The Next Alpha

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Chapter 3

She peered into the mirror, checking her neck. The bruise was very clear and evidently, since it was so different from her skin tone. She sighed and pulled the band off her hair, and it fell in silky waves onto her shoulders and back. She heard a knock on jer door, and turned just as the door opened, and her father, opened the door and ushered himself in. She stood u on from the mirror stool she had been sitting on, and arrnaged her hair so the hickey would be covered. "Daddy." She said. Alot of people had told her they found it childish, but she didn't care. She would forever be his little wolf. He smiled and extended his hand, so she would fall into his embrace, and she did just that. "How do you feel?" She sniffed, feeling herself relax. She felt secure, safe, taken care of. "I am fine. What haooened has already happened, I cant let it bring me down. I am too strong for that." She lifted her head to face him, and he looked proud. "That's my little wolf." He said, pinching her cheeks lightly. "Yes. Yes, daddy." She leaned on his chest again, as he patted her shoulder in a fatherly way. "Today is the white wolf festival, you do know that, right?" She did, but she had forgotten. The strain of the past days had made her forget something she was always so excited for. "I know, dad. When is it starting?" "In a few hours. Today is important for our pack and the wolf county in general. We are wolves, but we live as humans, sometimes forgetting our original selves. Today is one of thise days when we honour ourselves, take pride in our real form." She could sniff his wolf coming strong, as he finished. Her dad had akways been a passionate wolf and alpha, and she sometimes wondered if whoever she would marry would be as fiery for the pack as he was. Chris had given her a negative answer. She didn't know about whoever was to come now. "I know. I'll get ready." He nodded. "You have to get married, child. That is the only way to keep this festival alive. Your mother was the second to the last, and luckily, you became a white wolf. We have to.." "I know..I know everything." He nodded. "Dont feel too pressured, though. Choose the right person for you. Not for us. Your happiness comes first." She nodded and hugged him. "Thank you." He patted her hair, then stood up and left the room, gently closing the door behind him. She sighed and turned back to her image in the mirror. Her life was perfect. She looked perfect. Had the perfect lineage. The perfect genes. The perfect household. The perfect father. So why did she feel so empty inside?
Aiden wiped away beads of sweat from his forehead as he finished his transformation back to human. He mentally scolded himself for actually being foolish to go back to sleeo when he knew as an omega, he had to wirk his way through. It didnt help he had a super annoying, bossy chief. He burst into the kitchen, smoothening the apron over himself. "Sorry i'm Late!" He yelled. "Do that again, and i'll make you feel really sorry!" Came the reply and he rolled his eyes. He picked up a dirty pan and took it to the back. "Why are there no customers?" He asked a fellow worker. The man shrugged. "Because we are catering the festival today." It was then he noticed his surroundings. Big servings of lamb, pork, chicken, already cooked and garnished were set on the massive, long work table of the kitchen. He slapped his head and turnedbto the man again. "What festival is there today?" "The white wolf festival, Aiden. Are you even in this pack?" He said and rolled his eyes before sighing, looking off to space like he was imagining something, with the state of his life, probabky building castles in the air. "I am going to attend it only for the alpha's daughter. She's an angel, an angel!" He exclaimed, raising his hand. "Oh, moon goddess, thank you for such a creature." Aiden gave him a side eye, before looking away, the pan still in hand. Today us the white wolf festival. Kaitlyn will be there, and he would be there too. He sighed. "Dammit." The man pried and he eyed him again. "Mind your business!" The other man rolled his eyes and got back to work. He sighed, his heart pounding. He still has a few hours before the festival, he could just claim to have caught a wolf disease. No one would question him.
"You look beautiful, Kaitlyn." "I always do." She replied the only other wolf in the pack who she ever spaced her time to talk to. Alex was a family friend, and daughter of the gamma. They had been a trio with chris back then, and considering what chris did, kaitlyn was only waiting for when Alex would walk out on her, too. She would be hurt, but by expecting it, she was saving herself the disappointment. "You're so cold and distant. I know its cause of chris.." " you don't have a damn clue." Alex rolled her eyes and shrugged. "Fine, do your thing." "As always." Came the reply. Throughout the conversation, she hasn't taken her eyes off her reflection in the mirror, or even lifted her eyes to look at Alex's reflection. Alex shrugged again. "I am out of here, to breathe healthy sir, talk to emotionally filling people, not negatuve minded, sulky..." "Maybe you should mind yourself, Alex." She turedn sodeways, her eyes fixed on Alex. She crossed her legs, and out and arm on it. "This pack has a hierarchy. on top of that. Wgatever you say to me, should be respectful, well thought out, and in a low tone. Do you get me?" Alex bit her lip, her eyes wide. "Do you get me?" Kaitlyn's teal eyes were turning lighter, and the wind outside got colder, as the curtains flew around. "Yes. Yes, I understand." Kaitlyn turned back to the mirror, and this time when she looked, she didn't recognize the woman she saw.
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