Tales of Aranea: Of Frost and Ash | Part II

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After a shocking devastation, will the remnant be able to pull together and stand against the consuming fire of war? Long after the ashes have settled, a flower petal peaks out, reaching for the sun once again.

Fantasy / Drama
Amily Cabelaris
5.0 3 reviews
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So sorry you weren't able to enjoy this book when it was up for free, but as I am currently editing it to publish right now, I don't want too many spoilers :)

I hope so much that you will take a look at this book once it is finished and published. Keep an eye on my twitter, blog, and on amazon to read Book II of this series. Also, check to see Book I, Of Frost, and consider purchasing it and supporting a young author. Links are all in my profile.

Thank you so much, and have an awesome day!

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