The Next Alpha

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Chapter 12

Aiden always felt it. The months jad rolled by sonce the first time he jad told her he didnt like her as a friend, but with that time, he had known they had grown. Grown together, into something else. Friendship was merely a condiment in that beautiful mix. He looked at her, but she never did return the gesture, even after Leah cowered away. Theyvstayed there, him behind her, watching her for signs. Anything, she keeping her gaze away so he wouldn't see how angry she was, and she wouldn't see the first signs of rejection. Shebturned the other way, away from him, and without getting any of her things walked out of the pack without so much as a glance st him. She was that scared. At first, she'd seen him as a mystery. The way she put it, "whenever I see him, I want to demystify him." But along with demystifying him, she had fallen madly in love with him. She banged the door of her room shut and lay on the bed, her almost white hair sprained on the royal blue bed sheets. Royal blue because it was almost the color of his eyes, but not quite. She swallowed the tears that threatened to spill, and sat up on the bed. Aiden had become a part of her. She hadnt just fallen in love, she'd grown into it. In a way that no one else mattered as much to her. She was always aware of the way she felt, but not as aware as she had been, seeing another girl touch him. Another girl watch him so closely. Another girl have access to him. She felt miserable at that point. She didn't need anyoje to tell her that he would never accept her if he knew about her. Who she really was. Since the pack's teens meet up was purely anonymous, as they hadn't come of age then and are only identified as eclipses. Eclipses, because their full self want out yet, and they couldn't reflect the moon just yet. A knock came on the door, and her mother, and equally blonde, beautiful woman, who looked just as old as her daughter walked in, closing the door behind her. "I heard you come in, and I was wondering why my little pub didn't come to play with mummy today." Kaitlyn mansged a smile. "I just don't feel too good, mummy." Her mum smiled and nodded. "Which part hurts?" She pointed at her forehead and peered into Kaitlyn's lowered eyes. "Here?" Kaitlyn shook her head negative. She sigjef and moved the finger she was pointing to her nose. "Here." Another no. She pointed to her stomach. "Here?" No. Came the response again. She then sighed, and this time, patted the left side of her daughter's chest, under which her heart was beating. "Is it here, then?" Kaitlyn sniffed. "Its fine, mummy. Don't bother." Her mum smiled and dropped her hands to her lap. "You know, little pub, when it comes to the matters of the heart, you can't run, hide and cry or it'll keep hurting. Regrets always sting harder than rejection. What could have been will always be an illusion, but what can't be will gradually be accepted. I know my little pub is brave. Brave enough to handle whatever comes her way." She tapped her shoulder, before lifting herself off the bed. "Thank you." Kaitlyn muttered just before she opened the door. "You're welcome, little pub. Come down for lunch." She said and walked out.
Kaitlyn wasn't in the mood to eat. Was she going to propose to Aiden? Should she propose to Aiden? She didn't want to regret not giving it a shot with him. It was more than a want for her now, it was necessary. Every bit of her needed him. And if she had to keep who she was away from him to have him, then so be it.
Time passed by too slowlybfor Aiden. "That's wherr you're wrong, girl. Alden belongs to me." He shook hos head to wipe it off, but it only brought back Tom, how friend's voice saying; "You both keep deciding yourselves and everyone " he could rememberbthe scenario. Kaitlyn has been absent that day, and he has been sitting alone one a bench when a boy he didnt know can over tobhim, wrapping his arm around his shoulder. The gesture confused Aoden who shruggedbit off as the other guy being unnecessarily friendly, and pushedvhisvarm away. "Why? Your pub isn't here?" Aiden merely gave him a side glance. "What pub?" The boy didn't bother answering him, only laughed. "You know better. Blessings to the moon goddess for that creation. I am still hoping when she comes of age..." He let his voice trail off and by now, aoden knew who he was taking about and he wasn't sure he would like the uncompletedvpart ofbthat sentence. "I hope she emerges as a pitch black Omega. So I can do things to that body and rid her of the heat when it comes, make her feel.." Aiden hadnt let him finish. It jad been like pouring lava into hs ear and he don't know where he turned violent, pushed the guy to grass, got on his amd with one punch, broke his nose. People had gathered around to watch, and Aoden, blinded by rage, jealousy, and a maddening feeling of possessiveness he couldnt pinpoimt, kept hitting him, all the while screaming, "How far you say that about my Kaitlyn?" Tom and alot of other people manager to get him off the hapless boy, who ran I the other direction withoutblookimg back once. Tom had been tending to his bloody hand when he had said that. "What do you mean deceiving ourselves and everyone else?" Tom jad rolled his eyes as he finished cleaning the last part of his bloody knuckles. "Both of you, are so madly in love, and both of you, are so crazily blindto it." Aiden didnt protest. He knew. He wasnt blind to it. He knew, he was intended, genuinely in love with Kaitlyn.
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