Dear Nova

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Gentle Flicker

Nova’s eyes opened slightly and were immediately blinded by the light streaming through her window. She felt her inner self groan at the sight. “Oh Princess, you’re awake”, Gerta said, rushing in with a dark blue dress. “You are scheduled with the royal tailors today.” Nova slid out of bed and stumbled over to her dressing room. “How has Asher been all these years?” she asked as Gerta fussed over the ribbon around Nova’s dress. “The Crown Prince has been quite well”, Gerta answered. “He was quite worried and even wanted to see you.” Nova stared at her expressionless face that was reflecting from the mirror. “The Emperor has invited you to breakfast as well”, Gerta reported. “Very well”, Nova answered, grabbing the glass gem necklace and placing it around her neck. Gerta opened the doors and ushered the princess out of the room.

Draven arrived at the dining room just in time to see Nova waiting outside, chatting with her brother. “Princess”, Draven greeted, bowing. Nova curtsied and replied, “Good morning Prince Draven, did you have a good rest?” Draven nodded while taking in Nova’s appearance. As Draven’s eyes reached her neck, he noticed the necklace placed delicately around Nova’s neck. “Why does she have this?” Draven’s eyes widened in shock just as the doors opened, welcoming the people outside. Just as Nova was about to walk in beside Asher, Draven grabbed Nova’s hand and pulled her away from the dining room. “Hey, Nova, where are you going?” Asher asked, turning with a confused look at his sister. “I don’t know, just tell Father and the Empress that we’ll be late”, she called back as Draven continued to pull her away.

As they made it to a deserted corridor, Nova shook off Draven’s hand and stared up at him. “What was that for?” she asked, rubbing her wrist. Draven stared at her necklace before looking back at Nova. “Where did you get that necklace?” he asked, panting slightly. Nova wished she could cock an eyebrow. “You dragged me all the way here, just to ask me about a necklace?” Nova questioned. “Please, just answer the question”, Draven said, begging. Nova’s eyes widened at his sudden state. “A friend gave it to me”, she answered slowly. Draven let out a breath and turned to the nearby wall for support. “Why do you ask?” Nova said, slightly confused. Draven drew in several more deep breaths before turning to look at her. “Who was that friend of yours?” Draven asked. Nova looked away for a little bit before answering. “Someone whose name I never wish to mention again.” Draven let out a laugh, “Was it Evelyn?” Nova looked at him, her eyes giving away her inner surprise. “What, did you steal it from her?” he asked, pain rising up in Draven’s chest.

Nova shook her head. “I told you, a friend gave it to me”, she said, feeling slightly annoyed. Draven looked at her with an equally annoyed look. “And I can tell you’re lying”, he spat out. “You must’ve stolen it.” “I really wanna roll my eyes”, Nova thought. “I didn’t steal it”, she answered, turning away from him. Draven’s eyes showed shock as he detected no lie from her. As Draven reached to turn Nova around, he felt a spark erupt through his fingertips and through his body. Nova gasped, and turned around to face Draven, who was staring at his hands. “Why is it the same spark?” the both of them thought, appalled. With shaking hands, Draven reached up to his earring and allowed some energy to flow into the stone. “Evelyn, is that you?” he asked. Nova felt the necklace around her neck heat up. “You can’t be”, she whispered. “You can’t be, I watched Father kill you.” Draven shook his head in disbelief. “Tell me the truth, is it really you?” he asked again. Nova shook her head, grabbing at her hair. “I saw you, you’re supposed to be dead”, she muttered.

Draven walked over to Nova’s shocked form and wrapped his arms around her. Tears welled up in his eyes as he stayed there, holding Nova for what felt like an eternity. A warm flicker of energy travelled through Draven’s arms and into the rest of his body, unmelting his heart that was had been frozen shut since that fateful night. Slowly, Nova raised her arms to hug him back. “I can’t believe you’re alive”, Nova said, crying as well. “Wait, are you crying?” he asked, looking at Nova’s face. Her eye’s widened in shock as she brought her hands to her face. “Holy skies, I’m crying”, she exclaimed, laughing. “You’re smiling too”, Draven burst out. Nova ran over to the nearby railing that had a small river nearby. “The potion’s effect has been reversed”, she thought with a laugh. Draven ran over and back hugged her. He placed his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes. “Turns out, you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen”, he suddenly said. Before she could answer however, Nova’s hand slipped over the railing. The both of them fell into the river below, disturbing the river’s quiet current.

“Oh Princess, why would you just run off like that?” Gerta asked as she dried Nova’s hair. Nova sat still in her nightgown, doing her best not to move. Gerta was in her ranting mode again. The navy dress Nova was wearing earlier sat on the rack, water dripping everywhere. Even with Gerta nagging her, Nova was too happy to answer anything. “Aiden’s alive. Wait no, not Aiden. Draven is alive.” “Princess, you must promise me that you will never do that again”, Gerta exclaimed. “Yes ma’am”, Nova answered, keeping her face straight. Gerta tsked as she busied herself into fixing Nova’s wet hair. Before Gerta could grab Nova a new dress, Draven appeared right in front of Nova’s bedroom door. “Oh my, Crown Prince, you mustn’t be here”, Gerta called out, trying to usher him away. “Oh, I apologize, I must’ve forgotten where my room was”, Draven said, ruffling his hair. Nova fought back a laugh, covering her mouth. Draven grinned at Nova’s obvious laughter. “It is alright Gerta, just let him come in”, Nova said, standing up from her chair.

Gerta moved out the way and led him to a small table by the window. “Crown Prince, please have a seat while I help the Princess get dressed”, she said, gesturing at the chair. Draven sat on the chair and poured himself a cup of tea. As Gerta walked into Nova’s huge closet to look for a dress, Nova walked over to Draven. “You definitely did not forget where your room is”, she said, raising an eyebrow. Draven glanced up at Nova's face and stood up. He took a few steps towards her, making Nova back up slowly. As Nova continued to back up, the water that was dripping from the navy dress caused her to trip. Nova shrieked, falling backwards. Draven wrapped his arm around Nova's waist and head, preventing her from hitting the wall behind her. "I quite like this view", he said, eyes gleaming with mischief. Nova felt her eyes close by themselves as Draven leaned to kiss her but, their lips never met. "PRINCESS, I ONLY LEFT FOR TWO MINUTES!" Gerta exclaimed.

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