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Side Effects

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Violet has been locked up most of her life. Follow her journey as she finds out who she truly is.

Fantasy / Romance
Sara Ann
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Ch. 1

People were being ushered into their rooms quickly, I could feel the fear radiating off all the workers at the facility. Something bad was happening. Worst than bad. Otherwise Travis would have never ordered a lockdown. He isn’t known for locking us up like animals. He prides himself in knowing he is the therapist who doesn’t believe that his patients are evil. we are his equals in his eyes. His family that he could protect.

“Violet,” I put down the magazine that I was pretending to read and looked into the eyes of my favorite nurse here, Susanna. “I need to escort you back to your quarters. We’re experiencing a slight problem with security.” I slowly stood up and held out my wrists so she could put the restraints on them. As soon as she clicked them on I heard the footsteps of at least two security guards stepping forward.

“Be gentle with her.” Susanna said her voice taking on a cold edge. For some reason she did not like handing me off to law enforcement. One of the guards grabbed me by the arms a little to tightly for her liking because she stepped in his way, cutting him off from walking out of the reading area. “I said be gentle with her.”

“Luis,” His partner whispered trying to defuse the situation before it got out of hand. No one wanted to cause a bigger problem then what everyone was already dealing with. “Let me take her, you can go see what the boss needs help with.” Everyone was silent for what felt like forever, but was probably only a minute or less.

I stumbled forward when he released me without warning. Luis turned around and left without another word, not sparing another glance in our direction. As soon as he was out of ear reach Susanna turned and sent a thankful look to the second guard.

“Thank you,” She gave me a sideways look. A look that she saved specifically for me. It was our special means of communication. She was asking me to behave. No she was beginning, whatever was happening she didn’t want to have to deal with me tonight. “Please escort Violet to her room please.”

I felt a hand touch my back gently pushing me forward. “Come on little missy. Lets get you to your room so we can get these cuffs off you.” I felt a shiver run down my spine at the sound of his voice. I couldn’t explain what about his voice was familiar but I know I heard it somewhere. Or maybe it was all in my imagination again. After all that why I am here instead of the state prison. Murdering your whole family and then blaming in on an angel would sound insane to anyone.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when we entered the hall that was connected to the room I was given 4 years ago. The day that changed my whole life and not for the best. My room was the last one in the hall. It was also the only one that was being used.

When we reached the room I was pushed to the wall, not in a violet way, just to give the guard some space to unlock my door. “There you go. Now to get those cuffs off you.” He gently reached for my hands and took out the keys uncuffing me.


It’s been three hours since I was returned to my room. I could see the sunset from the one window that was in this room. From the look of it I could tell that it was getting ready for evening meds. I hated taking them but I had to do what needs to be done. I stood up from the love seat I was seated on. Stretching; I crossed the short distance to the window. It overlooked the large field that all the residents were free to roam with supervision. The garden is personally my favorite place to be.

Most of the people that are admitted here hate it. Not me. Personally I love being in here. At least I know that I will be safe in here. Safe from what? From myself. As long as I’m here I know I won’t hurt anyone else that I care about. I never want to do that again.

There were three knocks on my door. It’s the normal routine that the nurses came up with for me. I’m meant to back up against the furthest wall in the room.

“Hola Violet,” Nurse Lima a pretty young nurse greeted me. Her dark green eyes radiated kindness and light. There was no evil in her that I could sense. Her blonde hair was wavy and it was slightly blowing, most likely from the Ac that has been starting up.

I gave her a timid smile. She may be giving off an innocent look but you never know who you can trust. I was not about to let my guard down with anyone.

“I brought you some dinner,” her soft voice filled the silence in the room. It was calm and very soothing. This is the first time that she has come in here alone. Most of the nurses are always escorted my a guard. Every nurse except Susanna. And now Lima. “I also brought you some activities you might like to do on your free time.”

I slowly walked over to the wooden table that she has placed all the activities as well as my dinner on. I barely paid attention to the food at the moment, I was interested in the activities. In the pile I saw some books, cards, and a few other things. Everything looked pretty boring, I started to turn away until I saw it. A sketch pad. Honestly to other people it was probably just another book. Not to me, to me it was absolutely breathtaking. It was black with a set of white wings in the center.

“It’s beautiful,” I whispered. My voice was scratchy to my own ears. This was the first time I have spoken since I came here.

“You spoke?” I turned around quickly. I forgot that she was in the room with me. I held the book close to my chest, not wanting her to take it away. Her eyes widened and she took a step back. “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. We can pretend it didn’t happen.”

I didn’t answer her I just walked over to the bed and sat down. I didn’t care if she told the whole building as long as she didn’t take this away from me.

I didn’t spare her another look as she slowly opened the door and locked it behind her. My eyes were drawn to the book. It was like it was possessing me to open it. I slowly opened it flipping to the first page. My eyes widened as I took in what I saw. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. What was this? I quickly closed the book and tossed it away from me. A scream was torn from throat and then something astonishing happened. The book burst out in flames. But that’s not the weirdest part; in the place of the book stood a man. And then he was coming my way.

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