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Maybe it's Destiny

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Workaholic, goal driven and control freak Destiny has her whole life planned out but when her plans get derailed she acts spontaneously for the first time and ends up stuck in the middle of no where. The life and world she once new vs a new life and a new world she never thought existed.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


Please note this is Book 3 of the series and if you are reading this, please read



first, before continuing.

Hope you love the story!

Chapter 1

Woken by the all-familiar personized ringtone of her cell phone, whilst vibrating on her bedside table. The love-song tone alerting her that it’s her fiancé Andrew calling her.

She reaches for her phone, tumbling around,
still too sleepy to lift her head or open her eyes, causing her to accidentally knock the phone off the bedside table onto the carpet.

“Uhg” she moans as she tries feeling around for the phone on the floor but by the time she finds it, the phone had stopped ringing and soon chimes, notifying her of a message.

Pressing a few buttons to open her mailbox she hears her fiancé’s perky voice. Unlike her, he is a morning person, something she could never be and she finds his morning perkiness somewhat annoying.

“Morning babes, I assume you’re still sleeping. Just wanted to say bye before my plane boards. Once I get to Seattle, I’ll be in back-to-back meetings so my phone will be on silent all day. I’ll phone you tonight around eight once I’m booked into the hotel and settled in. Love you...okay got to go”

She drops the phone beside her, on her pillow and fight with her duvet trying to get out of bed realizing she urgently needs to use the bathroom.

Finally free from her bedding she rushes forward only to get her foot hooked on one of the leggings of her oversized lavender and turquoise flower printed Pajama pants, causing her to stumble forward, through her en-suite bathroom door, trying her utmost not to fall flat on her face.

After her much needed relief she stares at herself in the bathroom mirror, frowning when she sees what a mess she looks.

“Gawd look at you, good thing Andrew’s not here to see your sorry state” she thinks to herself, trying to tame her wild, frizzled bed hair.

It’s Saturday and she has a much needed off weekend for once, she was planning on staying in bed late, an opportunity she hasn’t had in months, but Andrew’s call ruined that plan. She would never be able to go back to sleep now and decided it was a good time to do something else she has not yet had time for...birthday shopping for Andrew.

His birthday was the coming Monday and she still didn’t get him a gift. Her official excuse was she didn’t have time, which wasn’t too much of a lie, but the real reason was that she had no idea what to get him. What do you buy someone who has everything he wants?

Andrew is a very successful businessman and entrepreneur, and up until they’re engagement a year ago, voted most eligible bachelor. He was born into wealth and made his own success straight out of university. You would think someone who could buy anything he wanted would be a show-off and a flashy chauvinist, but Andrew was a minimalist.

This was one of the characteristics that she loved about him. He was not as much of a spoilt brat compared to the other men in similar situations. Instead of having numerous flashy sports cars he had only one functional Mercedes. Instead of various houses all over the globe he lived in one fairly ordinary penthouse, and when he had to travel, he booked into hotels to get the feeling of how “normal people” live. Instead of surrounding himself with a lot of expensive things to show off his wealth, he preferred an open clean look with next to nothing in a room, but the few things he did put in a room was of the best quality and well thought over...except for his art collection. He had a secret love for art although most of the pieces in his art collection, one could be forgiven for not seeing it as art.

Buying him a gift was an impossible task. Everything he wanted, he already had and what he didn’t have, he didn’t want.

You would think a girl would jump at the idea of going shopping but Destiny hated the chaos of shopping malls.
People scurrying about aimlessly, selfishly, they would stampede over you to get to a sale just because they wanted to be the winner not because they actually needed the item on sale.

Destiny was a focused person, since childhood. It caused her to be somewhat of a loner, the other kids didn’t want to be friends with her because she was “no fun”. She wasn’t spontaneous, and never played with other kids or toys, never went out, never interested in boys, she just wanted to be alone, studying.

She believed in a set routine and she kept to it. She set goals and made sure to achieve them, a decision she made at a very young age. She just turned eight when her mother died of cancer. It was a long hard battle, her mother was sick for so long that she couldn’t even recall her childhood before spending almost every day at doctors and hospitals, but what made it harder was her parents spent all their savings on doctors and medical bills and still it wasn’t enough.

In the end they were left broke and yet her mother still died. Her father had to foreclose on their house and they ended up living in his old station wagon for almost a year. She was bitter about having lost everything in an attempt to save her mother only to lose her too. What made it worse was knowing they weren’t even her biological parents.

They adopted her as a baby because they couldn’t have children of their own. They never kept it a secret from her, and she never much cared about who her biological parents were, they gave her away so why care about them. She just figured it was for the same reason as 90 percent of cases. An unplanned pregnancy by a teenage mom who was unable to care for a child.

It was the hardest childhood followed by the most humiliating time of her life, being teased for living in a car, no clean hair or clothes, that’s when she decided to work as hard as possible, never to find herself in a slump or broke. She didn’t have it easy, she wasn’t born super intelligent, in fact she considered herself to be of average intelligence, that just meant she had to work twice as hard to achieve her goals of being one of the top students.

While the other kids hung out, having fun or trying their best to climb the social ladder, she was working hard studying. A real book-worm. Teased throughout school, never fitting in... But it paid off when she graduated top of her class and got a scholarship to study at one of the best universities, a university her single and struggling father could never afford to have her attend otherwise.

Even though he was proud of her, they had grown apart since her mom died. He had to work long hours, sometimes double shifts, just to make sure he could make payments on the rental home and put food on the table. While she was always studying other than upkeeping their home. She often felt that she meant nothing to him other than his cook and cleaner.

Her father knew if she went off to university he would have to cook and clean himself, but reality was that than he would be lonelier. Even if they lived passed each other, she was all he had left, and even if he couldn’t find the words, he loved her very much. He couldn’t look at her because she reminded him so much of his wife, not in looks because she wasn’t their biological daughter, but in mannerism and a reminder on how things were. How much they went through to have a family and how happy family they were when they finally got to adopt. He felt guilty for the childhood she had because he couldn’t provide, he felt like a failure and when he looked in her eyes, he believed she saw him as such too.

After she graduated, she started working, and working hard. A new start meant new goals. It wasn’t too long before she worked her way up and could purchase her first car and a few years later her own apartment. Constantly working, she never noticed her father’s health deteriorate, even though she contributed money to ensure he didn’t have to work double shifts anymore, and had an easier, more comfortable life, she didn’t contribute much in the sense of time and when he passed away, when she was 25, from a heart attack, she had a tough time dealing with the guilt of not being there for him. She dealt with it the only way she knew how, by throwing herself deeper into her work.

At the age of 27, she got promoted to executive editor for a well-known magazine publishing house where she had worked since she was 20. She started as an intern and worked hard, now she was second in command. She didn’t have any friends here either but the chief editor, her boss, Marty, had a fondness for her.

She was like the daughter he never had or maybe it was because she reminded him so much of himself. He had nothing but his work and so that’s all he ever focused on. It occupied his mind, making him forget about his lonely life. They had much in common in this regard. But he didn’t want her to waste her life on work only, like he did, so he insisted she cover a story on behalf of the sick reporter. It was after all a big story; one they couldn’t miss out on.

After much protest Destiny gave in and found herself covering the 35th birthday bash of the city’s most eligible bachelor. Mr. Andrew Callaway.

The 28-year-old plain Jane found herself way out of her comfort zone amongst the rich and famous and their overwhelming “chasing the rich and famous” entourage.

Destiny believed Andrew to be the rich boy stereotype and made her mind up that she would hate him even before she met him, not that his type would even give her a second glance.

Little did she know Andrew immediately noticed her, he found her natural beauty captivating, and her down to earth personality refreshing. He had always been surrounded by people trying to impress him and suck-up to him. The woman competing for his attention were all fake. Fake hair, fake nails, fake eye lashes, most have had plastic surgery at some point. He even believed their personalities were fake, pretending to be what they were not in hopes they would outshine the rest. All he desired was someone real, someone who wasn’t pretentious.

He tried to get her attention but she didn’t give him any. The days that followed he tried impressing her with flowers and gifts, but she wasn’t amused. He must have tried courting her for months before she finally gave in to a dinner date, and she only said yes with the hope that he would find her boring and dull and then leave her alone. But it didn’t turn out that way. One date turned to two and before she knew it, they were dating exclusively. A year later they got engaged.

A rather cute love story, although Destiny didn’t like the attention of their relationship, she now found herself displayed on the pages of the magazines she was editing, being recognized on the streets. For a loner that hated to be around people this was a nightmare, but she tried her best to deal with it because she loved Andrew.

Slowly but surely, she started coming out of her shell and now the hardest thing for her to do was things like...finding Andrew a birthday present.

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