Dear Nova

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Fated Mirrors

10 000 years before...

Nova was running. Again. She turned her head slightly to the right to see if anyone had caught up to her. "Why does Father make me sit through all those lessons?" she thought while sprinting through the palace corridors. All she wanted to do was to sit with some of the other half-angels and chill with some wine. Nova turned a sharp corner, hearing the footsteps behind her getting closer and closer. "Shit, a dead end", her mind thought as she felt the feeling of panic grew in her chest, the tainted window blocking her only way of escape.

"You can't run anymore Princess, I have caught you," said her tutor. "Please just cooperate, I promise I won't say a word to the Emperor." Nova smirked. "Father will know when you're lying dear Angelica,"she laughed out. "I'm sure he won't be too pleased if that does happen." She turned her body to the tainted window, took a ready stance, and leaped. Hearing Angelica's scream of panic encouraged her as she crashed through the window and started to fall towards the ground. "Okay, maybe I should've thought this through," Nova thought, that feeling of panic starting to come back. "I can't die like this, that would be lame! What would big brother Asher think of me?"

Nova's eyes widened as she fell towards the hard ground. "Ah dammit, my spiritual awakening hasn't happened yet. I'll surely die from this." She closed her eyes and braced herself for the impact when a gentle wind swept under her feet and placed her on the ground with a light thud. "Wait, am I dead? No, I don't think so." Nova slowly opened her eyes and glanced around. Her heart almost stopped seeing Asher glaring right at her.

"Hey big brother, how you doing?" Nova stuttered out, trying her best to look innocent. Asher pointed at the broken window and grunted out,"What is the meaning of this?" Nova smiled a nervous grin, escape being the only thing on her mind. "Get off the ground Nova,"Asher said through gritted teeth. "How much more of a commoner can you act like? Tarnishing the royal family's reputation." "Okay listen Asher, sitting through lessons learning about how the world was created or why there are 7 realms isn't fun,"Nova retorted, rolling her eyes. "Have forgotten how to have excitement in your life?" But before Asher could answer, Angelica runs out of the palace with a big look of relief on her face. Nova felt that little ember of guilt spark to life.

"PRINCESS, my goodness, are you alright?" Angelica asked, checking Nova's figure for any injuries. "I'm fine Angelica, trust me," Nova answered. "Nova, come with me,"Asher said, his eyes still shooting daggers. "We are going to see Father." "Oh, he's using THAT voice." "I'm alright Angelica, you can tend to me later,"Nova said, turning to her poor tutor. Angelica bowed and left quietly. Nova followed Asher through the palace and up to the Emperor's throne room. "You know, just because you're the Crown Prince doesn't mean you can boss everyone-" Nova's voice came to stop at the look her brother gave her. "Be quiet Nova, you've already caused enough trouble," he said. Asher turned to the guard at the front door. "Please tell the Emperor that the Crown Prince and the Princess requests his attention," he said, with the aura a Crown Prince should have. The guard went inside to request the audience.

About ten minutes passed when the guard finally came back out and allowed the siblings to enter. Nova hasn't been in here many times, maybe three times. She prefers to keep herself out of heavenly politics. Nova and Asher looked around and saw one of the heavenly officials reporting his findings, "and in the mortal realm, the planet Earth is currently dying from a heat stroke." "All these officials ever do is fight for Father's favour." "Very well," the Emperor said. "Sir Caleb and Sir Baruch, you both will go down to Earth and further investigate this matter. Remember not to meddle in human lives." The two officials bowed and left the council room. The Emperor scans the room one more time, "If there isn't anything else, council dismissed." The officials bowed and slowly left the council room one by one. Nova turned to Asher with a grin on her face, "Pfft, that's what you want to be like, right big brother?" Asher opened his mouth with a retort but was cut short as the Emperor allowed his children into the room.

"So, Asher, why is it you wish to come and see me?" the Emperor asked. Asher and Nova bowed to their Father before speaking. "Your daughter almost died today Father," Asher reported, slightly glancing at Nova's annoyed face. "WHAT?" As Asher explained the situation to their Father, Nova grimaced. She knew that this time, her father wasn't going to let her off lightly. "You jumped through a fourth story window before your spiritual awakening," the Emperor yelled, his face filled with disbelief and anger. "Those lessons are to help you better yourself and perhaps make you a suitable wife." Nova really rolled her eyes this time. "You can't just tell me what to do or who to marry. My life is so much more than sitting around and being your little political tool," she said. The Emperor looked like he was about to explode. "Very well, since you do not wish to cooperate,"he said. "Asher, take your sister to the Mirror Room." "You're seriously thinking that making me sit in front of a bunch of mirrors is gonna make me accept the fact that you're forcing something on me?" Nova asked in disbelief. The Emperor didn't bother to answer as he swept away in fury.

"I have been siting here for two hours," Nova thought, her legs aching from sitting. She had tried several small charms on the door, but Asher's spirit, the Nymph of Wind, was too strong for her small charms to break through. The Mirror Room was the lowest place in the Heaven Realm, the closets part of this Realm to Hell. Ever since the War of Heaven and Hell, the 7 realms have been thrown into chaos. After a treaty was created to bring peace back, the Mirror Room was constructed to prevent angels and devils from interacting. The mirrors prevented anyone to see the other side, but if one's spirit and aura was strong enough, it could sensed from the other side. Nova also learnt first hand that apparently, you can also hear if someone is talking on the other side. Suddenly, a chill ran through Nova's spine, her nerves dancing at the new aura. Someone was here, or at least, on the other side of the mirror. "Asher?" Nova called, hoping that it was her brother telling her she was allowed to leave. But, this isn't Asher's aura. Asher's aura was gentle and soothing. This aura was chaotic, cold and had the scent of frozen blood. Nova stood in a ready stance, getting ready to run. "You do realize, that if I really wanted to kill you, you wouldn't even be here right now." "The being with that weird aura is on the other side of the mirror. Which means..oh my lord, why is this happening to me? What is a demon doing on the other side?"

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