Dear Nova

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Nova has no intentions on following the rules, her rebellious nature almost always getting her in trouble. When her soulmate was supposedly killed, Nova feels an extreme guilt cloud her future. However, there is no rest for her. As princess of Heaven, Nova must complete her duty and marry the Crown Prince of Hell for the sake of peace. Yet, Prince Draven seems quite familiar. As Nova and Draven learn to accept their own fate, a feeling of love slowly arises between the two. But, no love story could go well without heartbreaks and anguish.

Fantasy / Romance
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My Letter to You

Present Time...
Dear Nova,

"If I could turn back time, I would've treated you better. I would've loved you more. I would've done anything for you. But now that you've left, I feel like I've lost my purpose. I wonder where you have gone. If only I knew, I would cross the 7 realms to hold you in my arms again. I would throw away everything if you asked this time and just keep you by my side. I miss you so much Nova; you mean the world to me. I wouldn't have changed anything about how we met, that was the first day I truly felt happiness in a long time. Those mirrors that separated us still stand there. Give me a sign Nova, anything, and I would come flying. I love you. Please come home.
He closed his eyes in exhaustion. Draven waxed the envelope shut and placed it in a pile alongside the other letters. He slowly got up and walked to the empty part of his room, put his hands in a waltz position and began to waltz around the empty room. "She's still here, I know it." He turned and danced around the room, almost like he was desperate. Draven turned and swung, following the steps that were drilled into his body. He felt the pang of sadness in his chest. "She should've been here, doing this waltz with me like she did before." He closed his eyes and saw her smile, felt her presence, and could almost see her body dancing alongside his. Draven came to a stop, slowing letting his arms relax by his side. He listened at the quiet wind, drifting around. Draven listened, watching the curtains beside his balcony drift in the light breeze. He walked over to the balcony door and swung it open. "If only I could go back to the day we first met, the day where I felt firsthand what it felt like to meet my soulmate." Draven closed his eyes and gave a sad smile to the moon. "Nova, I know you're out there somewhere. I'll find you and this time, I won't make any mistakes." He closed his eyes and fell back into the memory that he longed to relive. But, even time doesn't sit and wait to hold a grieving soul.
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