The Next Alpha

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Chapter 7

If Kaitlyn was surprised, shocked, or even faxed, her face didnt show it. Hwr expression didn't change, and she only gave a slight nod, croasing her arms in front of her again. "You're not the first person, sweetheart. And..I am still here." She spaced the last four word for emphasis, a slight smile on her face. She loved the expreasion on Linda's face as it called, as if she just realized wgat she had said. "Why do you look like you didn't mean to say that out loud?" Kaitlyn chuckled. "Bye, Linda." She turned away, walking out of the grand hall, into open space. Linda chumped on ber bottom lip hard. Ahe hadn't inrended to coice it, and she knew, within herself, that if It persisted, she would do it.
Aiden Lay down, his face on the pillow. It was evening now, and he qas still fatigued from the white wolf festival. He has still managed to show up at the restaurant in the mornong, but he had gone through the tasks like a zombie instead of a wolf, and he had received two knocks from the chief. He just wished he could bite him or something, but he was a higher ranked omega than himself, and wolves of the same pack attackijg each other attracted capital punishment to whoever initiated the attack. He smiled to himself, for no particular reason at all, and closd his eyes. Even though his life felt a bit too problematic, he didn't know why he was so happy. He drifted off to sleep, his cheat heavinf, his breaths even.
"Go serve this." Aiden nodded and collected the plate from the chief, resisting thevtwmptatoon to sniff it. Wolves couldnt do without sniffing their food, butbat the pack's restaurant, theu thoight it made it leaa pleasurable for the customers since they had been deprived of the first sniff. He opened the adjoining door that stood between the restaurant's eating space and its kitchen, and scanned though thw large space for thw table with the white cardboard bearing the inscription 46. He soon found it, and the person occupying it had her light blonde, almost white hair turned to him. His breath hitched as he saw it, the uncanny resemblance setting him off. He turned back, and re entered the Kitchen, the plate still balance on his palm. The chief gave him a side eye. "Why are you back with it?" He cleared his throat. "Ouch!" The chief's brows came together, sending creases some way up in hos forwgead. "What is wrong with you?" He didnt sound concerned, just about to reprimand. "I think i caught a wolf sickness. Please....let Tom serve this, while i..ouch!" He went down in a square, making sure to settle the plate on a table, because he didnt want to have to pay for it. The chief rolled his eyes and flannel at Tom, who didn't need a second twll, or an interpreter. He quickly scooped the plate and went out woth it. Aiden straightened and went to the back, making aure he looked at least convincong. He came back after a few minutes, to meet the othwr working Omegas. Tom came In looking pale. "Sir. .she rejected it." The chief disnt look up from the steak he was cooking. "Why?" Tom turned the plate around and showed it to rhe chuef. "Wolf hair." The chief liiked yo, rolled his eyes, sagibg something luje petty hugher uos, and stuck his habd I the meat dressing, the plucked out the aubgke strand if hair. "Gi serve ut." Aiden blinded. "Sir." "What?" He cleared his throat. "It is etiquette to serve a new plate when something like this.." "Why dont yiu just run the restaurant, then?" He folded his arms, looking at Aiden. "That is not..." "For all I know, i may be serving an omega who is just abit lighter than us pitch blacks! Why should I lose a plate of food over that?" Aiden started to protest, but the chief paid no heed and pushed Tom out to serve it again. Thwre was silence everywhwre for a while, exceot for the sizzling of steak and the rapid beating of Aoden's heart. He knew drama was about to go down, esoecially if the customer was who he thought her to be. He didnt have time to feel rwlieved before the sound of plate crashing rang through the customer. The attention of all were srawn alnd all was silwnt, then the sark, appealing voice rang through. "I want to see the Head omega here." The chief looked pale. "Now." The voice said again, an air of unbeaten superiority around it. The chief removed his apron and walked out, Aiden seeing the normally annoying man meek for the firat stime. Aiden knew who it was, so he didnt dare step out, but only watched the drama unfold from a little window on the adjoining wall. It offwred him a limited view, but with his ears, he could know what haooenex. "Are you the xhief omega here?" The chief nodded and the woman, who, Still had her back to aiden nodded. "How dare you serve the zame plate of food, right after I complain about it having strabds of hair?" Her voice was calm and superior, and the chief started to clear his throat. "I am..deeply sorry, Ma'am. It was.." She raised a palm and he stopped talking. "That's it. I won't come here fir food anymore. Bye." She turnwd, and aiden could see her dacenow. Beautiful as ever, still aglow, even though she lookedbpissedboff, her hair bouncy, like it always was, her jawline sharp, her teal eyes beautifil. "Lyn." He said, withoit realizing it. She muat have heard it, as her gas flickerwd to where he was. She disnt see him, though and she continued her jourbey out. The chief xame back, ready to trabfer aggression. "It was the alpha's daughter." He said, putting his hand on his waist. "You knew that, right?" He turned to Aiden, who was still bent feom avoiding her. "What?" "You knew it was the alpha's daughter, right? That is why you oretebded to be sick. Why were you avoiding her? You have a history or what?" He was walking to his now and aiden squeezed himself to the wall. "Tell me!" Aiden kept his face calm even in the face of the volcano. "Yes. I know her. So, what? I should get her back for you, or what?" He said it as a way to get back, ve potty, and show that he was angry too. He certainly didnt expect it when a humorless smile took over the xhied's face and he went "yes. That is exactlt what you will do for me."
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