Tangled In Moonlight (Starlight Trilogy 1)

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Chapter 1: The Visiting Alpha

The splash of cold water being dumped on me made me jump out of bed. I saw the alpha holding the bucket and cast my head downward. Don't look the alpha in the eyes, you'll get a beating. I shoot that thought out of my head, I'd get a beating whether I'm behaving or not.
"We have an important guest coming today. You're to clean every inch of the pack house before he arrives. And I expect you disappear straight after your chores are completed. Because you've been obedient and have completed your chores, you have permission to go for runs in the forest." Alpha said. I nodded.
I get dressed and go about my business. As I worked, I listed off all the things that I wasn't allowed to do when Red Bone has guests.
Don't speak unless spoken to. Don't look anyone in the eyes.
I made breakfast quickly so I could move onto making sure the pack house was spick and span before the guest alpha came. The last thing I wanted was to get a beating or have the permission I was given to go for runs taken away from me. It's been ages since I've been allowed to go into the forest on my own.
I haven't been in the forest since I was five years old... the same age I was when I lost my family in a house fire.
I finished all my chores long before the guest alpha arrived. Because I had some time to spare, I spent that time baking cookies and cakes in case any high ranked pack member had friends over or was hungry and I wasn't there to make them something to eat.
In the living room, I heard the alpha talking to someone, I presumed it was the guest alpha and went to the attic. I grabbed the picture of my family that I've somehow managed to hold on to for twelve years and as quietly as possible, snuck out of the pack house before anyone heard or saw me. Like I always did when the pack had guests, on my way out the door, I grabbed plastic sandwich bags, stuffing them into the pocket of the old jeans I was wearing. I don't know why, but I always grabbed them. It was a weird habit I guess.
I went to the one place no one every bothered to go to anymore, the place where my childhood home once stood. Because it was so far from the pack house and so far away from the pack's town, no one bothered to clear away the ruins of the house.
It brought back memories from twelve years ago. I moved through the remains of the house, happy memories flashed before me. A five year old me being chased by my father, my mother was there, so was my brother. While my father entertained a five year old me, my mother helped my thirteen year old brother with his math homework. We were the happiest family ever.
Then the memories of that night flashed before my eyes. The big angry flames surrounding me as I clutched onto a picture of my family and my teddy bear as I tried to find a way out. At five years old, I knew that something was off. I should've heard their cries of terror when they woke up, shouldn't have I?
A tear slipped from my eyes as I remembered everything that happened that night and how it got me to where I am. Was the Luna really concerned about me or was she more concerned about what I could do to earn my keep to stay in the pack?
When I think back to that night, Luna never really showed any sort of emotion. But she was quick to notice the photograph I was holding, and she was quick to try and take it from me. It was like she knew something that I did. Something that night made me uneasy, I don't know why but it did. I just didn't know what.
The cause of the fire was never found. Pack member started to speculate. Most thought that it was an electrical fire and that was what the cause of the fire was put down as. For years, the Luna tried to convince me that there was a severe storm that night and that lightening struck my house thus setting it on fire. But I knew better, I remembered everything from that night.
Something rusted caught my eye and brought me out of my thoughts. I bent down to pick it up via the plastic bit only to realize that it was the metal part of a lighter. Was someone else here that night? Did they see what happened too? Where was this person and why didn't they come forward twelve years ago? Was this person responsible for the death of my family?
Suddenly remembering the plastic sandwich bags, I grabbed one from the back pocket of my jeans. Placing what was left of the lighter into the bag, I made sure there was no air in the bag and then stuffed the bag back into my back pocket.
You, get back to the pack house, now! It's almost lunch time and there's no lunch prepared. Luna's voice echoed in my mind. They only really communicated with me via the pack link when they wanted something badly or in a hurry. This was one of those times.
Yes, Luna. My words echoes back to her. I hurried back to the pack house as fast as my weak legs could run. When I got there, the Luna was waiting in the kitchen for me. She was tapping her foot, she really wasn't a patient woman. Like always, I cast my head down to the floor.
"The guest alpha has requested lunch, he'd like to have it in the dining ha. Then get out of here." Luna said. I nodded.
"Yes Luna." I said.
I set to work making lunch for the entire pack and the guest alpha. I made sure to make extra for the warriors. I ended up making four different pasta dishes: chicken broccoli pasta with bacon, spicy creamy sausage and pasta shells, spicy chicken pasta with peas and back, and finally broccoli back ranch pasta salad. To go with the four pasta dishes, I also made a refreshing salad, garlic bread, and a few other different sides to go with lunch.
After I was finished making lunch, I set the table in the dining room with plates, forks, knives, cups, drinks and the food. Once everything was done, I ran out of the pack house before I was seen. Only I ran into someone on my way out.
Oh no. I'm gonna be in deep trouble. I thought. Closing my eyes, I cringed away from the person I ran into as I waited for some sort of slap, hard shove or a punch in the face to happen, but nothing came. When I didn't receive some sort of punishment, I opened my eyes and risked looking up at the person I ran into.
I didn't recognize this person, this man, as being part of Red Bone, so I assumed that he was the visiting alpha and looked down again. Why wasn't I getting into trouble? Why wasn't he punishing me for running into him?
"Don't do that." He said.
He reached his hand out to me, bringing my face up so that I was looking at him. His touch made sparks and tingles dance across my skin and I had no idea why. This never happened when the Alpha touches me, but then again, he mostly just hits and abuses me, like the rest of the pack. So why was his touch so different?
I gulped down saliva and removed my face from his hand, looking down again. "Sorry." I mumbled.
"It's okay. What's your name?" He asked.
Why did he want to know my name? I found it odd that he was actually talking to me but considering he's an alpha, and he's powerful, I gave him my name.
"E-Ellie." I whispered.
"Ellie." He said.
My name coming from his mouth made shivers run down my spine and made my wolf come alive. Why was she suddenly starting to wake up and become alert to this man, this stranger?
"I'm Jon, and I've waited to find you for so long." He said.
He's hot. My wolf's words echoed in my head. I pushed her to the back of my mind. Why would she say that? Then his words sunk in. Why was he looking for me?
"W-Why?" I asked. My words were mumbled and came out as a stutter. I tended to do that when I was face with people who weren't a part of the Red Bone Pack.
I looked up briefly, only to see his smile falter and for his eyes to change colour. A part of me was sad that he was said. This confused me. Why was I feeling this way towards someone who's higher up in the chain of ranks?
"You don't know do you?" He asked. I shook my head.
Was I supposed to know about whatever is was that he was referring to?
"Sorry." I mumbled when nothing was said for a minute or two.
"It's okay. You haven't been through your eighteenth full moon have you?" He asked.
"No." I said. "My birthday is tomorrow." I added.
I don't know why, but I felt like I needed to share with him some personal information about myself. Even if it was only the day and moth that I was born.
A commotion from inside me both Jon and I look towards the pack house. It was then that I knew that I was keeping him from lunch and from the other higher ranked wolves inside.
"Um, lunch is on the table. You have selection of four different pasta dishes, salad, garlic bread and some other assorted side dishes to choose from. It was nice meeting you, Jon." I mumbled in a whisper so that no one could hears me before I dashed off back to where my childhood house once stood.
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