Soulmate Cheeku

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Since the day you entered in my life i was feeling blessed and happy at that time.We used to spend most of the time together.I miss your smile and laugh that we used to do it together.Now i dont know where are you and how are you but i miss you every second of my day.

Sandeep Singh
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Chapter 1

Since 2013 i was addicted to drugs. When i was 26 i lost my dad and i was totally depressed. I lost all my hopes at that time. I tried a lot to leave the bad habits but till now i am not able to leave it. I used to be silent all the time. I used to pray god that send me someone who can understand me and never leave me alone.
One day my wish came true and god send me a soulmate her name was Shagun thakur but i used to call her Cheeku. She was the one who supported me in every situation. she always used to worry about me. Whenever i was feeling sad she used to make me smile. I used to spend most of the time together. Her favourite game was chess and her favourite singer was nancy momoland. She used to feed me bread with her own hands when I was not eating food. She filled my life with happiness and i was feeling blessed at that time. She used to dance infront of me on korean songs.Her favoruite artist singer were Nancy Momoland, Blackpink and BTS .she used to share everything with me.She was an angel that i needed. We were like beauty and beast.She used to tell me about dreams.Most of the dreams were about vampire and kim taehyong. I used to write everything in my diaries and i used to make sketches of her.Whenever she was around me i used to be happy.
But because of one misunderstanding i lost her.At that time i was again broken. The one who was always with me suddenly made me unknown. I cried a lot and again i felt totally alone. I wish i could spend more time with her. I dont know where are you how are you but i pray to god that wherever you are stay happy and safe. I miss you every second of day........😢😢😢
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