Dear Nova

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Gifted Gem

"Tomorrow's the night of the full moon." Draven sat in his study, working on his necklace for Evelyn. "I hope Evelyn will like it when I give it to her." He had managed to get a hold to two glass gems thanks to Abigor convincing Mother it was needed for "important" purposes. Draven picked up the light silver chain he had got and took his tweezers, carefully placing the gem in the centre. He had made an earring for himself, which had taken him longer than expected. "Yo Draven", said a voice at the door. "Good evening Lezabel", Draven answered without looking up from the necklace. As Lezabel hopped into the room, she noticed the necklace. "Holy Satan, I knew you were hiding something from me", Lezabel exclaimed, jumping around. "Is that my birthday gift?" For the first time in an hour, Draven looked up and cocked his eyebrow. He shook his head, "No, it's for someone else." Lezabel felt a pang of jealousy. "Then, who is it for?", she asked, sounding hurt. Draven shook his head again,"It's a secret." "But, you never hide anything from me", Lezabel retorted. "It'll just be this one thing", he answered, tired. Her eyes widened in disbelief. "Is that person so important to you that you can't even remember that today is your best friend's birthday?", Lezabel asked, her aura giving away sadness. Draven stopped for a moment. As he looked up, his eyes gave away no emotion. "This is what I get for being friends with a blue-eyed demon. Blue means cold", Lezabel thought, even more upset. "I'm sorry, I was just really occupied", Draven finally answered.

Lezabel felt tears start to well up in her eyes. Draven got up from his desk, walked up to Lezabel, and hugged her lightly. "Happy birthday", he whispered, before letting go and walking back to his desk. Lezabel sniffled. "You owe me two gifts next year", she said, wiping the tears on her face. Draven looked at the necklace and delicately placed the glass gem in the centre. He looked up at Lezabel and smiled,"Of course." As Lezabel turned to leave the room, she secretly summoned her spiritual aura, the Strange Viper, and snuck it into the room. The green snake, transparent, slithered in and hid itself behind the bookshelf. "See who he is giving the necklace to", Lezabel thought to the snake. "Well, I'm off then", she said. "Make sure to eat." Draven waved without looking up. Lezabel closed the door behind her, upset but hopeful. "I'll soon know who this person is", she thought.

"Someone's spiritual aura is here", Draven thought as he placed the necklace in this pocket. He stood in a fighting stance, summoning his spirit which took form in an ice dragon. Draven felt his senses extend, becoming more clear. He walks around the room, defensive. As he rounds the bookshelf where the green snake was hiding, he felt the aura spike in fear. Draven turns his head and spots the green snake staring right back at him. The snake hisses and slithers out of its hiding spot. "Come back here!" he exclaimed. Draven chased the snake in circles around his study. With a burst of power from his hands, a blue fog surrounded the snake. "The fog causes hypnosis and confusion to anyone's body", he said, walking towards the snake. "Don't bother trying to get out Lezabel." "Okay! Okay!", yelled a voice from within the fog. "I'll leave." Draven frowned. "Don't force someone to reveal a secret if they don't want to Lez", Draven said, annoyed. "I'm sorry", the snake replied. He dispersed the fog only to see that the snake was still there. "Don't do this again", he ordered, turning to the door. The snake lowered its head in submission and disappeared in a green burst. Draven opened the door, blew out the candles in his study, and left for his bedroom.

"Ooh, tonight is the night", Nova thought as she snuck past the guard who was asleep down the hallway from her room. She ran across the palace gardens, dodging the flower bushes, and made her way to the tower where the Mirror Room was. The full moon was her only source of light as she pulled the heavy door to the tower. As she entered, Nova stopped for a moment to sense if there was anyone else there. "Good, it's just me." She sprinted down the stairs as quick as possible. The closer she came to the room, the more she could sense the frozen aura she longed to inhale. Nova pushed open the door and gasped out,"Aiden, sorry I'm late." She heard a rustle on the other side of the mirror. "Oh, it's alright", Aiden replied. "I just got here as well." Nova smiled and quietly shut the door. She made her way to the hole under the mirrors to see that Aiden was already staring thru the hole. "Give me a moment", he said as he ruffled around his pockets to find the necklace. Aiden pushed it through the hold into Nova's hand. "It's beautiful", Nova exclaimed. Her eyes widened as the gem twinkled. "How it works is very simple", Aiden said. "Simply just give the gem a bit of your power." Nova pushed a bit of her energy into the stone. The gem lit up into a purple shade. "Speak into it", Aiden continued.

"Hellooo", Nova yelled, placing the stone right on her lips. "You can adjust the volume for listening by adjusting how much energy you give to the stone", Aiden said, laughing. "This stone can only be heard by the beholder, so I suggest you keep it on you." Nova grinned at the mirror. "This will be our little secret", she said, still grinning. Aiden chuckled,"Of course, I don't think our parents would be too happy if we were seen together." Nova placed the necklace around her neck and posed in front of the mirror. "Oh thank you Aiden, this necklace is beautiful", Nova exclaimed, twirling around. "This feels like a fairytale." She felt Aiden's frozen aura lightly heat up; his heart was beating faster. "Don't jinx it honey", he said, smirking. "Just promise that if anyone ever finds out about this secret, you'll save yourself first." Nova frowned. "What about you?", she asked, placing her hands on the mirror, feeling that addicting spark. "Will you promise the same thing?" She heard Aiden chuckle. "As you ask m'lady", he replied. Nova glared at the mirror. "Aiden, you must promise me you'll do the same thing", she said. "Yes, I promise", Aiden said. Nova smiled and glanced at the window. "It's almost dawn, I must go now", she voiced, slightly upset. "Oh, yes, I must leave as well", Aiden said. "Please take care." Nova smiled a wide grin. "Of course." As she slipped away from the Mirror Room, Nova felt her heart lift again. "I wouldn't mind spending an eternity with him", she thought as she fiddled with the necklace.

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