The Next Alpha

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Chapter 2

The rays of sunlight poured into the room in bright orange hues, casting a glow on everything in the room. Kaitlyn's skin glowed and reflected the sunlight, and she raised a hand to shield her eyes from the sun. It was around eight in the morning, and not exactly the time she liked to wake up. Most times, her wolf energy would dominate her if she woke this early, since her human was still asleep. She turned on her back, dragging the blanket to cover her bare back, and the shuffling of paper on her skin made her sit up. She unpinned the paper from the blanket and turned it around. She found a note written in elegant cursive. "You are still intact. Just a little nip on your neck." She stopped reading and turned to the mirror, pushing her hair to the side. There was nothing on the left, so she pushed the hair to the right, and there it was, a beautiful love bite. She smiled and took the paper again to read. "I figured whoever hurt you, wouldn't like the impression. Anything for you." She sighed and carefully folded the paper. It was time to come out of the fantasy world she had created for herself for a night. She wished time had been slower, as she watched the paper and patted it. "Time to go back home." She said to the mirror.
"We will need a few renovations for the pack house, also security at the borders of the pack seem a bit lacking, since most of them are in here, please deploy others to fill in. Also, we need a more reliable food source, since the one we had is..." "And I also need you hand over your responsiblities as alpha back." Chris froze, then sent the man he had been talking to away. The man paid respects to Kaitlyn, who was standing behind chris, her eyes sharp. He long black hair was caught in a ponytail, and she was wearing a black open shoulder baggy top, with a dark brown mini skirt. She wore dark boots and had light make up. Her head was titled to the side, and she stood with her leg crossed. "Kaitlyn...we looked every where for you, where have you been?" He moved forward, reaching his arms out to her. "Don't touch me." She said, without moving and inch, and casting a menacing look at the hand. He dropped the hand and cleared his throat. "I am sorry, I fucked up." "You should be sorry for yourself, to be honest. You are the one who's about to lose everything." She picked a glass cup from the table she had been leaning on, poured herself some juice and rolled it in her hands. Chris looked torn and dumbfounded, and he swallowed a bit. "Kaitlyn, maybe we should talk.." "I have nothing to say to you." Her voice was dark and feminine as she said it, and she raised her eyes from the class to look at him, a one sided smirk playing on her lips. "You should have gone over every tiny detail before rejecting me. You were always the cautious one. Always calculating, always weighing. What changed you? The love you have for your dimwit girlfriend?" He closed his eyes as she said it and she burst into humorless, mocking laughter. "That must have hurt the lover boy. Tsk, tsk, tsk." she took a sip from the glass, and leaned back, her body draped on the wall, her neck in full view. "Kaitlyn, I thought you would understand. You are, afterall, my childhood friend." She raised her class cup as if about to clink it with him. "Right there. That's where you fucked up. You threw away years of history and togetherness for one girl. A statusless, average wolf." She laughed and under it, you could hear a growl. Her wolf was active and angry, and her muscles seemed tense now. His eyes shifted from hers and on its journey to the ground, caught the reddish spot on her neck. "What is that on yout neck?" He asked. He didnt know why, but he felt betrayed, knowing fully well, the only thing that could have left that scar. She smiled without looking at him. "I am sure you know that's a love bite." She said simply and took another sip. She smacked her lips in a teasing manner and crossed her legs. "You slept with someone." "Yep." She answered, popping the p. "How could you do that?" He advanced, holding her shoulders tight. "How could you even think of sleeping with another.." A slap landed on his cheek, and his hands fell off her shoulders, one protectively going to cover the left side of his face. He turned back to her now, his eyes flaming. She pushed her pony tail back and raised a brow. "You have the audacity to ask me that? Really?" she gave a low laugh. "I should really have put you in your place earlier. You are just as dimwitted as your low class wolf girlfriend." She walked past him, her hair splashing on his face behind her and he closed his eyes. He needed to control his anger, and his feelings. There was nothing he could do now. He loved Linda, but the alpha position...he'd gotten so accustomed to the respect and esteem he got from being the alpha of the biggest wolf pack. He remembered when they had made a formation, in their original wolf forms, and Kaitlyn's father had told him to take lead. It was his proudest moment. He raked his hand through his hair. He knew he couldnt let it go, and Kaitlyn was right. He had been blinded. By alot of things, he didnt think of how valuable his position was, and how Kaitlyn was the only reason, his only key to it. He sighed and slumped on the floor. He had to think fast or whoever Kaitlyn was seeing, would take everything he'd worked so hard for, and one mistake had destroyed.

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