The Masquerade of a clown

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Yulianna Astrea's first memory started as she woke up to the sobbing of a woman sitting next to her. It was a rainy night, her head leaned against the window enabled her to hear the clip-clop of the horses dragging the carriage in the muddy road. She neither had recollections of the past nor the destination the carriage headed for. The maid's words about going home filled her with surprise. The family that doesn't exist in her memories, the world that feels new to her, everything felt strange. What is going to be her life from now on in the land that doesn't exist in her memory? Who to trust? Who not to? The person who promised to be there all the time is the Savior? or her doom? Is this her fate? or a masquerade of someone who painted her as a clown?

Fantasy / Mystery
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How could God be so merciless?
How can she survive fending off those hyenas? She just turned 18. It's such a risky responsibility. Cries...
She has to. She is the future of Astrea. If only master Leonard was alive...
The conversation was loud but it was muddled for Yulia to figure out the context. As she tried leaning back, she heard raindrops hitting the carriage window. The clip-clop of horses dragging the carriage in the muddy road was dampened by the rain.
The maid started consoling"My lady, it was inevitable. It's just... it's too early for you".She patted yulia with concern.
What is the inevitable she's talking about? Yulia wanted to ask, but her instincts screamed"wait, don't jump too fast.sit and observe". She pressed her lips trying to suppress her urge to ask questions.
It was the right decision
'observe before questioning '.As of the present she had no memories of the past. Her memories started there onwards. She sat quietly waiting for what yet to come.
After 40 minutes of ride, the carriage stopped in front of a mansion. It was beautiful but gave gloomy vibes. The Butler came to receive her said"My lady, we know it's hard but as an Astrea, I hope you will be strong from now onwards. We will assist you at all times". After those words, everyone bowed to her. She could see the sight of relief and concern from their demeanor like they held on in the belief that she would arrive. Their concerned looks confirmed to her that she's heading into the battlefield without knowing who is the enemy? or who are her allies?

As she was escorted, in the hallway she was glared by and whispered"Is that the child? The future of Astrea is bleak. How long do you think she'll survive? I bet 3 days"
I bet 1 week
My bet for 15 days
She was shocked and thought how shameless those people were and continued walked. Throughout the hallway, she met many kinds of people. some were pitying her, some gave scornful looks and some even started placing bets!!
The Butler stopped at a room "my lady, please send off the Duke with your regards" he finished the sentence with a heavy voice.
As she entered the room, she saw a man of 40s lying lifeless. She identified him as her father with her features that resembled him. She sat beside the coffin and sighed.
I'm sorry for not remembering you father. I tried but, you are nowhere in my memories. Everything is confusing. I just found out that I have a family but now you are dead. At least, it seems you are happy seeing that smile of yours(looking at the corpse). I guess this is the goodbye father. I hope you are happy meeting mother there. She looked at the portrait hanging on the wall and sighed.
After leaving the room, she noticed two kids around 7 years old sobbing. Ignoring them she proceeded to the balcony. The steps became heavy, immense sorrow of unknown origin chocked her. without her notice, her cheeks were wet with tears.
What did I ever do to struck in this situation? ugh!
She mumbled wiping her tears with the corner of her sleeves.
Maybe I can answer that question.
She turned to find no one and it scared her. since she didn't hear any footsteps, she asked: "and, who are you again?"
Does it matter? Do you want the answers or not?
This time she turned in the direction of the voice.
Whhhhhat? Crow? The crow is talking to me? She started screaming and tripped over her dress" thud".
It's not crow. Call me Raven!.. The voice demanded.
Now it is talking again. Is it true? Am I hallucinating? Maybe it's all a bad dream. Let me go back to sleep, everything will be over once I wake up. Yulia convinced herself.
Hey! It's not a dream lady. The Raven insisted but sleep already took her over.
'She dared to disrespect me', the Raven flew near patting her head " maybe a little bit of magic would do the trick"The blue light emitted from Raven's wing dissipated inside her and the night watched this encounter with dead silence.

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