The Next Alpha

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Chapter 6

Kaitlyn waa back in her room, staring up at the ceiling. She was lying on her back, her hands just as splayed out as her hair, and she blinked up to the lights. He eyes still stung a big from all the crying, and She wondered how one male could have that kind of effect on her. She has forgotten the last time she cried, abd she still had a vicid memory of her looking blanklt at the sea of flowers on her mother's burial site. Not even a drop. Even when everyrhing seemed to go downhill for her, she still refused to cry. Today, a complimet had made her release all those pent up frustrations. The same man. She had seen him, or his wolf foe the first time, and he was picking her curiosity. She wanted tobsee his face too. Know him. When she had seen his wolf for the first time while he walked to her, his eyes intent, she had marked hin as just another omega. But that omega had weird effects on her. He made her feel at least safe. That omega had touched her and she has crave more. He had ean from her and she wabted to follow him. She rolled over in her bed and buried her head In her pillow. "Kaitlyn...Stop. You're better than this " she took in deep breaths. Breaths that didnt help. She pressed her face harder into the pillow, and a memory of her pressing her lips to another's surfaced. She ounched the pillow and walked out of the room, to the preswnce of others so she could, at least, be distracted even if it was for a while.
"Kaitlyn." She stopped and turned, cominf face to face with Linda. She disnt exactly deem chris worth the rrouble anymlre, so shw folded her aems ans treated her like she would treat sny omega trying to get chummy with her. She folded her arms I front of ber, already giving out rhe sign that she was closed off to any thing she was about to say ti her. "What is it, Linda?" One of her brows we're raised, and her head slightly up. A person passing by without knowinf a y of them knew who had the upper hand. "I just wanted to say that I am deeply sorry for what Chris did, and i would have deoarted his life if I hd known about it." Kaitlyn nodded. "Okay, goody two shoes." she turned around and continued on her normal route. "Please let him have his original posotion." Kaitlyn stopped, confusion furrowing her brows. What original position? She turned back to Linda. "What original position, Linda?" Her coice was smooth, and hard, disdain lacing it, just so much that Linda knew she was passing the green zone. "I am sorry, Kaitlyn, but I would really like it if you have Chris the alpha position back. The severred mate bond can never be repaired, and I am sorry he took that hug step just to be with me.." Her coice trailed off, and the ghost of a smile appeares on her lips, showing how plwase she actually was that chris love her that much. Then her eyes becane sad as she looked up again. "He dis this for ny happiness and our love, Kaitlyn..I can stand seeing him sad because he's about to lose everything." Kaitlyn dragged her dace down, tilting ber head and nodding. " want me to give your boyfriend my position? Why dont you also request that I magically turn to a black wolf and stabd with the omegas at the back during the crescebt prayer? Since both of you want to snatch everything from me." She laughed a bit, and walked to the bearest wall, suporting herswlf with it. "You know what, Omega Linda? I wish I had your guts. The audacity to come in front of ne and beg me for the alpha position is something i must commend." She shrugged. "You just had to make up for all the other loops in your life with that maddening audacity, huh?" Linda watched her, her pleading eyes slowly becoming cold. Before convincing herself to try her luck and come to the alpha's house, the rational part of her hair known Kaitlyn would never grab her request. Maybe she did have guts. Enough guts to pursue the alpha position vigorously. Chris wasn't much, but he was beta. And she knew how much it took low class omegas like her to get to the higher ups. She had crossed his path deliberately, always apperaing weak, or in danger, he had come to pity her, and she had banked on it. Her coice was nice, which was almost the only thing she got, and if she wasn't falling on his arms, she was singing in a long place where she knew he would be. She knew everywhere he went, everything he liked. She had made herself a clone of him, and that day, when he had been drunk, she had led him up to her house on the far side of the pack, got naked and crazy for gim, and he had found himself in bed with her the next mor I ng, clothes strewn around, a side of the wooden bed broken to show just how hot they'd been fir each other snd with that she hooked him. She had pretended innocence when she woke up, talking about how she had let a man who wasnt in love with her touch her. He qas, of couese in love with her, or so, the psychology tricks she had played on him led him to believe. And everyday she came innocently to him, let him have her in more ways than one, the deeoer he fell. She was a woman with ambition, and she, infact, had been the only reason he had rejected Kaitlyn, the moon goddess's personified imageAs his mate. not because he was that Crazy about her, but because she knew how to bank on his own inferiority without looking back. She watched Kaitlyn, unable to mask her hate at the one thing standing between her and the worls she crashed, and uttered words she never thought she would say to her face. She had reoeated it to herself many times when she found out Kaitlyn had stripped Chris of the aloha position, but had never dreamt of, or intended to say it to Kaitlyn's hearing. "What if I kill you, then?"
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