Dear Nova

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“I was on the brink of dying, fighting alone”, Mara said, watching as her past self slashed and swung a mighty sword to prevent herself from dying. “Until, in the end, my entire legion was killed. Except for me.” The princes followed Mara’s spirit through the memory, witnessing her kill more and more until the battle was basically decided. A blur of dark swirls clouded Draven’s eyes as he watched a sword plunge itself into Mara’s stomach. He held back a gasp as blood gushed from the wound and Mara’s lips. With a burst of light, the attacker was sent flying back with their body splitting in half. Mara looked around the deserted land, her consciousness slowly fading away. With one final and painful breath, she landed on the ground in a thud. Mara’s spirit sighed, “I didn’t, however, die on the battlefield that day.” The princes watched as a figure glided down from the sky and picked Mara’s unconscious body off the ground. The figure flew into the sky, without looking back at the battlefield.

“Alright, you’ve seen what you needed to see”, Mara’s spirit said, snapping her fingers. The mirage disappeared and the princes were back in the dusty room. “What happened to you after?” Ogon asked, his eyes shining with curiosity. “That is a story for another day”, Mara answered, smiling. She turns to look at Draven and for a moment, he thought he saw Maras’ violet eyes flicker to Draven’s earring. “Good night dear princes of Hell”, Mara said, bowing. The princes nodded and left one at a time. As Draven prepared for his departure, Mara floated down to his face. “Please take care of her for me”, she said, smiling sadly. “What?” Draven questioned, but Mara had already vanished. As he walked out of the Memory Chamber, Draven heard a cry coming from his earring. He stopped right where he was and let his finger graze the silver earring. “Evelyn, are you alright?” Draven runs up to his private quarters and turns to the servant at the door. “Do not let anyone come in, unless its Mother”, he ordered. The servant nodded and closes the door behind Draven. “Evelyn, are you there?” he asked, a feeling of panic swell in his chest.

“Yes I’m here”, she answered, sniffling. “What happened? Did someone hurt you?” Draven pressed, hearing her cries. “No one did anything, my spiritual awakening just finished”, Evelyn answers. “How’d it go?” Draven asked, suspicious. “I’ll tell you tonight when I can meet you.” Draven sighed, “Alright, but please, I’ll always be here whenever you need me.” “Thank you Aiden”, Evelyn says, still crying. Draven smiles to himself, then says,” Take care, I’ll see you tonight.” He frowned as he heard no goodbye. “Did I say something wrong?” Draven thought, furrowing his eyebrows. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud clash outside. Draven frowns and strides towards the door. He opens the door to see the servant with his head bowed at Lezabel’s feet. “Draven”, Lezabel wailed. “Your servant just disrespected me, he didn’t bow when I came by.” Draven tugged his arm away from her grip and walked over to the servant. “Is this true?” he asked. The servant shook his head ferociously. “I swear on my soul Your Highness,“the servant replied. “I bowed but refused to let Lady Lezabel in, just as you requested.” Draven nodded, “Please, stand up.” Lezabel walked over to the shivering demon and slapped him. “Are you calling me a liar?” she yelled. “Don’t you forget your place.”

As Lezabel raised her hand to hit the servant again, Draven grabbed her arm and pulled it away from the servant’s face. “Remember that you are at my home,” Draven grits out. “Don’t disrespect my staff like this.” Lezabel laughs out a sarcastic chuckle. “I simply wanted to come in, what was the problem?” she asked. Draven felt steam fly out of his ears. “I told him to not let anyone in unless it was Mother”, Draven says, his voice dangerously low. “How dare you barge in like you own the place?” “Well, he didn’t explain that part”, Lezabel says, rolling her eyes. Draven really wants to face-palm himself now. “Why does he need to explain himself to you?” he asked, folding his arms. “If a servant tells you to not enter, it was probably because the master ordered so.” Lezabel turns away from Draven and faces the servant. In a blast of energy, the servant flew back into the wall, the Venomous Serpent encircling the servant. Draven summoned his Frozen Dragon and summoned ice to grow from the ground. The ice swerved around Lezabels’ limbs, tying her down and making her spiritual aura disappear. “Don’t you dare come back without my invite”, Draven said, his eyes glowing an icy blue. Lezabel’s face flushed up in embarrassment as she was untangled and sent on her way.

Draven walked up towards the Mirror Room, immediately sensing Evelyn’s saddened aura. “Evelyn, what happened?” Draven asked, as he burst in. “My spiritual awakening was a disaster”, Evelyn wailed, bursting into tears. Draven placed his hands on the mirror and felt Evelyn’s sorrow spread throughout his body. “What was your spiritual awakening?“, Draven asked. “Only if you’re comfortable to tell me.” Evelyn sniffled and answered,“It was a bird.” Draven looks at the mirror, part of him hoping to see what Evelyn actually looks like. “What’s so bad about a bird?” There was a rustle of movement behind the mirror as Evelyn wiped her tears. “I can’t talk about it anymore”, she answered. “It brings back all the embarrassment.” Draven smiles a sad smile to his reflection. “It’s alright, you don’t have to tell me now”, he said. “Thank you Aiden”, Evelyn said. “But I have a favour to ask you.” Draven sat down and continues to listen. “I really don’t want to stay here anymore.” Draven nodded, knowing exactly what she was feeling. “I want to run away”, Evelyn said. “Will you come with me?” Draven stared at his reflection in shock. “Could we run away without Mother finding us?” Sensing his torn brain, Evelyn stood up, tearing the spark between their fingertips. “I know it’s a lot to ask for”, she said. “You don’t have to accept, I understand if you don’t.”

Draven stood up and placed his hands on the mirror. “If I don’t say anything, I might never meet her again.” Evelyn prepared to leave the room when she heard a shout from Draven,“No wait, I’ll come with you.” Evelyns’ eyes light up in an instant. As she runs back to the mirror, Evelyn placed her hand on the mirror. “Really, you’re willing to leave everything behind?” she asked. Draven nodded, only to remember she couldn’t see him. “Of course,” he both have this in common: both of us no longer want to stay here”, he said. “But where will we meet?” Draven searched his brain for a spot that was unoccupied by both Heaven and Hell. “I know”, Evelyn exclaimed. “In the Nature Realm, there is a place called White Blossom Lane. No one lives there and it is unoccupied at night time.” Draven smiled at the mirror and replied,“Yes, that is the perfect place.” Suddenly, a thought came to his head. “When will we meet?” Evelyn thought for a few moments before answering. “Let’s meet there tomorrow at midnight.” Draven hummed his agreement, “I will finally be able to see you.” He heard Evelyn laughed, sounding like the light ringing of bells. “Yes, my beloved, we’ll meet for real soon.” Draven placed his lips on the mirror, only to feel a surge of energy go through his body, setting his inner soul free. The Frozen Dragon danced and twirled around the room before re-entering his body. He listened as Evelyn’s spiritual aura flew around her side of the room. “Her spiritual aura must be some type of songbird.” It didn’t matter. Soon, he’ll be able to hold her and spend the rest of eternity with his soulmate.

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