The Next Alpha

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Chapter 13

"Wow. What do you intend to use it for?" The alpha was looking at his daughter over a plate of beef, and betraying his surprised exclamation was his amused face. Kaitlyn blushed red. "Just for tonight." She said, tapping her foot on the floor. The alpha laughed and shook his head. "Anything for my pretty pub." She had requested for the pack's decorating team, the one in charge of the pack's yearly full moon ball. She wanted her proposal grand, but as she climbed the staircase to her room, she knew that grand proposal would ruin the proposal itself. Instead of going to the pack house to arrange with the team, she skipped off, into the woods.

Aiden desperately wished the eart would open up and taje him. She, the girl who made his heart go haywire was standing in front of him, her teal eyes big, but the rest of her face mirroring his fear, or whatever the vortex he felt was. Something had shifted in the air between them, and it made them want to run in the opposite direction, at the same time stay, watching each other's eyes, holding each other, belonging toveach other, till the moon goddess decided her crestures wouldn't exist anymore. He swallowed, and unconsciously touched his forehead, only to come up with his hand wet. He laughed nervously, and his his hand behind him. "Aiden." His breath hitched as his name left her lips. He loved the way she said it, but then was there someyhing about her that he didnt love? Her head was slightly up, since he was taller. She gave a smile. "Have I ever told you I love your eyes? The color is different." She said, and under her breath, added, "it makes me want to drown." But he has heard it, and he shrugged. "Its not worth drowning in." "You're worth drowning for, Aiden." She said, before she could catch herself. He blinked and cleared his throat. "Well...I..." "I'd prefer it if you don't say anything. I feel like I know what you're going tobsay, abd i'm not sure i want to hear it, Auden." She placed a cautious but firm hand on his cheek, her fingers occassionally moving to close the distance between them and moving spart again. He struggle tobdtsy, the feeling of her hand on his sendjng violent jolts of electrucuty, originstion from his heart's core. Sometimes he wondered how one pwrson could have so muvh effect on another. "Hear me out, Aiden." She saud again and he nodded, intertwinibg his fingers together, as a way to jeep himself cimposed. " what i told that girl thst day, about you belonging to me, I didn't..." He closed his eyes. "I know you didn't mean it. Its fine. Can I just talk to you some other time?" He said in one breath, his eyes still closed. If he saw her, he would hold her close and beg her to love him back. He didn't let her protest, even though she tried to, and he left, feeling like a hard whose bottom had just been ripped off.

It was the last teens park visiting for Aiden and Kaitlyn, before they went into the removal stage, one that would ultimately determine the kind of wolves they would turn out to be. It waa mostly a formality, or more of a way to let other wolves know who they were. They all knew tge parents they orivinated from, and if anything, it was the only factor that would determine their transition. Aiden knew he was a pitch black omega, and always found himself wo dering if Kaitlyn was not on of them. He never saw her around, but then he didn't know every omega. He felt it was wrong of him to wish that life of an omega upon the woman he loved, but the heart of a liver was selfish, and when he couldnt control himself, he wished she was a pitch black omega like him. He wished nothing would come between them, especislly not their status as wolves. He didnt know how the day eould be like. It would probably be the last day he saw her if they continued with this strange, awkward unfamiliarity between them. He didnt want to ever have a last with her, but he also didn't want to keep breaking his own heart wishing for an alignment between wolves of different classes.
"Hey." Kaitlyn wasn't sure whether approaching him was the best, but it was the last day. She had to deal it before they left. She had to make sure she wouldn't lose him. He raised his head slightly, as if he didn't want to make eye contact with her, then looked back down at the nail he'd been trimming. He only did it when he felt frustrated and helpless and on occasions where he knew he wouldnt be able to do anything about it. "Hello." He replied quietly. "Aiden, I need to talk to you." He sighed. Even her voice melted his resolve. "What do you want to talk about?" "Us." She rereploed. She didnt think before saying it, she just blieted it out, and ashe thanked the moon goddess she did. Hisveues lit up for a millisecond, before he cleared his throat, adequately hiding away every sign of excitement that had been there before. "What aboit us?" She sigjed. This wasnt the plave for that. She was holding something behind her, and waited foe him to walk in front of her, so he wouldnt see, before she followed. The clouds were gathering, and it formed the perfect shade. She hadn't prepared for this the way she wanted to, she knew she oronbaly should wait for him to want her first, but she fidnt just want him, she needed him. Witjout thinking or hesitation, she pulled out the stigged bear she had been holding, the word "Aiden" clearly knitted into the front, her eyesbwide and gkassy. He looked down at it, his brows furrowing. 'What..?" "I am in love with you, Aiden."
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