Dear Nova

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Nova glared up at her father, her eyes showing great anger and pain. "Your Majesty, I'm afraid we can't let this matter drag on any longer", Sir Caleb said, slightly glancing at Nova's kneeling figure. "The princess has been interacting with a demon. If I recall correctly, she is betrothed to the future Crown Prince of Hell." The Emperor nodded and looked to his son. "Asher, what do you suggest we do?" Asher looked at his sister with a pitiful look. "I believe we should simply just keep the Princess locked away until her marriage", he suggested. Never once in her life, had Nova felt so much anger and frustration. "I do not believe that would be enough", Sir Caleb interjected. "The Princess' spiritual aura is the Phoenix Ghost, a demonic creature known for seduction and trickery. Simply locking her away will do no good." Nova tightened her fists. "Say anymore and I swear on my soul I will beat the shit out of you", she gritted out, preparing to stand up. Asher sent a gust of wind her way, preventing her from standing up. Sir Caleb turns to the princess, kneels at her eye level, and smirks. "I suggest we kill the demon that our dear princess fell in love with", he said, staring directly into Nova's eyes. "NO" Nova yelled, preparing to hit the official, only to have guards restrain her from any movement.

"Frankly, I believe that is a good idea", the Emperor said. The other officials in the room nodded in agreement. "Which is why I already have the demon is my grasp." Nova stared in horror as a demon was dragged into the room, blindfolded. He was placed directly at the Emperor's feet. "NO, Father please", Nova begged, pushing her knees to move. "They're gonna break his soul into a million pieces", she thought as, for the first time in a while, she lowered her head to the ground. "I'll do anything. Please just let him go." The Emperor clicked his tongue. "I'm afraid I can't do that Nova", he said. "You had many chances to leave him but yet you still disobeyed orders." Nova looked up with tears in her eyes. "Please, I'll marry whoever you ask, just please spare his soul." The Emperor placed his sword at the demon's neck and sliced his throat. "NO!" Nova screamed, breaking free from the guards' grip and ran forward. "Nova, please stop", Asher urged, holding his sister back. The blue orb drifted up from the demon's severed body. "Let this be a reminder of what happens to those who disobey orders", the Emperor said, placing the glowing orb in his hand. "Father, please, drop it into the Mortal Realm. I promise I'll follow orders", Nova begged, dropping onto all fours. The Emperor paid no mind as, with a huge burst of golden energy, the blue orb exploded into a million pieces. Nova felt her chest boil up in agony as she fell onto the ground. She watched as the remaining pieces of Aiden's soul dropped onto the floor, turned into the dust, and slowly drifted away along with the moments of happiness and love they had shared.

"No..He's gone. I killed him. This is all my fault." The demon's dead body slowly flaked into wisps of black smoke. Before she knew it, Nova's body tensed up into a ball as she let out cries and screams of pure pain and sadness. "I fucking hate you", she grunted out through the spinning in her head. The Emperor simply looked at his daughter with a face that showed no emotion, even if those words hurt him, he didn't show it. "As for your punishment", he said, walking down the stairs that led up to the throne. "You will be confined in a small hut on the edges of Heaven until the day you meet your betrothed. As an extra penalty for your disrespect, you will drink this elixir." Asher pulled out a small vile filled with silver liquid. "You will feel emotions but, you will have no way of physically expressing them unless you express your emotions through words." Asher poured the liquid into the small cup and handed it to his sister. "Drink it Nova", he whispered. "Don't make things worse for yourself." Nova glared at him, "Nothing could be worse than this."

Nova grabbed the cup out of Asher's hand and drank the silver liquid. The burning feeling travelled down her throat and into her stomach. Nova felt as her tears stopped forming in her eyes and as her lips lifted itself into a straight line. Yet, she could still feel extreme pain that was in her chest. Much like a sword had been driven right into her heart. "Very well, you are all dismissed. Gerta, please bring the princess to her new home", the Emperor ordered. Nova placed her palms over her eyes and wished she could cry. But, no matter how much she tried, no tears flowed down her face. "Princess, let's go", Gerta said, lightly tugging on her arm. Nova shrugged off her grip and walked out the door without a farewell bow to her brother. "I'm sorry Aiden. If only I had been a bit more careful and more tactical, you wouldn't have suffered this fate." As Nova made it to the edge of Heaven, a small hut loomed over her. She walked in and sat down on her new bed. "Is there anything I can get for you Princess?" Gerta asked gently, touching Nova's shoulder. Nova swatted her hand away and shook her head. "There is nothing I need", she answered before ushering Gerta out and closing her bedroom door.

4 000 years later...

Draven lightly fixed up his suit. "I swear to Satan, if Lazarus nags me about this one more time, I'm gonna freeze his mouth shut." Just as he was thinking about him, Lazarus walked into the room to examine Draven's suit. "You finally managed to make yourself look presentable", he said, circling Draven like a vulture. "Are you ready to meet your betrothed?" Draven looked into the mirror, lightly glancing at the silver earring on his ear. "Sure, I guess", he answered. Lezabel waltzed right into the room as well. "Well, dear Crown Prince, the Empress is waiting for you at the main gates", she said, bowing. "You do realize that knocking is a thing right?" Lazarus asked, turning to Lezabel. The girl simply rolled her eyes and faced the prince. "The Empress doesn't like to be kept waiting." Lazarus opened his mouth, ready to retort, when Draven turned and left the room. Lazarus gave Lezabel one final glare and left the room.
As Draven got on the carriage, the Empress greeted him. "How are you Draven?" she asked. "I am well Mother, thank you for asking", Draven answered. "You look rather beautiful today." The Empress let out a laugh and looked out the window. "Save that for your future wife." Draven turned to look at the blurred scenery, feeling a pang of sharpness jab at this heart. "If only it were you I was going to meet today Evelyn." Draven closed his eyes and imagined a small world where he was happily married to Evelyn. "Too bad these dreams will continue to remain a fantasy."
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