Dear Nova

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White Blossom Lane

Draven had spent the last month in the Heaven Realm, spending most of his time hanging out with Nova. To his surprise, even without her emotions, Nova was extremely easy to talk to. Draven felt very comfortable around her. Today was no different. The two were sitting in the palace gardens chatting away. "Speaking of past gossip, do you know what happened to that angel?" Draven asked. "This could be my chance to find out if Evelyn is alive or not." Nova tilted her head and asked, "Which angel?" Draven walked over to the rose bush and lightly touched the red petals. "That one named Evelyn. The one who had an affair with this demon named Aiden", Draven answered. Nova stood up and walked over to the rose bush. "Aiden was killed, I was present at his execution", she replied, forcing herself to relive the painful memory. "Evelyn was banished." Draven's eyes widened. "What do you mean by banished?" he pressed on. Nova turned to him with that weird-looking gleam in her eyes. "Did you know one of them or something?" she asked instead. Draven nodded his head. "I bumped into Aiden once. He used to work up at Hell's castle", he answered.

Nova nodded and said, "Banished in Heaven means having your soul chucked down into the Mortal Realm with no hopes of ever returning to Heaven." Draven bowed his head. "So she is alive." Nova noticed a bit of sadness leak from Draven's aura and wondered, "Why is he so curious about Evelyn?" Draven fixed up his posture, took a rose from the bush, and handed it to the princess. "Do you have a favourite flower?" he asked. Nova brought her hand up to her cheek, lightly poking it. "The Easter Lily or the Purple Hyacinth", she answered. Just as Nova answered, the rose in Draven's hand became a purple hyacinth. Nova's eyes widened, the only thing that gave away her surprise. "How did you do that?" she asked. Draven shrugged. "Demon magic 101, transfiguration", he answered. "I thought it matched your eyes." Nova covered her mouth and tilted her head. "Oh, she is laughing."

Nova lightly took the flower from Draven's hand and handed it to Gerta. "Please place this in a vase back in my room", she said. Gerta bowed and rushed off. Draven grinned and felt his chest light up. "If it helps you understand what emotion I'm feeling, my eyes normally give everything away", Nova said. "The face itself might be able to hide your emotions, but the eyes are the first thing to give everything away." Draven nodded. "I noticed you also have the habit of covering your mouth and tilting your head when you seem like you are laughing", he added. Nova nodded and said, "You seem like the observant type." Before they knew it, the both of them were at the Portals. "It is getting a little late, do you want to retire?" Draven asked the princess. Nova shook her head. "Let's go to White Blossom Lane", she said, suddenly. Draven's eyes widened in shock. "Have you never been there before?" he asked. Nova nodded and walked right through the green portal. Draven followed quickly.

As they entered White Blossom Lane, Nova noticed the blossom trees were littering their petals everywhere. "We were supposed to meet here Aiden." Nova shook her head and walked towards the swing attached to one of the tree's branches. Draven jogged over and asked, "Why did you want to come here?" Nova thought for a moment and answered, "I was curious as to what it would be like coming at night." Draven nodded and walked behind the princess. "Do you want me to push you?" he asked. If she could blush or show how flustered she was, Nova most definitely would've shown it by now. "If you want to", she answered. Draven lightly gave the swing a push and watched as Nova lightly eased the swing to go higher. "What a pretty sight to see", he thought. "This is the same feeling I had with Evelyn. It is as if Evelyn and Nova are the same people."

After about an hour of just exploring and playing in blossom petals, Nova felt exhausted. "Princess, you seem very tired", Draven said, panting after chasing her around. "I could say the same thing about you", Nova retorted. Even though she spoke in a monotone, Draven still laughed. "Okay, I admit it, I'm done for the day", he said, still panting. Only now did he notice that the both of them were lying next to each other, staring at the stars. Nova sat up and looked at Draven. "Let's go back then", she said, seeing how tired the prince was. Still lying down, Draven glanced up at Nova. "Not even lying, she is very beautiful." "Are you sure?" he asked. "Or do you plan to sleep here all night?" she asked. Draven chuckled and sassed back, "Of course, the petals make a nice blanket." Nova covered her mouth and tilted her head. "I wouldn't mind spending time with this guy, he seems very nice."
"Oh my Satan, Draven, that was where you were", said a voice from behind one of the blossom trees. Draven shot up only to met with Lezabel's green eyes. "Ah, hi Lezabel", he said, slightly unhappy. He turned to look at Nova only to see that she was already standing up. "Alright then, thank you for the nice day Your Highness", Nova said, lightly bowing. "I'll retire for the night then." Lezabel looked at Nova with an extremely jealous look as the Princess prepared to leave. Draven shot up from the ground and ran after Nova. "Wait, Nova", he shouted. Nova froze in her steps, surprised that Draven had used her name instead of a formal title. "You have blossom petals in your hair", he said, loud enough for Lezabel to hear. Lezabel could feel smoke escape through her ears. Draven's hand lightly glided through Nova's raven hair. "Can I walk you back?" he whispered while getting the last few petals out of her hair. Nova turned to Draven and shook her head. Draven could see from her eyes that she was happy he asked.
"You have already accompanied me all day", she explained. "Go rest and we can meet up tomorrow if you'd like." Draven looked down. "I thought we have to discuss with the royal tailors about the wedding outfit tomorrow", he said. Nova lightly smacked her forehead. "My goodness, I forgot about that", she said. "They take all day." Draven shook his head and smiled lightly. "We live in the same palace, we can always meet up when the tailors are done", Draven said. Nova nodded. Draven lightly touched Nova's cheek and leaned in. "Your Highness, we need to get back now", Lezabel said, slightly raising her voice. "Go", Nova whispered, her eyes sparkling slightly. Draven nodded and turned to walk over to Lezabel. "Nova's eyes are way too similar to Evelyn's. I have so many questions." Draven turned to wave goodbye to Nova but was slightly disappointed to see that she had already left. "Are you gonna go Drav?" Lezabel said. Draven nodded and headed over to where the portals were. "What is so good about her anyway?" Lezabel thought as she followed Draven through the portal.
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