Dear Nova

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Dear My Betrothed

"Princess, you must get ready", Gerta said from the porch of the hut. Nova balanced her weight on the training dummy, twisted her body in mid-air, and kicked it in the stomach. "Today is the day I meet my betrothed." Nova wiped her sweat from her forehead, panting slightly. Ever since she had been placed under house arrest, Nova did nothing but train. It got to the point where she completely disregarded her health. "I wonder if my betrothed knew who Aiden was." Nova stood still as Gerta adjusted her silver dress. "You look, lovely Princess," Gerta said, even though she knew the Princess wouldn't answer. Nova looked in the mirror, brought a hand up to her face, and lightly touched her cheek. "What do you think he'll think when he sees that I can portray no emotion at all?" Nova asked, staring into her empty face in the mirror. Gerta looked in the mirror. "I'm sure he'll understand", she replied. Nova nodded and walked outside to see a golden carriage at the front of her little hut.

She nodded to the guards in front of her carriage only to feel slightly offended as the angel flinched. Nova wished her face to show how offended she was but knew that she couldn't. As she stared out the carriage window, she just glanced at the clouds and angels flying around. Seeing some of them smile made her wish for her emotions back even more. Finally, the golden carriage arrived at the castle. "This place hasn't changed at all." Nova glanced around and felt herself smirk inside. She raised her head up and lightly fluffed her wings. "Your Highness, the Empress and Crown Prince of Hell as arrived", the guard at the front door said. Nova nodded and walked into the castle for the time in 4 000 years. Her eyes glanced over-familiar surfaces and hallways. Nova even noticed some new servants whom she had never seen before.

Gerta brought the Princess to the throne room and lightly glanced over her one last time. "Good luck Princess", she said, giving a nod of approval. Nova nodded again and walked into the throne room. She immediately sensed the new auras, all extremely harsh and slightly negative. Nova glanced in that direction only to met with the sight of the Crown Prince, whose eyes were the exact shape as Aiden's. Nova felt her heart pound in her chest; that uncomfortable feeling of pain rising to her throat and simply just resting there. "Ah Nova, you have arrived", the Emperor said. "Go on, greet the newcomers." If she could roll her eyes, Nova most definitely would've. She turned the Empress of Hell and curtsied. "Welcome to Heaven Your Majesty", she said. "I hope your stay has been wonderful so far." The Empress chuckled, "Oh I quite like her. Don't be rude Draven." "Oh, so his name is Draven", Nova thought. The demon with the ice blue eyes smiled lightly and said, "Good afternoon Princess." Nova nodded and turned to her seat. As she sat down, she felt a stinging stench of jealousy erupting from the demon woman beside Draven.

"What is her problem?" Nova took a sip of tea and turned to her father, who was preparing a speech. "Good day to Heaven and well-appreciated guests", the Emperor started. "Today marks the day of the first of many steps we must take to maintain the peace we have worked so hard for. In about a year, my daughter, Princess Nova, will be marrying the Crown Prince of Hell, Prince Draven." Nova felt that uncomfortable feeling well up in her chest again but her face gave nothing away. She looked over at Draven only to see that he was very interested in his tea. "Are there any questions from the future couple?" the Emperor asked. "Yes, can I stay a lonely potato?" Nova shook her head as Draven answered, "No, Your Majesty." The Emperor laughed, "No need to be so formal my boy, you will soon be part of the family." Draven chuckled and went back to stirring his tea.

"This is so awkward, what the hell?" Nova glanced at the Crown Prince and stood up. "Would you like a tour of the castle Your Highness?" she asked. Draven bounced up like a child on a trampoline. "That would be very nice Princess", he answered. "Very well, Nova please don't tear him to pieces", Asher said, laughing. The throne room burst into laughter but immediately stopped at the glint in Nova's eyes. "Of course, older brother", she said. Just as Nova was about to leave, the demon woman who was sitting next to Draven shot up from her seat. "I'll go with them", she said. Nova turned to the demon. "I don't think that'll be necessary", she explained. "Why must the Crown Prince have someone babysitting him like a child?"

The woman glared and walked up to Nova. "Angels and demons haven't gotten along in centuries, how do you plan to explain if the Crown Prince was to get hurt?" Nova wished she could laugh. "Lezabel, I'll be fine, there will be no need for a bodyguard", Draven said, patting the fuming demon on the shoulder. "But Draven, what happens if she does hurt you?" she asked. Nova glanced at the demon named Lezabel. "Are you done asking useless questions?" Lezabel walked and stopped right in front of Nova, the two women at about the same height. "Do you know who I am?" Lezabel whispered. Nova glanced right into Lezabel's green eyes. "A bitch who is in love with Draven and thinks she is better than everyone." "A demon who is trying to use her father's status to show off to everyone", Nova said, turning towards the door. "News flash dear Lezabel, your father might be an official in Hell, but you are in Heaven. I suggest you humble yourself a bit." Lezabel opened her mouth furiously, ready to retort, but the Empress cut in, "Stop embarrassing yourself Lezabel. This is not how you act." Lezabel bowed her head. "Apologize Lez", Draven whispered.

Nova lightly turned her head to the snake demon. "I don't need an apology," she said. "Simply learning from her mistake is an apology in itself." Nova then looked at Draven. "I said I'd take you on a tour no?" Draven smiled and nodded, "Lead the way, Princess." As Nova and Draven walked out, Asher let out a laugh that he had been holding in for the past 20 minutes. "You've changed sis", he bellowed before going back to munching on his pastries.

"Thank you back there", Draven said, walking backward to face Nova. The Princess nodded and continued to walk down the hallway. "It was very awkward in there so I decided I need some air", she replied. Draven shook his head. "No, thank you for getting Lezabel off my case." Nova stopped and glanced at the prince. "How did you meet her?" she asked, slightly curious. "She was a childhood friend, but ever since Mother promoted Lezabel's father to a higher position, her ego has been getting very big", Draven said, looking at the garden. Nova nodded and glanced at Draven's side profile. "Decently good-looking, doesn't talk about himself a lot. He seems like someone I can get along with." Nova quickly turned away when Draven turned to look at her. "Oh by the way, what was so interesting about that tea of yours?" Nova asked. Draven smiled and let out a laugh. "It was...very unique", he answered. Nova looked at him and tilted her head. Draven grinned and lightly ruffled his hair. "Okay you caught me", he said, lifting his hands into the air. "I didn't know what to say." Nova brought a hand up to her mouth, ready to cover her mouth in case a laugh erupted, but remembered the potion she drank and put her hand down. Draven cocked an eyebrow and said, "Since we are getting married, I do have a few questions."

Nova turned to the prince. "Ask away", she said. "Can you show emotions?" he asked. Nova felt her heart beat faster and felt her eyes widen slightly. "No, I cannot", she answered. "If you don't mind me asking, why not?" Draven continued. Nova thought about her answer. "That is something I'll tell you when I get to know you more", she said. "I don't know him too well. I must be careful." Draven nodded and said, "I'm sorry, I must've hit a bad spot." Nova shook her head. "It is alright, this is a noticeable trait I have", she answered. "Come on, we should finish the tour before it gets dark." Draven shrugged and jogged right after the princess. "Once I get to know him better, then maybe I'll tell him about Aiden."
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