The Next Alpha

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Chapter 15

She opened her mouth to talk, but the words choked up behind her throat, causing herlips to simply drop with water, her eyes half closed to shield it from water. She didn't know what she wanted to feel at that point. Did she hate him for walking out on her? Or did she feel guilty for ruining everything they had? Even though way younger, they still had something worth engraving in plaques of history, to be read and be seen as perfect romance. But she, her lies had ruined it all. But she had done all she had to get him. Is that not the whole idea of love? She made him happy during that short time, she was his everything. If she had let the hierarchy get in the way, would it not have made him sad! Was the whole idea of love not puttong their happiness before yours? Has she not made him happy? She didn't have enough time to think about it, or even stare at the face she'd missed so badly, before he moved away from her, putting considerable distance between. Even his wolf hated her. Now she knew what to feel.
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