The Light of My Hearts

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Sequel to Shadow of Beauty. Now bonded to one another, Kendrick the giant and Twillow the fae settle into a domestic life together. New experiences, challenges, and dangers loom on the horizon. Meanwhile, Helia the Slayer and Gillam the fae begin their new arrangement as business partners in the trade of monster slaying.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Dark Shadow and the Radiant Light

Long ago, there existed a Shadow, dark and terrible. Where ever his darkness fell, fear and despair followed. No light nor lesser shadow could overcome or destroy the Shadow’s darkness. All who tried were snuffed out or consumed. The Shadow would not allow any light nor lesser shadow to trespass his domain. And so all light was chased far away from the terrible Shadow leaving him alone to languish in his own darkness.

For over a century the Shadow remained outside the realm of brighter places. But then, one day a different kind of light came to the Shadow’s domain; a gentle, yet radiant Light that even he was drawn to. He wanted to reach out to the radiant Light but feared his own darkness would chase it away. So he kept his distance conceding that such radiance was not for him and never would be.

The radiant Light, too, kept her distance at first fearing the darkness would consume her. But every time she came closer to the terrible Shadow, he didn’t seem so dark and terrible. The closer she got, the brighter her radiance made him. Until one day she discovered that beneath all his darkness, the Shadow, too, had a gentle, steady light burning inside him.

It wasn’t long before a few more lights saw what the radiant Light had revealed and were also drawn close to the Shadow. Thus, his gentle, steady light became brighter and his darkness smaller. And though the Shadow’s darkness remained, it now stood behind the gentle, steady lights rather than hiding and enshrouding them. As long as the radiant Light remained the darkness would be held back.

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