Dear Nova

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Goodbye Aiden

Nova stuffed the final pieces of clothing into her bag and prepared to leave. She walked out onto her balcony and stared up into the sky. A cold breeze lightly danced through her dark hair. "Goodbye Heaven. Soon, I'll be free." As the bell in the centre of the courtyard struck, Nova knew it was time for her departure. She snuck past the first guard only to bump into Gerta. "Your Highness, what are you doing up?", she asked. "Is it because of your awakening?" Nova shook her head. "Gerta, please", Nova begged. "Don't tell anyone I'm up." Gerta smiled sadly. "Princess, you know you've been put under 'must watch tightly' right?" Nova's eyes widened. "Is this Father's doing?" The servant shook her head, her auburn hair flowing down. "No, the officials all requested for it." Nova gritted her teeth and chewed the inner part of her cheek. "I'm sorry Gerta", Nova said before summoning her spiritual aura, allowing the phoenix to lightly touch Gerta. The servant immediately felt a drowsiness cloud her mind and vision before sliding onto the floor with a light thud. Nova took off her cloak and wrapped it around Gerta. "I'm sorry, I can't stay here anymore."

Without anymore interruptions, Nova made it to the Portals. She made her way to the Nature Realm Portal when five guards popped up behind her and ordered her to stop. "Under His Majesty's decree, Princess Nova isn't allowed to leave her bed chambers", bellowed one of the guards. "Please Princess, don't make things harder for yourself." Nova rolled her eyes. "Oh my, I don't plan to submit to anyone today." With that, Nova summoned her spiritual aura, the Phoenix Ghost. She watched with a spark of pride as the guards cowered slightly. "I really don't want to harm you Princess", said Sir Caleb as he joined the soldiers, summoning his aura. The butterfly flew around his body gently. "Once again, I don't intend to go anywhere", Nova said, her eyes glowing a brilliant violet. As her sword popped up in her hand, Nova prepared to fight. "I'm sorry Aiden, I'll be here soon."

Draven sprinted down the hallway towards the Portal Room. As he reached for the doorknob, the double doors swung open. "Oh shit." Draven's heart pounced with panic, but he did his best not to show anything in his aura. "Going somewhere?", the Empress asked. "Yes, to visit a friend", Draven answered. The Empress' siren sat elegantly at her feet. "Are you sure about that?" Draven almost widened his eyes, but managed to keep his eyes from giving any information away. "I'm sure, I was going to visit a friend from the Nature Realm at White Blossom Lane", he answered. The Empress gave him a glance, the one that told him she knew everything. "White Blossom Lane", she repeated. "What a romantic place to meet up with a 'friend'." Draven's breath quickened. "How did you know?" The Empress smiled. "How did I know that you were meeting up with an angel in the Mirror Room?" This time, Draven couldn't keep his eyes from widening.

"I know everything that happens in this castle Draven", the Empress continued. "Sad that you don't know how many people I have under my fingers." Draven took a deep breath and looked straight into his Mother's eyes. "Mother, I have no intentions of staying in Hell. I simply just want to live the life I want", he said. The Empress laughed out loud, "I will not let the most useful of my sons leave to live a life outside of Hell." Draven couldn't believe his ears. Had the past him heard this, he would've been so ecstatic. But now, he just wanted to spend the rest of his life with Evelyn. Draven couldn't even finish his trains of thought as the Empress lifted him up into the air. The Silver Siren slithered up to Draven's face, lifted her hand, and scratched him across the face. As the Empress dropped him the ground, Draven put his hand up to his face only to see blood colour his hand red. "Let this serve as a warning", she said. The Empress prepared to leave the room. "Oh, and they've already caught that angel you were trying to run away with." Draven looked up despite the pain. "No", he whispered. "As of today, you will be crowned Crown Prince of Hell", the Empress bellowed, using her blood to sign a decree. "From now on, you will have duties you must fulfill, including the marriage between you and the Royal Princess of Heaven."
"Mother please, don't do this", Draven begged, gripping at his mother's dress. The Empress kicked him away. "Don't stain my clothes", she said. "This is your punishment for disobeying me." The Empress knelt at Draven's eye level. "I just saved you from being killed by sending one of the death row prisoners with an aura similar to yours", she said quietly. "Heaven has requested that we send you in, yet I didn't do so as I'm such an amazing mother." Draven really wanted to cry, even knowing he couldn't. "I'm so sorry Evelyn. I've failed you. Your soul will be destroyed with no hopes of resurrection." The Empress looked at her son's weakened state one more time before examining his deep cut. "Go fix up your wound", she ordered. Suddenly, her eyes flickered over towards Draven's earring. "So this was how you communicated with her", she said, lightly tapping the earring. "What a sad excuse of a love story. I'll let you keep the earring as a souvenir and to remind you that you're the reason why she was killed." Without another sound, the Empress swept out of the Portal Room. Draven tugged at his hair in anguish. "What have I done?" Draven felt tears slowly stream down his face, stinging his wound. But nothing could compare to the extreme pain he felt stabbing at his chest and heart.
"No, it can't be." Draven couldn't believe what his mother said without witnessing it first hand. His hand, as if it had a mind of its own, reached up to the silver earring and took it off his ear. "EVELYN!" Draven yelled, pushing his energy into the small piece of jewelry. All he got back was a scream of pure agony. Draven dropped the silver earring onto the floor, the wound leaking red onto the small accessory. "No no no." He stared at the earring, thinking about all the conversations they had, speaking of the future. Everything had seemed to be going well. Now, all Draven could do was sit there and daydream about the futures that had been blinked out that night. All because he wasn't careful enough. "This is all my fault", Draven thought, as his exhaustion got the better of him, knocking him out, with the feeling of more blood gushing down his face.
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