The Next Alpha

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Chapter 8

Aiden's light blue eyes flickered between the chief Omega and the staff behind him. His eyes were not real, not green ir even hazel. It was a shade of blue you would only disciver in his eyes, on that looked almost transparent and offered any path you would want to his soul. If only his life was that simple. Hell, if only he was that simple. He rolled his eyes and stepped back, more out of the need to look straight into the chief's eye without cowering, than fear. "you are not serious right now " he said simply and shook his head, tucking his hand in the pocket of the trousers he wore. The chief fumed and answered, his teeth gritted In his mouth, making him sound more desperate than threatening. "You better, Aiden. you bettervget back out iportant clientbir.." "Or, what?" Aiden answered, relaxing his head as he lookedbup to the chief, his eyesvqide, his stance confident. "Ibswear, i will plus your eyes out with my claws and.." "I do have a histiry with Kaitlyn. Imagine if you try to harn me and I run to her." the xhief's face visibly paled, and his threatening stance softened. "Imagine what would happen to your restaurant, you years of trying to climb up the paxk's gierarchy. Qw wouldnt even have a reataurant like this, we are not humans. You're lucky we evolved and you're feeding off it. I suggest yoy keep banking on that luck, and stay I your lane." Aiden made him say through the small gathering and went into the kitchen. No one followed him I. Probably too scared to, or they we're just shocked to immobility. He leaned on the arge work table. Seeing kaitlyn had its effect on his. This time, it was different. He was reminded of al the reasons they had gone separate ways, all the reasons she had stopped loving him. All the reasons he never wants anyone else. He swallowed, keeping his head down and lacing his fingers gers at the back. He decided the restaurant wasn't a good environment for gis turbulent mood now, so he removed the apron, or more corewctly yanked it off him, And ran out, shifting as soon as he got out of the doors.
"Baby." Chris said as he came behind linda, his hands teacing her arms. Sometimes, he actually didn't know why he loved her, or the feel of he skin, or he lips on him. But he think he did, maybe. "Why are you just standing here?" He shifted her hair and started to kiss her neck, something he never did t Kaitlyn. And thinking of her made him think of the love bite on her neck. He applied more pressure on Linda's neck, pressing his teeth on it, as it had become more of pride, than pleasure. She moaned a bit, but then gritted her teeth and pushed him away. "You're hurting me!" He blinked and snapped out of his reverie. "Wait, Linda, gosh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I meant to.." She started ti break down, her tears coming down in torrents, and went on her knees. "Linda, i am sorry, this isnt about pleasure or. " she shook her head. "She hurt me, Chris." His eyes widened, and he rushed to where she was down, her habds holding her head as she shook it and cried. "Who?" He asked and when she didnt answer, ge held both her shoulders and shook her. "Tell me, Linda! Who hurt you?" She oushed him away and continued her fits, rearing at the clothes. "I am not enough for you. I can be enough for anybody. I am a pitch black wolf with no trace of the light. She is a pure white wolf with no trace of darkness. How can you love me?" She tore at her hair and closed her eyes shut, ger xhest heaving as she cried. "Kaitlyn? Kaitlyn hurt you?" She stopped crying for a bit and looked up at his, he eyes angry and filled with tears. "What? Yiu xant di anything to her, you're only a beta. She came bere to harass your fiance and insult her, and twll me how she will take me out to have you back, but what can you do? You are only a lonely beta, she is the tge determining factor, the person who makes the alphabet. Who do yiu think you are?" Tge realization seemed to hit her as she broke down in silent rears again. "Linda, get a hold of yourself. Dont you dare talk about how.." "Scold me. You are higher in thw hierarchy than i am, you...can akways scold me, maltrear me, throw me out, do whatever you want to do. I am lower, forgive me beta fir having the audacity to scream, or even think fir once that you would actually love me." His eye widened and he held her dragging her into his arms. "Please, stop linda..please. I thought it was enough proof that i rejected Kaitlyn, the most desirable.." "Of course. She's the most desirable. What am i?" He sighed in desperate exasperation. "Linda, please. i am sorry, I am sorry." She leaned on his chest and cried more, and as he patted her back, He looked down at her. "Do you want a promise from me, Linda?" Sge straightened and looked at his through tear stained eyes. "What promise?" He leaned down on her and took her lips, parting then slowly with his tongue. His kiss was slow, and by the time he broke the kiss and started in ber eyes, she wabted more of him. It was another thing she wanted apart from the position being with him gave her. "Give me your palm." She stretched it, sniffing and he touched his palm to hers, sending jolts of lustful electricity through her body. "I promise you, Linda. I will become alpha for you. And I promise you, again, Linda. I will make You luna. Linda, I promise you, I will make you top of this hierarchy.
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