’t prevent the most corrupt and deplorable of our kind from engaging in the slave trade. Wolves, vampires, and humans alike have found themselves in the grasps of the underground black market to be sold as slaves, food, or sex toys. My father has rescued many, including vampires and humans. He’s the only werewolf known to have vampire alliances because he’s saved so many from different covens.

I’d like to say I’m more like my father, but I’m not. He’s kind and compassionate to all, werewolves, vampires, witches, and even humans. I trust none.

If there is a war coming, it won’t be wolves against wolves. This war is meant to take out our kind and I will not let that happen. Even if I have to crush all the others. I was born from Gods. Destined to save our kind and I intended to do just that.

“Ares? Are you listening?” My father’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

“I’m sorry what?” I focused my attention on him.

“Your grandfather was just sharing the latest update about the human hunters. They’ve destroyed another pack.” He told me and I turned my attention to my grandfather for the full details. When he had finished an angry growl ripped from me. I wanted to end all of them. Now. I didn’t want to wait, and I sure as hell didn’t want to follow the prophecy in its own time. I was ready to set fire to all of them. To scorch the earth if I needed to.

“Patience, Son. The time is almost upon us. We need to follow the prophecy and you must seek the blessings of the deities to be the true master of your elements.” My father reminded me.

“I’ve trained my whole life and I’m the strongest wolf to ever walk this earth. A beast of Gods. What more do I need? Why must I seek blessings?” I impatiently growled.

“Son, you know this thing is greater than all of us. We do not question the Gods. Your destiny was written long before you were conceived. This is your journey, and we cannot change our destiny.” He reminded me.

“The human hunters are getting stronger and bolder. You want me to go galivanting around, chasing a myth, and ignore what’s happening?”

“You are not the only elemental wolf in this family. You forget who your mother is. You forget who your grandparents, great-grandparents, cousins, and siblings are. We are capable of holding them back while you prepare. You must seek the blessings to become the true master, only then will you be ready.”

“I’ve mastered my elements.” I practically snarl and grit my teeth.

“You must follow the prophecy.”

“I don’t even know where to start.” I run my fingers through my hair. This whole prophecy annoyed me, but I know better. After hearing the story of my grandfather, Alpha Lukas Theodorus, and his attempt to evade destiny. I understood deep down inside that this was not something I could change. Just then, a knocking came from the door.

“Enter.” I growled out. I could scent Mateo on the other side of the door.

“Good afternoon, Alphas.” He nodded his head. “Alpha Mac, I have that report you wanted.” He handed my father a report.

My father was still Alpha of the Moon Realm. Ordinarily, I would have inherited the pack at the age of twenty-one, but I did not want it. At least not right now. With everything else going on, I wanted to focus on the upcoming war and would decide after my twenty-fourth. I had just turned twenty-three and they were all expecting me to go on some hunt for deities. I wasn’t even sure where to find them or if they even existed in our world.

“If you need a sign, this is it.” My grandfather pointed to Mateo.

“What do you mean, Alpha Crow?” Mateo asked curiously.

“Mateo, your healing gift. Didn’t the prophet say that your gift was from the Gods?”

“Yes, I believe so.”

“And you were not born with it. It was a gift given to you while you live. She said you had been touched by the Gods.” My grandfather continued.

“Possibly. But I don’t remember it.” Mateo looked puzzled.

“You grew up in the Mayan jungle did you not?”

“Yes, in a small village nestled next to the jungle.”

“Mayan history is rich with Gods and Goddesses. Mateo could have easily come across one and not known it.” My grandfather said.

“I think I would have remembered meeting a God. Ares is a descendant from Gods and his aura is unforgettable.”

“Let’s not forget that Gods can take on many forms and suppress their aura’s. It would be a good place to start.” My grandfather suggested.

“That’s a great idea. I’ll get working on the travel arrangements.” My father added.

I wasn’t sure that arguing would win this conversation. They were determined to start what I had put off for so long. The sooner I attempted to start the hunt, the sooner I could return and end the human hunters. “Excuse me, I need to go for a run.”

“Ares, we’ll continue the discussion later.” My father called out.

I stepped out the back door and shifted into my wolf without taking my clothes off. I freed my wolf, Apollo, and let him take over. All this talk about the prophecy and trying to track down Gods on earth was vexing me. Did they think I wasn’t strong enough? My aura alone could crush wolves into submission. I’d have no problem extinguishing the life out of those puny little cockroaches they called humans.

We thundered through the forest thinking about what my grandfather had told me. I knocked over trees that got in my way and sent boulders flying. The ground beneath my paws shook and I struggled to keep from setting everything on fire. Apollo means destroyer and my wolf is true to form.

Apollo is unlike any wolf to ever walked the earth. Like my great-great-grandmother, Lucy LaRue, I’m now the golden wolf of the century. With speed and strength unrivaled, I possess the power of all four elements. Those who feel the full strength of my aura, believe I’m a Demigod.

Old family legends and prophecies claim that one will rise, the true Alpha King. The one born from Gods, with powers unmeasured. The God of war to save us all from the great war to come. And yet, here I stand, cursed by the Gods. Destined for a path I neither chose nor wanted.

My wolf jumped into the lake to cool off. Swimming around, I felt my mind clear. I know what I have to do, what is expected of me, and yet I wasn’t sure that I wanted to. Apollo stepped out of the water and shook out his golden fur. We sat for a while when I heard the familiar footsteps of my mother approaching.

“Ares, I expect you to set all those trees right when you’re done brooding.”

I said nothing. I kept my wolf eyes trained forward on the water and made no move.

“Are you going to tell me what has you so provoked?” She asked.

“Grandpa Crow just returned from his latest assignment from the shifters council. The human hunters have taken out another pack in Florida and the bodies of their ranked wolves are nowhere to be found.” I told her through the mind link.

“Which pack?”

“Alpha Romero’s pack.”

“The human hunters we captured last year had super strength and self-healing abilities, just as werewolves do. You know what’s coming. You’ve spent your life preparing for it. It’s time Ares.”

“Humans are such weak creatures. Perhaps I might decide to burn their city’s down to teach the human hunters a lesson.” I made no secret to hide my disdain for humans.

“Need I remind you that your father’s mother was human?”

“And she died having him.” I retorted. Goddess, they were so weak.

My patience with humans was growing thin. We are superior in every way, the majority of the world’s wealth belongs to our kind. We control the world they live in, trade, politics, and laws, having infiltrated all branches of government. While most humans are not aware of our existence, some are.

Somewhere along the way, humans were attempting to disrupt balance and peace. The peace we graciously allow them to live in. The human hunters were foolishly trying to rid the world of our kind and a war was brewing. A war I would ensure they lose.

“You will restore the balance, Son. It’s your destiny. Do not let the actions of some humans paint the rest with the same brush.” She turned to leave.

“So I hear.” I sarcastically replied.

“Your great-grandparents will be arriving from Greece in a few hours. Don’t be late.” She called out before she disappeared into the forest.

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