The Next Alpha

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Chapter 4

Aiden adjusted a platter on the table and sighed. He had been working all day, from the time he had arrived at work. He liked it, though since it kept his mind away from the thoughts that threatened to cloud it. He wipedbsweat from his forehead and looked around, settling his arms on his waist. The entire ground was decorated with flowers and large fires. The fires were barricaded with small fences, decorated with hanging flowers. A large table by the side was where all the food was, not necessarily food, meat. Today their wolf energy came strong, and they couldn't really hold down anything that wasn't meat. The people that had gathered were all dressed normally, since it didn't matter. In the first few hours of the festival, every wolf, from Alpha to Omega would tranform, paying a sort of tribute to the moon goddess, the moon and their own real form. He watched the omega work around, making sure everything was perfect. He was one of them, the omegas. The ones at rock bottom. The ones who worked, who laboured. The servabts, the cooks, the ones who were employed in small businesses. He sighed and turned away, his corner vision catching something. He turned back to look at it, and he found it was the alpha. He was wearing a simple faded jean and gray shirt, and on his arm was his biggest adornment and treasure. His daughter. Kaitlyn was wearing a black high neck shirt, and black jeans with wedged sneakers. Her hair was up in a ponytail and her hands crossed in front of her. She was only wearing a shiny lip gloss, nothing else. He blinked as he watched her, her presence, her smell, her elegance alone messing with his mind. His head started to hurt and he left it between his thumb and under, shutting his eyes tight. "Aiden, come here." He opened his eyes and it was his coworker, Tom. "What?" "Let's go to the back. The alpha is here." He said, trying to reach for his arm, but Aiden pulled away. "You don't wanna come?" Aiden shrugged. "I don't feel good." Tom looked at him from head to toe. "What do you mean you dont feel good?" "I feel sick." "Sick? What's wrong?" Concern was written all over Tom's face. He felt his neck, then his concern became mixed with confusion. "Can't feel anything. Maybe you should go to one of the healers." He shook his head. "I think I just need to rest." He said to him, scrunching up his face so he looked sick. He wasn't sure if wasn't fear on his face, though. Tom watched him for a second before nodding, a little bit of skepticism evident on his face. "Let me get you home, then?" Aiden thought it was a good idea. He wouldn't have to face kaitlyn and the additional bonus was that he wouldn't work anymore. He started to nod, hisveyes wandering. He couldn't help but look at her once more. He'd heard what had happened between her and her mate, Chris. He hated that name, and when he managed to take hisveyes off her and look at chris standing on the car side, looking regretful and desperate, castingbworried glances at her and her father asked the other wolves assembled, he found her hated the face too. "Yes, I'll go home. But you dont have to cone with me." Hw said, and straightened. "Take your places, wolves! Omega at the far back!" The gamma said, and Tom did a quick lookover, before pracncing off. He started to move away, the a thought crossed his mind. He would stay and taje the firmation, and if lyn saw him, if she acknowledged him, if she...he didnt have much time, as the festival formation was now in full swing. He turned, sifting through a large crowd of high, middle, average class wolves. "I thought youvwere going home." Tom said, as soon as Aiden managed to get to the spot next to him. 'I figured i would just stay, since home is a bit far...and maybe shifting would do me some good." Tom shrugged and turned to look ahead. The other wolves took their place in front of them, firing, if viewed aerially, a perfect crescent. He didn't understand how, even without practice or rehearsals, they got this formation right every year. From where he stood, he could see the four most important wolves of the eclisped moon pack. Chris stood by the side, and he could only see his profile. Kaitlyn's exxebtric friend's father, the gamma was beside chris, who had, assumed the beta position from his late father. He would have been at the top of the formation, but he had made bad decisions. Decisions Aiden liked. In front of the Beta and gamma wasbthe alpha, Kaitlyn's father. He looked satisfied watching his daughter take the lead. She was the last person, or the first, on the crescent. The moon leaked behind the clouds. "Now!" Cane the gamma's voice. Chris, the gamma, the aloha and in fact, every wolf in the pack shifted, and for a while the only thing to be heard was the shifting, breaking and reforming of bones, stiffled groans, and then gradually, growls, and matured dog sounds. Only Kaitlyn stood in front, her eyes carrying a glint of pride. She turned to them, as if making sure, before turning back. She raised her hands up to the sky. The moon was full and bright, and her skin seemed to be reflecting back the glow. The wolves started to howl collectively, firming a dirt of rhythm. Strong wind blew, the moon getting brighter and brighter. Shebstood that way, her ponytail flying in the window herboresence had caused. The wolves continued to howl, and herbeyes gradually closed. At this point, she couldn't even stand being human again. When she opened her eyes again, it Was viridian now, with gold circles. "I am!" She said, and instead of her human firm, standing there, hands outstretched to the moon in fervent prayers, her beautiful white wolf stood on all fours, her chest proudly out, her head raised. The wolves had quieted down, and She raised a long bowl, her lips up to the sky. More evident, was the nip on her white neck.
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