Dear Nova

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Phoenix Ghost

A month had passed ever since the faithful day of that meeting. Nova and Aiden had talked almost everyday. Some nights, if the coast was clear, the soulmates would meet in the Mirror Room and talk for hours. The two lovers spoke of futures where they would be together, happily. They spoke of things that they couldn’t have ever imagined before. Everything had gone so smoothly, almost as if nothing would go wrong. Nova woke up early that morning to birds chirping at her window. “How cliche”, she thought, getting out of bed. Nova placed her hand on her chest. “Did Aiden feel this nervous for his spiritual awakening?” Nova closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. Gerta rushed into the room, with a silky dress of purple fabric. “Oh, thank goodness, Princess you are awake”, she said, placing the dress on Nova’s bed. “Your spiritual awakening ceremony starts in three hours. You still need to practice the ritual a few more times.” Nova turned away from the window, fiddling with the silver necklace around her neck. She walked over the a marble podium and stood still as Gerta placed the dress on Nova’s body. The silky material dropped onto the ground like water. The dress was a beautiful violet, with silver glitter littering the dress like stars.

Nova looked at the mirror and practiced her smile while Gerta adjusted the laces around her dress. “Oh Gerta, this dress is gonna be hard to walk in”, Nova whined, turning slightly away from the mirror. “I’m sure you’ll do just fine”, Gerta replied, putting on the finishing touches. “Alright, do a twirl.” Nova sighed and did a twirl, her elegance showing through. Gerta smiled and clapped her hands, “Ah Princess, you’ve really grown up.” Nova smiled and did a peace sign. Gerta rushed out the bedroom saying, “I’m gonna grab you breakfast, practice your ritual while you’re at it.” “Of course”, Nova yelled back before giving some energy to the glass gem. “Aiden!” she said, placing the gem on her lips. “My spiritual awakening is today.”

“Aiden! My spiritual awakening is today.” Draven heard Evelyn’s voice while he was finishing his breakfast with Abigor and the Empress. “Mother, I apologize, I must excuse myself”, Draven said, getting up from the table. “Oh, why is that?” the Empress asked, helping herself to some wine. “I’m quite stuffed”, he answered, doing his best to prevent his aura from giving any signs of lie away. “Oh very well then”, the Empress said, wiping her mouth. “Meet me in the throne room at 3pm, the Princess of Heaven has her spiritual awakening today and the messenger will come around then.” Draven bowed and exited the room. He ran towards his study, opened the door and locked it. Draven touched his earring and gave some energy to the glass gem. “Oh, tell me about it”, he said, sitting on his chair. “My ma- I mean my friend made me wear this extremely long dress. I can barely walk in it”, Evelyn replied. Draven laughed. “If you do happen to fall, you must tell me about it.” He heard Evelyn gasp. “You are this close to getting pinched”, she retorted, sharp but friendly. “I’m very nervous Aiden. Did you feel like this?” Draven widened his eyes. He remember very clearly, on the day of his spiritual awakening, his mother had personally came and visited him. The only day she actually acted like a mother. Draven had remembered the butterflies in his stomach.“Of course I was nervous silly”, he replied. “But don’t worry darling, it is a big changing point for everyone. It is normal to be nervous.” He listened as Evelyn gave a sigh of relief. “Oh, my friend is coming back, I must go. Can you meet me tonight at the Mirror Room? I wanna tell you all about it in person”, Evelyn said, in a hurry. “Certainly, m’lady”, Draven replied, bowing. He knew she couldn’t see him. As the gem stopped glowing, Draven put his hand down. “I’ll be able to see her soon.”

Two hours later after her conversation with Aiden, Nova nervously stood in front of her father’s throne room. She took a deep breath and waited for the doors to open. Nova stepped into the room, summoning all her lessons on etiquette to use. She gave off an elegant and soft aura. Her presence surprised everyone in the room. Nova kept her eyes forward, using all her might to not turn to her brother and shout,"See big bro, I have elegance too!" She made her way to the centre of the throne room and bowed to her father. The Emperor smiled,"Today marks a special day!" He turns to survey his officials, advisors, and his two children. "The day has finally arrived where my daughter, Princess Nova, will have her spiritual awakening." Asher steps forward. "As the time is just right, we shall now make our way to the palace courtyard where 2 000 years before, I had my spiritual awakening", he said, glancing at his sister. Asher walks over and helps his sister up."I'm very proud of you", he whispers, walking beside her.

For the first time in a while, Nova witnessed every resident of the castle spills out of the palace like little ants. The civilians were kept behind a gate, servants watched from the windows, and guards stationed themselves around every corner of the palace. "The ritual will now begin", the Emperor bellowed. Asher walks up to his sister and places his hand out, silently asking for a dance. The music began, the siblings began to dance. Twirling, turning, spinning, and pivoting, the scenery became a blur. As Nova and Asher came to a stop, the skies turned into the sultry purple colour. Summoning her sword, Nova kneeled on the ground. She presented herself in the position she had practiced many times before, her head bowed and her hands, holding her sword, up above her head. There was a loud boom, and a blinding flash before a beautiful purple phoenix flew down from the skies and entered Nova's body. The collision caused Nova to gasp, as she felt her senses hone themselves to perfection. She felt as her body relaxed and become more flexible. Nova turned to face the crowd with her eyes closed, summoning her spiritual aura for the first time. The purple phoenix reappeared, it's wings spreading to its full length. Its elegant head turned to survey the area. The phoenix's beak opened to sing a beautiful melody, amazing but sad with a tint of want and longing. Black angel wings sprouted from Nova's back, making her stance wobble for a moment. As she opened her eyes, the sight in front of her wasn't one she had imagined. Instead of surprise, happiness, or maybe even awe, Nova was greeted with looks of anger, shock, fear and above all, panic.

"DEMON!" someone from within the crowd yelled, followed by murmurs of agreement, jeers, threats and curses. Nova felt her heart stop and drop to the bottom of her stomach, her vision spinning, and a nauseous feeling blossom. She turned to her brother only to see him in shock. With only a bit of hope left, Nova turned to her father, hoping he would do something to silence the crowd. But the Emperor did nothing, instead standing with the same expression of shock that Asher wore. Nova felt her eyes form tears of humiliation. She turned her back to the crowd, only to hear more jeering from the crowd as they saw the full form of her wings. "My head is spinning. I have never been so embarrassed in my life", Nova thought as she tried to stop the tears from spilling down her face. "Today was that one day I could finally prove to Father that I've grown up. But, I guess this is just fate. I guess Asher was right, I'm a disgrace to the royal family. I hate it here, I wanna leave. I wanna disappear and never come back." With those thoughts in her head, Nova began to sprint, trying to get as far away as possible. With her new wings, she leapt into the air and flew for the first time. It came to her naturally. "I need Aiden, I need his voice. I need to feel that spark", she thought, unable to hear Asher calling for her to come back.

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