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The New Tradition to the Kingdom

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Two gay princes rule the kingdom together thought is hard at least I'm here with you.

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Dress Up

I woke up to my curtains being pulled open. “Good morning Charlotte,” I say in a polite manner. “Good morning Prince Blake” “Charlotte, just call me Blake,” I say to Charlotte as she looks at me with her morning smile. “Okay Blake, I am going to let you get dressed after your shower so just call me if you need something,” Charlotte said as she began to leave the room.

Time skip brought to you by tiredness due to stress

I finish up my shower and go to get my clothes off my dresser because that’s where Charlotte usually puts my clothes every morning. Once I reach my clothes and start to put on my pants someone walks in. “HEY WATCH WHAT YOUR FUCKING DOING I’M CHANGING” I yell to whoever walked in but they continued it was a boy with silky black hair, Beautiful blueish-green eyes, and cute dimples and freckles. “oh I am so sorry I had earbuds on I couldn’t hear you,” He says in his beautiful, calming, deep voice “No it's fine sorry I am Prince Blake,” I say as I put my hand out to shake his ” Oh yeah I am Prince Dylan,” he says as his big hands reach over and shake mine. I just stare as he makes an exit out of my dressing room. “He is so hot” I mumble to myself ” I know isn’t he?” a familiar voice states. “Charlotte, don’t scare me like that okay fuck” I say as I am trying to regulate my breathing “Sorry Blake, and finish getting dressed,” she says in a fake disapproval voice “I need to write about him in my diary,” I think in my head as I finish getting dressed ” for sure!” I say agreeing to myself.

Sorry that this chapter is short I am tired and this is my first ever story and please give me writing ideas in the comments please and thank you!!!

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