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Hunting Aurora

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In Queen of Darkness the story was told from Aurora's Point of view, where as this one is not. The story will be much shorter as it's just an add on to the original but I wanted to keep it separate. Robert has been trying for years to Enslave Aurora and force her to be submissive, after her last stunt he was nearly killed... Now it's time to change the game.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


Please note this is Book 2 of the series and if you are reading this, please read


first, before continuing. The last book is


Hope you love the story!

Chapter 1

Yet another council meeting. These meetings have become such a bore, a complete waste of my time. My thoughts must be so transparent, by the look on my face, but I don’t care. I don’t want to be here. I haven’t been excited about my work for a very long time.

The Hunters use to be an elite group, a feared force of ruthless killers, trained to end any unnatural danger to human kind. And with unnatural I’m referring to Vampires and Werewolves.

Being a Hunter use to be an honour, not just anyone could become a hunter. It took a special dedicated and devoted warrior. Not just any Tom, Dick and Harry could become a Hunter, it’s in your blood, you’re born to be a hunter, literary. To be one of the Hunter leaders, that’s even more of an Honour.

Currently we are but seven Leaders, most following in a parent or other relatives footsteps. The reason why we are the selected leaders, what sets us apart from the rest of the hunters... We have an unique ability, we’re immune to a Vampires seduction, immune to a werewolf bite, But unfortunately not immune to a Vampires bite or being turned by vampires, that’s why we are known for our kill first, ask questions later methods, not wanting to ever get placed in that situation. To a hunter, that would be worse than a death sentence, because we’re immune to seduction, if a vampire feeds on us, we also don’t completely become Vamparic, we still have some self-control left and we all took an oath that if we ever get bitten or turned by a vampire, we would rather kill our self than live like that.

We use to hunt these creatures and kill them on the spot, but then things started to change, times changed... We never took orders from anyone but then it became a legal matter, an authority matter, and we fell under new laws which meant we got orders and had to keep to certain rules. Soon enough the ones giving the orders got corrupted and we could not kill just any vampire or werewolf anymore. Only hunting the one’s that we were ordered to kill. Hunters use to be a special force, protecting humans from the monsters they didn’t know threaten their lives, not anymore. Now we were a business.

Eventually things got so out of hand that the mere fact we are called hunters has become a lie, we are assassin’s, contract killers, we only kill for money these days even if we hate it, even if we want to slaughter the whole lot of them. The fact is, it’s they that employ us and pay our bills, to take out others of their own kind, in the end we still get to kill these things, it’s just now we can’t do so as we please. But the Vampire and Werewolf councils aren’t the only ones giving us contracts, we often get contracts from a certain human council, that hides behind the name of a church, they like to play Vampires and Werewolves off against one another, mostly vampires against other vampires. It all become a power play, and Hunters were no longer the worriers, they were just soldiers to the highest bidder.

The one thing we kept too in the hunter’s code was never to use our true names, we need to stay untraceable. So each leader would be given his code name and his team will fall under that name.

With every generation the code names changed. Before us the team leaders had animal names like Raven and Panther. Our generation got stuck with colours, I don’t know what idiot came up with that idea, I’m just thankful I’m not Mr. Pink.

There’s Mr Brown leader of Team Brown.
Mr. Whiteley leader of team white
Ms. Plum leader of team plum or maroon or purple or whatever colour that is.
Mr. Green leader of team green
Mr. Grey leader of the most bland team grey
Ms. Blue pronounced Blauw leader of team blue
And me Mr. Black. Who has no team because I prefer to work alone, or as the saying goes, I don’t play well with others.

We don’t dress up as per our colours, it’s just a name. Well maybe the others, I do prefer wearing black. Not only is it my favourite colour to wear but it helps to stay inconspicuous when tracking your mark.

I may be the youngest of the Hunter leaders, but I’m also the most successful, the most ruthless, the most cunning... And the most full of shit, or so I’ve been told. I’m just focussed, and when I have a target, I won’t stop at nothing, anyone that knows me knows to stay out of my way, even the hunters.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m the only one that is still focussed, the hunters have become slack and corrupt, the vampires have become weak and easy to take out and because of that, there’s no thrill anymore, and the wolves...I don’t know if there are even any left, if there are, they went into hiding.

I’m just about to stand up to walk out when a young vampire comes bursting into the room with his hands held above his head, palms facing out, immediately dropping to his knees shouting “Please don’t kill me!” in the most pathetic whimpering voice imaginable. Like I said, vampires have become weak.

Most of the hunter just look at him, showing no emotion or change in their demeanour. Only here and there a hunter reached for their weapon at the sudden outburst but none drew their weapons.

The vampire looks like he is only 15 but a vampires age can be deceiving, he is scared out of his mind though. He still has his eyes squeezed tightly shut and he’s visibility quivering.

Mr. Brown: “What the fuck is the meaning of this, what are you doing here!?”

The vampire is clearly freaked out “I umm have a note, I mean an invitation...for Mr. Black.”

Everyone looks at me like I am supposed to know what he’s babbling about.

Me: “Well, are you going to snivel down there the whole day or are you going to give it to me?!“, I shout at him.

He jumps up and pull the envelope from his pocket, Mr. Grey is quick to grab it from him. The Vampire wanted to protest but then cleverly decided it would be saver not to.

Me: “Now Leave!”

He looks at me in surprise “Really?” obviously under the impression that we would kill him. A few years back he wouldn’t even have made it through the door, but now we aren’t allowed to kill these damn things, and he is of no concern to any of us. Obviously he doesn’t know it.

I give him a look showing my annoyance, one that tells him if he doesn’t leave I may just kill him after all.

In between him stuttering and almost falling over his own feet, he turns and makes a run for it, which causes some of the hunters to start giggling at his fear and awkwardness, but it soon dies down as Mr. Grey has opened the invitation and everyone is inquisitive as to the content.

Mr. Grey clears his throat than proceeds :

“Dear Mr. Black,

You are invited to meet with Council member Robert DuBoix,

Tonight in Park Central, at 22:00

To discuss a possible contract”

Everyone looks at me with mixed emotions, non-wanting to say the obvious.

We all know the Vampire Council Member Robert DuBoix, he is probably one of the most feared and most hated vampires. I’ve been wishing to get a contract on him, but he is so feared, and because he is a vampire council member... Vampires are too scared to take out a contract on him.

More importantly Robert is dangerous and this is a dangerous situation to get involved in, dangerous even for me.

All eyes on me as to how I am going to deal with the situation.

Me: “Well, guess I have a date tonight. Hope he atleast buys me dinner” My smerky remark causes everyone to burst out laughing.

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