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Welcome to Hell

“My soulmate could be a half-angel huh..” Draven touched his fingertips again, wanting to re-create the beautiful spark he felt a few days earlier. He had escaped to the highest point of Hell, the Mirror Room, to get away from the drama and the responsibilities he had to face. Draven leaned back in his chair, making it creak, and ruffled his raven hair. “Since when did demons and angels become soulmates?” he wondered aloud. “Since never”, said a voice coming outside his door. Draven glanced up and frowned. “Geez, how rude.” He walked over to the door and opened it. “My Satan Lezabel, you could’ve just knocked,” Draven said, slightly annoyed. The female demon waltzed in regardless and took a seat on his sofa, much to Draven’s exasperation. “Why would your best friend since birth have to knock?” Lezabel asked, cocking her eyebrow. Draven gave a sarcastic laugh, “How many times do I have to tell you, I need privacy.” “I wonder if Evelyn has problems like this.” Lezabel smiled and walked up to Draven, patting his head. “You’re acting weird, tell me about it”, she stated. Draven locked eyes with Lezabel’s green ones and shook his head. “It’s nothing, just the usuals.” Lezabel turned her head away in disappointment. “Oh right, Her Majesty sent me here to get you,“Lezabel said, remembering why she was here. “She needs to tell you and the other princes something. Draven sighed. “Again? This is the fifth time today.” He turned to Lezabel and nodded. Draven then turned and silently left the room, much to her dismay. “Why is he so distant now?“, Lezabel thought as she followed Draven out of his study.

Draven made his way towards the Empress’ throne room. He lightly scaled his hands along the rocky sides of the castle walls. As he made his way towards the grand wooden doors, he bumps into the fourth prince, Abigor. “Yo Drav, you seem tired”, he said, ruffling Draven’s hair. Draven pushed Abigor’s hand away and chuckled. “Yes, thank you for noticing the obivious”, he joked. As Abigor was about to reply with another joke, Hell’s oldest prince, Azazel, signals them into the throne room. “Mother isn’t in a good mood, be careful”, he states before opening the door. The other princes had already arrived, seated in birth order; oldest on the left, youngest on the right. Azazel made his way to the chair on the far left, turning his head slightly to the right to greet the second prince, Lazarus. Lazarus’ orange eyes were clouded with exhaustion and bitterness. To his right was the third prince, Ogon, whose yellow eyes matched his cheerful but malevolent personality. Abigor sat to Ogon’s right, his green eyes filled with jealousy for many things. Draven made his way to the second last chair, his bright blue eyes identifying the chair he has sat in all day. Finally, on the far right, sat the youngest prince, Volmas, whose indigo eyes showed his flaw of being narrow-minded and strength. “The Empress has arrived”, bellowed the guard at the door. The six princes stood from their chairs and bowed to their mother. “Rise my sons”, she ordered before sitting comfortably on her silver throne.

“I know it is the fifth time I have summoned you here today, I’m sure you are already tired of me”, the Empress said, putting on a sarcastic puppy-eyed face. “Of course not Mother,” Ogon said. “We are delighted to be in your presence.” “Ahh dear Ogon, always knowing how to cheer Mother up”, Draven thought as he stared up at the Empress. Their mother smiled and sat up straight. “Alright, down to business”, she declared, scanning the room. “As you are all now of age, I think it is time I choose one of you to become the Crown Prince for Hell.” The six princes glanced up at the Empress, shocked. “Mother is immortal, surely she wouldn’t need an heir.” Azazel stepped forward. “Mother, you are immortal and very powerful, surely you wouldn’t need one of us to take your place”, he said, trying to prevent his aura from showing his excitement. In a flash, Azazel was thrown back into the wall. The other princes knew better than to look or show any signs of weakness. “Oh Azazel, do you really think you can hide your aura from me?” said the Empress, smirking. “It seems like you would want me gone, so you can be the Emperor of Hell.” Azazel winced but bowed in submission none the less. “Of course not Mother, please forgive me”, he said, begging. The Empress stared down at her eldest son and let out a sigh. "Since I'm feeling generous today, I shall forgive you", she said, standing up. Azazel let out a sigh, but was took by surprised when a black cloud surrounded his body, lifting him up into the air. "I shall not keep someone who wants me dead around though", the Empress said as she extracted a red orb from Azazel's chest. "That's big brother's soul. She's going to devour it", Draven thought as he stared into the red orb.

"Mother! Please, I promise I won't do it again. I'll be useful, I promise!", Azazel begged as the Empress took the red orb into her hands. With a big burst of energy, the Silver Siren appeared behind the Empress. "Mother's spiritual aura is beautiful, but deadly." As the siren opened her mouth, a beautiful song began. Its compulsive presence caused the other five princes to close their eyes, the power blinding them. The siren lifted a finger and the red orb split in half, causing Azazel to let out a painful scream, blood spilling out of his chest and mouth. Draven wished he could cover his ears, longing to forget such a painful noise. "If I make any signs of weakness, I could be next." With another blinding flash, one half of the red orb fell to the ground. "Now sons, this is what happens when you make me upset", the Empress says as her transparent siren ate the other half of Azazel's soul. Azazel slid to the floor, his eyes cloudy. He was dead. "Thank you for reminding us Mother", said the remaining princes in unison. "I'm very tired now", she said, walking towards the exit. "The Crown Prince shall be marrying the Princess of Heaven. This is to keep peace with them as we can't afford another war." The Empress steps over her eldest son's dead body and exits the quiet room. Lazarus, Ogon, and Volmas leave the room quietly after. Draven and Abigor waited until everyone left the room before walking over to the broken red stone. "Drop it into the human world", said Abigor. "At least now, big brother won't have to worry about Mother killing him all the time and has a chance for a better life." Draven picked up the red stone while Abigor went over to retrieve Azazel's dead body.

Abigor released Azazel's dead body into the lava pool and said his farewells. Just as he stood up, the other three princes walked down to the lava pool. "What, you're gonna tell Mother?" Abigor asked, look at them. "No, we are here to say farewell as well", Volmas says, his indigo eyes shining with tears. As each of the princes paid their respects, Lazarus looks around. "Where's Draven?" he asks. "He went to send the other half of Azazel's soul to the mortal realm", Abigor replied. Finally, the four princes left the lava pool, grieving their eldest brother.

"This is the fourth prince she has killed", Draven thought with bitterness. His heart was pounding with pain, unable to take in the news. His eldest brother is gone, or at least, the demon version of him. Draven picked up his pace and started to sprint higher and higher up the castle, towards the Mirror Room. "I need to get away", he thought as he continued to run. "It's her! It's her aura." Draven sprinted up to the translucent door and push it open, inhaling the scent of the aura he was looking for.

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