The Next Alpha

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Chapter 11

"And I’ll show you love the way its supposed to be."

Aiden froze as his name left her lips. They were both wet and dripping, and some of her hair stuck to the sides of her face. He watched her as she stared in his eyes, and swallowed. "Aiden?" This time, it sounded more like a question. A question she already knew the answer to. His heart was pounding violently. He hadn’t intended to meet her like this. Hell, he always ran away from her. The pack was big enough for both of them to live in it without meeting at all, and he used into the maximum. But now, as she sat on the wet ground, her hair down and wet, her body wet, her eyes clouded, he knew he was done running.


"Hey, Aiden." He refused to look up. He already knew who it was from all the shush, whispers and attention from the people around. "Aiden" Kaitlyn said again. He swallowed, pushed down his shyness and managed to say, "H...hi, Kaitlyn." She gave him a small smile. They were at the pack's park, and every weekday, all the teenage wolves would gather there for a sort of get together, with food, music, dance, and of course those couples that would sneak to the back to kiss. He has been trying to avoid her, as on the very first day she had set her eyes on him, she had always followed him around, trying to talk to him, even though every other person wanted to talk to her. But he always felt intimidated by her friends, Chris and Anna, and he didn’t like the buzz it created. "Why do you act like that?" She asked, and he looked up for a tiny bit. Before he could drop hos head back, he felt her hand on his chin, keeping his face up, and her eyes bored into his. Her nails were grazing his cheeks, but at that moment, he couldn’t bring himself to feel pain. Her eyes were like large pools of teal, even though she was squinting at him. He managed to tear his gaze off her to find that everyone around, was more or less watching them, some even passing comments. He tried to wriggle his face free, but she held on tighter. "Why don't you want to be friends with me?" She was still examining his eyes, and his words came out muffled because of the pressure she was applying on his cheeks. "'s not like that." He said and this time, she actually looked at him, and not just his eyes. "What is it, then?" He was feeling a bit more comfortable, so he decided to be sassy. "I just don't like you as a friend." He said, with a slight smug look on his face. She looked surprised, positively shocked, and she started to laugh, her hair flowing in a kind of wavy rhythm as she shook her head. She was enchanting. He blinked and looked away. "What do you like me as, then? Tell me, Aiden." She said, her voice still heavily carrying the humor that danced in her eyes. "Well...I'll have to think about that." She laughed again, and this time he just let himself loose in the magic she created. "How long will it take?" She asked, cocking her head to the side, viewing him as a more interesting challenge now. "I am not sure." He had barely closed hiccups when her face came in front of his, her eyes taking in every detail of his face. "I'll wait, then. I have gauged you to be worth it." His heart was in his throat, his eyes wide, and she smiled, a knowing, one sided smile before pulling away and leaving the park, Chris and Anna following, after staring daggers at him. That had been their first real encounter, one that had brought about many others.
"Really what, Anna?" Kaitlyn dropped the meat on Aiden's plate and settled her bored gaze on Anna. "He is always with us." Kaitlyn shrugged. "Cause I want him here." She said simply. "But this is our hangout, Kaitlyn." "Are you whining cause I allowed you hangout with me?" Anna went silent, and Chris cleared his throat. "Kaitlyn, Anna, please stop." He flicked a gaze to Aiden. "Its fine." Aiden always wondered why they cowered around Kaitlyn, but were extremely bold when she wasn't there. He always wondered why. "Here, Aiden." She kept another piece of meat on his plate, and soon, he was eating and talking, enjoying the feel of her eyes on him, savoring her attention, so much so that he forgot all about the questions in his mind.
Every day the pack passed by like a flash. Aiden and Kaitlyn grew close, so close everyone doubted if they were still just friends. But at that point, they still were, until Kaitlyn’s heart was threatening to burst at the seams.
"Hey, Aiden." The girl was dark haired and obviously a 16 year old and new to the pack's teens. She was holding a bag and Kaitlyn munched on her lower lip as she nudged Aiden with it. "My name is Leah. I've heard a lot about you." She said and winked, giving him a playful smile and another nudge with her shoulder, as if they had known each other for years. "Uhm..Leah. Nice to meet you." Aiden's gaze flickered momentarily to Kaitlyn, but he was forced to look away as Leah dragged him. "So tell me. How?" "How what?" Leah leaned back and rolled her eyes, face palming. Aiden blinked and before he could utter a word, Leah had put her hand behind his head, and brought his face close to hers, so close the only thing Kaitlyn could see in the space between them was a narrow beam of light. Kaitlyn didn’t let Aiden hear what she had to say, or even let the scenario get too far. "Get away from him." She said, moving to their bench and violently flipping her away. Leah looked pissed. "What's wrong with you?" "The only thing wrong here is your arrival, baby girl, now get lost." Leah eyed her. "Why are you acting like a possessive witch, when you have no rights whatsoever?" Kaitlyn smirked and fully stepped in front of Leah, putting Aiden who seemed confused behind her. "That's where you are wrong, baby girl. Aiden belongs to me."
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