The Next Alpha

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Kaitlyn, the only child of the reigning alpha is rejected by her mate, the intending alpha had he married her, chris. She is frustrated and vents it out in one night with a wolf she doesn't know. Dylan is an omega who works at the park's best restaurant, a restaurant Kaitlyn frequents.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

She pulled the blanket over her silky skin, feeling the man's fingers over the soft skin on her back. She gave a low moan and it seemed to encourage him, as he propped her up and started to kiss her. She just needed to forget for this one night, and reestablish her own pride in herself. His kisses were slow, sensual, and he seemed like he wanted to take care of her. Ironically, she didn't know him, or even his face. He was tracing small kisses down her spine now, and she could feel his hands rubbing the tender skin of her belly. She reached out her left hand to her back, so she could hold his head. He kissed the hand she extended, before letting her grab his hair. His hair was soft in her hand, and she found herself smiling and feeling it. It helped, really. She had felt it like a slap on her face when chris had done what he did, but somehow, she had seen it coming. It didn't mean that it hurt any less, though. Kaitlyn was the embodiment of perfection. In her face, her body, her voice, her lineage...she had everything. Also, she was the last white wolf from the waning moon clan, and the eclisped moon pack, the largest and most powerful pack in the entire wolf county. She was, of course, the last of her kind. The first thing you'd notice about her were her eyes. Big, teal coloured eyes that seemed to have golden irises encircling it. Her straight small nose, her perfect light milky skin. Her red rosebud lips, half the men of the pack have fantasized about kissing it. The other half have never seen her. Her black hair was always big and curly and fell in waves down her back. Slim, voluptuous and well trimmed body completed her. To top it all, she was the only daughter of the reigning alpha, the only person in the entire pack worthy enough to take her father's throne. It was common knowledge that her husband would rule with her, so it was quite an enviable position. A sizeable portion of men had prayed to the moon goddess to not let her have a mate, so there would be a contest for her. On her eighteenth birthday, she found her mate, to the extreme happiness of her father, who claimed the lunar spirit of her mother was guiding them, and much to the disappointment of others. She supported herself as he reached around, feeling her body. It didnt feel like a one night stand, it felt good, really good. She had scouted him, using an anonymous name on the pack's website. Why? He looked quiet. The pack's website was their number one stand in technology, and it was mostly to discuss or make friendships. When she had stumbled on his profile, he seemed like he didn't want to be known, so she had hit him up. She told him to come covered, but she would reveal her face to him. She had done just that, and when she had requested him to have a one night stand with her, she didnt know whether he had been excited, unwilling or neutral about it. Now she knew. She could feel it from the way he touched her, from the way he tenderly kissed her neck, from the way he felt through her hair, like he had always wanted to do this. She only closed her eyes and savoured it, so she could stop herself from thinking about Chris. Chris was her childhood friend, who had always been with her, even while she dated Aiden. Aiden was well, one topic she didnt want to discuss, but Chris had been around all through. It was no surprise when, on her eighteenth birthday, the mate bond had led her up to him, where he stood in front of the fire, under the full moon. They had shared their first kiss then, even though he had seemed a little hesitant. No one was surprised. The bond they shared was common knowledge, and there were rumors that she would reject her mate, whoever he was and pick chris. He was immediately given most of the alpha's roles to handle, since her father wanted to retire from it all. He had always been distracted, and she knew of his girlfriend, Linda. But linda wasn't her match at all, being an omega, and an average looking brunette. It came as a huge blow when earlier that day, Chris had called her and her father, and rejected her as his mate. The mate bond severing didn't hurt half as much as her heart breaking did. She wasn't in love with him, dont confuse it, but her ego, her esteem was in shatters on the floor, not being rejected for a worthy opponent, even though she knew she had none, but being rejected for a slow witted girl with less than average look and no status at all was worse. She knew she had to reestablish that pride, but her head had been so messed up, especially after going through the pain of the severing of the mate bond. "I am sorry." He had said to her and her father. She had almost slapped him, but had managed to bite down the violence and flipped him a middle finger instead. While she was walking out, she had found Linda standing close to the door, and on seeing her, she had lowered her head. That's right, that was where she belonged, below her. Way below her. She had left without uttering a word. Now she was here, a man she didnt know healing her wounds, making her forget. She gave a sigh as he finally finished, helping her lay down comfortably. "Thank you. " He deserved it. She was never one to say that, since she rarely ever needed favors, but this was big and she needed to say it. She was starting to feel sleepy, and her eyes had started drifting close when she felt his arms close around her, his face nuzzled in her neck. She wouldnt have recognized his face even if she had taken a peek then, since it was pitch black in the room. He cuddled her up close to him, like they were a couple, not two people who would go their separate ways the next morning and never look back again. "Anything for you." He said to her, and she believed it.
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