The Light Wolf

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A Demi Human Wolf Baby, is abandoned in a Forrest at the Shrine of the Wolf God Geri, Enhanced and Blessed with extraordinary Abilities he is found by wandering adventurers who raise him and teach him to embrace all the powers and abilities they have learned over the years of their adventuring and at the age of 16 he joins the adventures guild, and sets out on an adventure of his own. While Making friends, Allies, and taking down Monsters in his Path.

Fantasy / Adventure
Louis Carman
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The unusual Child

In a magical world filled with humans, Fairies, Demons, Monsters and Demi Humans, a young boy was born to to a clan of Demi humans known as The Shadow Wolves. On the day he was born, he was unlike any child who was born to the shadow wolves. The Shadow Wolves are known for their darker skin, and black Fur, and dark brown eyes and the babies are known to be born in the night. This had occurred for hundreds of years since the beginning of the Shadow Wolf Clan, not one baby was born in the day. But this baby was born in the morning when the sun reached the highest point, having white ears and tail as well as pale skin with Golden eyes. He stood out.
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