Dear Nova

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Nova walked down to the Mirror Room. She couldn’t sleep, thinking about how a demon could be her soulmate. “So this is what an addiction feels like. I can’t stop thinking about him.” As she made her way to the door, Nova sensed it. The aura she had been longing to inhale for the past few days. “He’s there, on the other side.” Nova ran towards the mirror and placed her hands on the glass. The warm spark of heat erupted from her fingertips, through her arms, and around her body. “Aiden, is that you?” she asked, already knowing the answer. “I just want to hear his voice.” “Yes silly”, he answered. The two sat, backs against the mirror, taking a moment to appreciate the other’s company. “What are you doing here?” Aiden asks. “Did you skip class again?” Nova laughed, “No buddy, I just couldn’t sleep.” She smiles lightly and says, “I needed company.” Aiden chuckles, “Did you miss me that much?” Nova shook her head, “Don’t get cocky buddy, I said I needed company, not that I missed you.” Draven laughed and Nova smiled. “That was a lie, of course, I missed you.” Draven’s laugh came to a stop and he sighed. “Man, I really don’t like it here”, he said, his aura doing another downward drop. “What happened?” Nova asks, concerned. “Some family stuff, not exactly something I would tell someone whom I’ve never actually seen before.” Nova rolled her eyes, “Well if you ever need someone to talk to, I’ll be right here.” “It’s sad you know?”Aiden suddenly said. “No one at home can actually feel sad about this matter.” Nova frowned, “Do you not have siblings to talk to about this?” she asked, confused. “I do, it’s just that we are forbidden to talk about it at home”, Aiden answered.

“But, you’re talking about it to me”, Nova pointed out. “I’m sure it wouldn’t count, you don’t even know what happened”, Aiden replied. “Oh, working around the system I see”, Nova joked, hoping it would cheer him up. “Yes, you see, I’m a genius”, Aiden joked back, laughing. Nova smiled and felt her heart light up. “I’m gonna guess that this is what love feels like.” “Don’t get too attracted to me yet”, Aiden said. “We haven’t actually seen each others faces. For all you could know, I could be the ugliest person alive.” Nova faced the mirror, grinning. “But...You could also be the best-looking person”, she said. “I’m leaning towards the second option”, Aiden said; Nova could hear the smile in his voice. “But, thank you Evelyn”, Aiden finally said. “I really appreciate talking to you.” Nova felt her heartbeat even faster. “No problem, anything to help a friend out”, she replied, trying to keep a steady tone. Aiden’s aura spiked at the word “friend”. “We are..friends?” he asked, his aura giving away the fact that he was longing to hear the answer. “Of course!” Nova exclaimed. “But I do wish to talk to you more.” There was a comfortable silence for a few moments.

“I know, there is something called a glass gem that can only be found in Hell”, Aiden explained. “The mirrors in this room were enforced using these gems and they make perfect communication tools. Kind of similar to human walkie-talkies.” Nova listened intently. “I happen to have a lot of them lying around my house, I’m sure my mother won’t mind me using some as we have a lot”, Aiden continued. “Wait”, Nova said. “How do you plan to get it to me?” Aiden ruffled his hair. “I’m afraid that if we were seen together, it would be ‘Imma destroy your soul’,” he said. Nova got up and walked around the Mirror Room, looking for any flaws. As she ducked down to look at the ground, she noticed a small hole, slightly bigger than her middle finger. “Aiden, I think I found our solution”, Nova said, unable to keep the excitement from slipping out of her aura. “There is a hole, just beneath the mirror, slightly covered by the heavy glass”, she explained. Aiden walked over to where Nova’s voice was coming from and ducked down. The two locked eyes. “Your eyes are beautiful Evelyn”, Aiden said. “Oh, I said that out loud.” Nova smiled and Aiden watched as Nova’s eye crinkled like a raisin in the sun, hearing her laughter. “It might take me a few days before I can get my hands on the gems”, Aiden said, a little sadly. “It’s alright, the wait will be worth it”, Nova voiced. “Alright, I’ll attach the gem to a necklace, that way it’ll look normal”, Aiden mentioned. “Meet me here, on the next full moon, same time as today.” Nova nodded her head, only to remember Draven couldn’t see her. “Yes, I shall remember that”, Nova exclaimed. The two talked for another hour before finally departing, with Aiden reminding Nova to meet him back there.

The next morning, Nova bounced right out of bed. Her heart had been pounding all night. “His eyes were a beautiful royal blue. I don’t think I can get them out of my head!” As Nova washed up and prepared to leave for breakfast, her personal maid, Gerta, ran into the room. “Oh Princess, you’re up early! she said in surprise. “It normally takes me ten minutes to get you up!” Nova tossed her head back and laughed. “Oh, Gerta, I’m sorry for the burden”, Nova said. “The Emperor is requesting to eat breakfast with you and the Crown Prince”, Gerta said, rushing to help the princess get dressed. After placing a white and gold dress on Nova’s body, Gerta sat the princess down and brushed her hair. “Oh Princess, you’re glowing today!” Gerta explained. “Something amazing must’ve happened.” Nova smiled into the mirror, her mind floating elsewhere. “It’s just a great start to a day Gerta, that’s all”, Nova said. Gerta shook her head and finished up tying a bow in Nova’s hair. “All set Princess, have fun with breakfast”, Gerta said, as Nova got up and rushed towards the royal dining room.

“Oh, Nova, you’re actually on time”, Asher said, patting his younger sister on the head. “And there isn’t some type of leaf stuck in your hair.” Nova beamed up at her older brother and swatted his hand away. “It’s just a great day big bro”, Nova said. “Oh and my spiritual awakening is soon too! Adds on to the list of great things.” Asher smiled and made his way to his seat, Nova following behind him like a puppy. “The Emperor has arrived”, bellowed the guard at the door. Nova and Asher stood up and greeted him,“Good morning Father.” “Good morning children, sit down.” As the siblings sat down, the Emperor walked over to his chair. Servants spilled out of the back door like water, placing fruits, pastries, and drinks on the table for the royal family. “Very well, let us dine”, the Emperor said as he picked up a fork and began to eat. Asher reached over and picked up a strawberry and began munching on the fruit. Nova smiled. “Great start to a day indeed”, she thought as she picked up a macaron, her mind drifting away.

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