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Princess Elizabeth Mari of Galderia grew up in a post-apocalyptic world where the only history that wasn’t erased was the War that was supposed to end everything. Now what remained of humanity was forced to start over while the Demons that survived the War were still chained up outside of the city walls. Ellie always found the Demons captivating, but once she took one as a slave, everything she thought she knew was put into question, as was her Kingdom’s fate.

Fantasy / Romance
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Authors Note

Hello! Just a few quick things to say before the book begins. This book is 18+, meaning that there are themes of war, violence, detailed sex, abuse, slavery, religious themes, executions, and assault. Please DO NOT keep reading if any of this bothers you, as I will not put any warnings during the book. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

This book is not even closed to finished, so I do not have an upload schedule, but I will likely upload chapters as I finish them. This is entirely edited by me, so ~please please don’t be afraid to tell me if there are any grammatical errors or weird phrasing of any kind so I can go in and fix it~. It is hard to catch issues in your own work sometimes. Feedback/ideas are always appreciated because as I said, this book is not even close to done and I want to make sure I’m taking it in the right direction.

I may add/subtract from this note as time goes on.*

Thanks for checking out my work and have a fantastic day :))

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