The Next Alpha

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Chapter 9

Kaitlyn sat in the dining chair, her legs crossed under the table. She had wanted to escape the hassle of being present for lunch, but the restaurant workers had pissed her off, and sge had to come back. Chris was sitting across from her, and sge windered why. Why would he, who she regarded as a traitor, be treated as family up until now? Her father, who was sitting at the head of the table, had started treating him as family ever since the rather until death of his father, but she didnt think he deserved all if that kindness now, after doing what he did. "Why is he here?" Kaitlyn said to her dad, her voice even though calm and even, carrying disdain. Chris glared at her for a microsecond, before going back to his plate. "He is family, Kaitlyn. Its fine." She watched her Father's expression for a while, before shrugging. They fell into a pregnant silence, each facing their plate, as if in it, was written the most interesting tale, before Chris broke the Silence. "You know you didn't have to do what you did to Linda, right?" He said. She didn't raise her head, but her father did. "What do you mean?" Chris shrugged and set his cutleries down. "I was talking to Kaitlyn. She knows exactly what she did, to my fiancee, Linda." She tore off another piece of meat, pushed it into her mouth, rolled it and chewed slowly. "Kaitlyn?" Her Father said and she hummed an answer. "What happened between you two?" She shook her head. "Ask him, daddy. I don't know." She said and took another chunk. Chrus sighed, then turned to the alpha. "Alpha. I would like to request something from you." "Go on." He nodded, clasped his hands in front of him, then stared straight at the alpha. "Please give me back the alpha position." Kaitlyn raised a brown and did nithing else, not even looking up from her plate. "The alpha position menas a lot to me." He continued. "And I would be really happy..." "Is your baby doll really that desperate?" Kaitlyn said, still looking down on her plate. She slowly looked up, her eyelashes raising so slowly, they looked wavy. "Get on your knees, then." She said, her eyes fixed on his. His eyes thinned. "You've always wanted me kneeling In front of you. Whether it was with a ring, or a..." "Oh, shut up, Chris. The alpha position will never be yours, for as long as I remain tge only oure white wolf. Not some underling breed with a black taint on th left side." She xut off another piece of meat and chewed. "I am the only person available, and competent enough for this position, and you know it, kaitlyn. Dont let the fact that I rejected you cloud your rationality." Sge nodded. "Available...what happened to the man I am about to introduce to daddy?" Xhris's eyes widened, and even the alpha who had tuned out of their conversation, marking it off as their day old bickering, raised his head to watch her. "You have a man?" She nodded, without looking at her dad who had asked. Chris swallow hard. "That's a lie. You just want to.." "His name is Aiden, daddy." He was the only othwr man she knew aoart from chris. If only she had known ghe mysterious man, she wouldn't hesitate to introduce him. He made her happy, somewhat. And without even knowing him, he was pulling her in with a firce greater than anyrhing else she would have compared it with. "Aiden?" Chris scoffed, obviously on the brick of losing his mind. "That omega, Aiden? Look at you, Kaitlyn. You settled for an Omega." "He sure is better than the beta we have here. Your mother was an omega. Don't stress it." She said and reached out to her father's hand. She sheld it between hers, and gave a small smile. "You will meet him soon, daddy." She released his hand, then stood, leaving the dining without looking at chrus anymore, as if he didn't exist. "Aloha, are you?" "Maybe you should go hone and get some rest now, chris. You've saud enough." The aloha dragged his chair back, and walked out of the dining room with a curt acknowledging nod in chris's direction.
"Why? Why? Why???? Kaitlyn, why?? I thought you were smart, why dud you do that??!" Kaitlyn screamed into the mirror, her fists clenched in her hair. She hadnt seen, or cared to see Aiden in years. Ever since they broke up. Ever since everything had gobe awry and he had realized who she was. He had trabsofromed and run in the other direction, not minding that she hadnt planned for all the feelibgs too. Fir all the lies. She sigjed and sat on the bed. He never let her see him, and she never could. She had thought of him more often than not, but when she thought Chris was her nate, she had been contributed with the fact. It didnt mean that when she kissed chris, she hadnt silently wished it was Aiden. It didnt mean that he was still the person who invaded her dreams and her thoughts even though chris was riht outside. She sighed and dragged her face down with her fingers. She didn't even know what to do.
The lake was particularly peaceful, especially since it was night time and Aiden had expected a whole busy playground. It was logical, though. They were creatures of the night, and most of them went around looking kije humans in the morning. He sighed, cleaning his reflection in the clear water. He needed that job. He needed alot of things, but he had never gitten any. But he was particularly desowrate about this job. He looked up, his nose in the sky. His life was a mess, his heart was a mess, his head was a mess. Everything that had to do with him was a mess. "Hey." He stiffened at the voice, rexognizing it once it drifted to his ears, and he turned around to see Kaitlyn stabding, her chest heaving, looking like she'd run with everything she had.
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