The Next Alpha

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Chapter 14


"I am in love with you." She has said those words, the words he would have said to her had she not done it, the words he'd desperately wanted to hear, so why were his insecurities clowning behind his head, throwing questions that had bagged at the back of his mind for so long right to the forefront, making sure he couldn't even focus on this confession anymore? Why did it have to be now that he seemed to be having every single thing he'd desperately asked the moon goddess for? She was staring at him, the teddy still outstretched to him. "Aiden?" He looked up, just realizing that he had actually stopped looking at her face. "You haven't said anything." She looked like she was about to cry, but she had to know that he was more torn apart inside. He wanted her, not for a short while, not to be separated once they come out, but for a very long time. He knew he was being greedy, she was everyone's heartthrob, but all is fair in love and war, and he loved her. "Kaitlyn. I know we are not supposed to say this since we haven't cone out yet.." He let his voice trail off, probably to let his words sink on, or just because he was scared when he blurted the whole thing out, she would realize how undeserving of her love he was. She knew. She wouldn't have proposed to him this way if she hadnt know , but she nodded and urged him to go on. "I am too undeserving of your love, kaitlyn." She blinked. "Why do you think so?" He was staring into her eyes, blinking at intervals so he wouldn't get lost in them, then held her hands. The teddy was shuffled between their palms and she drew a bit closer. "Why do you say so?" She asked again, too eager to clear it up and have him for herself. "I am an omega...A pitch black Omega." He said simply, swallowing and closing his eyes, waiting for the inevitable effect it would have on her. Love doesn't survive hierarchy, he knew that too well, since his mother was never the woman his father adored. "I am in love with you, Aiden." She said again, her brows furrowing pitifully. "What makes you so sure I am not an omega myself?" He opened his eyes then, and hers were filled with tears, threatening to spill. "I was always scared you weren't an omega too." She added for extra effect and his eyes widened. Everything he'd always wanted, the first time he caught a whiff of the lavender in her hair. The first time she smiled at his sass, the first time she held his hand. Her being an omega had sealed his deal for him. He didn't need to hold the teddy, he needed to hold her, and that's what he did. He gently pulled her to him, till a strand of hair could cover the distance between them, then cupped her face. Her soft cheeks filled his hands as he did, and he wondered why he never did it before. "I have always wanted you, too Kaitlyn. I knew it was selfish, but I have always wanted you for myself. The fear of leaving this camp without you, was too much to bear." She smiled even though the tears were still in her eyes. "You should have told me." "I am sorry. I didn't know how to." She nodded, not like she was satisfied with the answer, but like she was about to demand for an explanation. "Do you know how to now?" That was probably one of the reasons he loved her. She was perfect, in every single word she uttered. "I guess I do now." No more words were exchanged, the dark clouds sending rubbles in the distance, the shade upon them, he slowly leaned in to her, her eyes closing instinctively. When he was just inches away from her, he muttered, his breath hot on her skin, sending waves of electricity down her spine. "I do hope it will tell you more than my words ever could." And then kissed her. It wasn't a teenage desire kind of kiss, or an eager first kiss kind, it was slow, like how you would want to dwell in a moment you've always craved to experience. She held his shirt in a handful, her hair falling away from her face, her eyes closed. When he broke the kiss and moved a bit, watching her as she slowly opened her own eyes. He watched her like he would watch a fairy. Delicately, yet never taking his eyes off. "It was more than I envisioned my first kiss to be." He smiled, his dimples exposed, but he never told her she was his first too. She tucked in the teddy in his arms, then took a place beside it, her head comfortable on his chest. "I'll be the best to you, Kaitlyn. I promise." He had kissed her forehead then, and she hadn't needed to utter a word.
It was different. The way he looked at her was different. The daughter of the alpha? She was the daughter of the alpha? She didn't know how to do it, she didn't know how to beg him to stick with her. But she had lied, and he had a reason to be angry. He had every right to be. He had named her Lyn, carried her on his back, shown her to his parents, kissed her till she couldn't breathe, hugged her like a teddy, and carried her childish first gift to him everywhere he went, only for it all to be a lie? Even she was disappointed on herself. She hadn't invited him to that function, because she knew he would find out. She was special, so her coming out was different, and she hadnt invited him to it. But he had received a letter, supoosedly from her, and it had invited him. He had eagerly run to the place where his heart would be broken forever. He had turned and taken the opposite direction, the pieces of his shattered hart getting lost in each and every single step he took away from her.
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