The Next Alpha

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Chapter 10

He moved a step back as sge moved one step forward towards him. Sge stopped, watching him. "Why are you moving away? I xame here for you." For some reason, that made him squirm and move away even farther. She squinted her eyes at him, then came closer again. "Stop that." Her breathing hasn't completely evened out yet, and she looked tge best right thee and then. Better than when sge looked pristine. Or maybe it was the fact that she had fun down there to catch up with him. "Please reveal yourself to me." Alarm bells rang in his head. She would gate him if she knew him. This spark, whatever t was would be gone once she found out. He mived farther away, and she rolled her eyes, plopping herself down on the floor. It was almost aftetnoin, and it was a cloudy day, with signs of rain. "Just stay then. No need to run away." He started to take another step in the opposite direction, before he caught himself midsteo and stopped, watching her from the safe distance he had put between them. "It's ironic how you're the only one I can rant about this to." She started, looking down on her nails. She was sitting criss cross with her legs under her, her arms resting on her laps.She sighed heavily and turned to him. "I'm getting married." His eyes widened a bit, since it was the only shock faction he could show, but inside, wheels were spinning in his head. Who was she getting married to? Why so suddenly? Is it because who the alpha will be deoends on her choice of a husband especially since she has veen rejected by her mate? He clised his eyes to the night. Sge had been so desperate, so pitiful. But if she had seen his face, he was sure she wouldn't have let him touch her like that. Kiss her like that. Caress her like that. He shut his eyes tighter to the images, willing for them to leave. But ever since it had happened, that was all he could ever think of. Now he was watching her, sitting there, Her hair carried lightly by the breeze, telling him she was getting married. She laughed, interrupting his train of thiughts. "I am getting narried to someone i haven't seen in years." She laughed again, shaking her head. Now confusion took over. Soneone she hadn't seen ij years? A first love? And ex? A faraway cousin? He wondered but only stood there on all fours. "He was my ex. But then I don't know what happened, why it happened, we went our separate ways. We were so in love, I still don't get it." She lowered her head and dug a finger into tue soft sand. The clouds were getting darker now, and the breeze becoming stronger. "I had an argument today, and his name just popped up. So I told my dad I was marrying him." She turned to him, but not completely, so only he left eye was focused on him. "If I had known yours, I would have said that. Cause only you make me forget him." He cocked his head to the side and she laughed. "Yes.. I haven't seen him for such a long time, but even wheb chris was my nate and I leaned in to kiss him, I wished it was him, you know." Ge looked blank so she sighed. "Aiden." Hisveyes widened as she called gis name, and he quickly trued to analyze the situation tobsee if it was a flight or fight kind. There was no fight though, ge just waant sure they would be down to have a talk now. "That's his name. Pretty cool right?" She smiled brightly and his face dropped. Aiden? Him? She was..." I remember him a lot, and I still miss him. Even when I am with other people. Somehow, other people exclude you. When i'm with you, thisbis strange, but...when i'm with you, I feel complete. Exactly the way Aiden made me feel." He didnt noticed that she had drawn closer, he didn't see her hands wrap around him too. She wrapped her hands around him, burying her fingers in his lush dark hair. He stiffened, his heart jumping to his throat. "When i'm with you, I feel everything he made me feel." Her breath was hot against his skin, and even though the drizzles had started, it made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She held his face, watching his eyes. He couldn't read her expression, but she pulled away and sat back on her position. The rain was getting heavier now, but she didn't seem to care. She just sat there, her head lowered, her expression coveres from him. He wabted to know how she was feeling, what she had seen in his eyes. He was curiois now more than ever, but she didjt seem to want to talk anymore. He watched her first a while, her hair getting soaked in the rain. She wasn't wearing the kind of material that would go transparent once hit with water, so he didnt feel the need to shield her. Her hair, now in wet, clustered stands, were sticking to her face, and then, gently wished he was human, so he would help her remove then. He moved closer, pushed his claws to her face and gently moved it, so his claws wouldn't tear into her delicate skin. She didnt move after and he sighed internally. Did she run here only to lateer go nute on him? He placed his paws on her back, he didn't know what time anymore. His black fur was soaked wet too now, it was still raining, but he wouldnt leaver her alone there. Not after everything she had just said. How would she react whenlen she found out? Her body started to shake violently and wgen he came in front of her, tears were falling down her face in torrents. "Lyn" he spoke to her mind before he could stop himself and she looked up. "Aiden."
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