Dear Nova

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The Intertwining of Souls

“Who says that I would be easy to kill?” Nova asked, waiting to hear the stranger’s answer. “Haha, I know you won’t be easy to kill, your aura says it all,” the stranger replied, his voice sultry and flirtatious. “Your a half-angel who hasn’t had their spiritual awakening yet.” Nova’s eyes widened. “H-How do you know?” She asked, cautious. “I told you, your aura says it all,” he replied. “Dammit, I’m starting to wish I paid attention in those lessons.” “You’re like a book, easy to read; your emotions are strong,“the stranger added. Nova glared at the mirror, even though it looked quite hideous, glaring at herself. “But don’t worry, I’m in a good mood today so I won’t be killing anyone,“he said. He wasn’t very good at blocking the sincere part of his aura. This man wasn’t lying, so Nova relaxed her stance and sat back down.

“So sweetheart, what’s your name?” the stranger asked after the few moments of silence. "Don’t call me sweetheart", Nova snapped. “And the name’s Evelyn.” “You don’t know him, don’t tell him anything real about yourself.” “What about you?” Nova asked, her curiosity getting the best of her. “Aiden,” he replied. “Lie. But, I won’t bother to press further.” “So, what are you doing in the Mirror Room?” Aiden pressed on. “I got myself in trouble, skipped class,“Nova answered, re-living the miserable moment. Aiden chuckled, “So, who chucked you down here?” “Umm, my dad.” There was a small moment of silence. “Wait, your telling me they chucked you into the Mirror Room as a time-out because you skipped class?” he finally asked. “My goodness, yes, and also because of some other matters,“Nova replied, annoyed. “Why is he so slow in this conversation?” “Ooh, tell me, tell me, I like listening to family drama,” Aiden remarked, the sudden burst of excitement in his aura hurting Nova’s head.

“It’s really none of your concerning you idiot,” Nova snapped. “Woah, easy there Evelyn,” he said, defensively. “Just curious, you know?” “Well, why are you down here anyway?” Nova asked. There was another moment of awkward silence. She heard a small shuffling sound coming from the other side of the mirror. Nova listened as Aiden got up and walked towards the mirror. She followed suite and trotted up to the mirror. “I just needed to get away from some things,“he finally replied. “Don’t bother asking what, I won’t tell.” “His aura had a sudden drop. It’s like he is tired and upset.” Nova placed her hand on the mirror, not caring whether or not it would stain the glass. All of a sudden, a warm bright energy surged from her fingertips all the way around her body. It was like a warm fire on a snowy night, addicting. Nova gasped and leapt back from the mirror. “What was that? What did you do?” she asked, her defence back up again. “Hey, I swear I didn’t do anything,“Aiden replied. “Could it be your spiritual awakening?” Nova thought about that possibility for a moment and shook her head. “No, my spiritual awakening isn’t until next month,“she replied.

“His aura says he is telling the truth.” “Well, there is another possibility, “Aiden said, although his voice sounded suspicious. “What?” Nova asked, her curiosity brimming again. “Yeah, I don’t think that is a likely choice,” he replied after pausing for a few moments. “Oh my goodness, just tell me,” she said, impatience lacing her voice. Aiden laughed. That was all he did, laugh. Nova smiled and laughed along. In the one moment, all they did was laugh. Slowly, their laughter died down. “So, are you gonna tell me?” Nova asked. “Mmm, I don’t think so,“Aiden said, his voice light. “Pretty sure the Heaven Realm has plenty of books on this topic.” Nova sat back on the ground, defeated. “But, talking to you did help distract me from my problems,” Aiden finally said. “I must go now, before someone gets suspicious.” Nova glanced back at the mirror, “I wouldn’t mind talking to you again,” she replied back. Aiden chuckled, “See you soon, Evelyn.” Nova sat and felt his aura slowly wash away.

Asher came around eventually to pick up his younger sister. “You are very quiet, that is unlikely coming from you,“he said, slightly concerned. Nova looked up at him, her violet eyes gleaming. “I’m going to the library,” she finally said and swept away without another word. Asher’s mouth dropped in shock. “Did you say library? “Asher stuttered out. But he got no answer as Nova had already disappeared. Nova ran towards one of the grand library of the Heaven Realm. There were total of 100 libraries but only 40 were allowed public interaction. The other 60 were used to hold sacred books that only the royal family and certain officials could access. Nova ran up to the guard standing in front of the elegant double doors. “Princess,” he bowed. Nova waved at him and pranced through the double doors. “Good there isn’t anyone else here.” Nova glanced around the library one more time before making her way to the centre. “I request a book that explains an addicting spark when touching another being’s hand,” Nova bellowed into the empty library. Her voice echoed around the shelves and bounced off the heavy books. But nothing budged, none of the books interested in flying towards the Princess. “You’ve got to be kidding me,“Nova retaliated. “Wait, this is Heaven.”

Nova took another breath and bellowed once more,” I request a book that explains an addicting spark when touching another being’s hand. Please.” Somewhere towards the back of the library, books shook in their place and shot out of their shelves. Nova shouted in triumph as the books presented themselves before her eyes. She flipped through the pages, hoping to find the answer. “Oh, I think this is it.” Nova glanced at a heavy book, flipped through more pages, but nothing. She sighed in defeat, and sat on the ground. “I wanna talk to Aiden again.” Nova glanced outside the window, seeing the moon rise. “Oh, it’s getting late. I should probably go back to my room.” Nova ordered the books to fly back to their place and walked out of the library. As she walked through the palace gardens, her thoughts danced around the mysterious stranger named Aiden. His aura wasn’t that of an angel, it was sharp and cold. But, in a way, it had the addicting feeling to it. Like the nicotine in a cigarette.

“What were you looking for?” Asher asked from the shadows. Nova eyes widened and fired a beam of purple ray into Asher’s direction, which he easily deflected. “Bro, you scared me,” she yelled. Asher smiled and walked into the moonlight, his dark red hair glowing. “So, what were you looking for?” Nova sat on the grass, much to Asher’s disgust, and looked up to her brother. “Do you know what it means when you touch someone’s hand and this weird warm spark goes through your body?” Nova finally asked. Asher’s hazel eyes widened. “Did it happen to you?” he pressed. “Poor Asher, if only he knew that lying is my side-job.” Nova stood up and looked at her brother, sensing his concern. “No”, she replied. “I was in the Mirror Room when that question popped into my head.” Asher’s face visibly relaxed and shook his head. “Father sent you to the Mirror Room for you to reflect on your mistakes kiddo”, he said. Nova grinned and pranced around the garden, much like a deer. Asher watched his sister act like a child and grinned. “But since you are curious, most of the times it means you’ve met your soulmate”, Asher answered. Nova’s eyes widened in disbelief. “How could my soulmate be a demon? Some demons and angels do have offsprings, but it is extremely frowned upon.” “Is something bothering you Nova?” Asher asked, when his sister didn’t reply with some snarky remark. Nova turned back and glanced at her brother. “Oh nothing, I must be tired from sitting on the ground for so long”, she stated, smiling. “I’m going to bed now, rest well big bro.” Nova ran off before Asher could say anything, her mind spinning with a million thoughts.

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