The Root, The Shell, The Stone

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"Are you lost?" ... Amerie Errai wants to write a good story. But, as it turns out, living like an ornamental hermit deprives one of much adventure. So what's a fifteen year-old to do? Warily, Amerie steps out into a whole new world. Literally. She finds herself in a different realm, and unlike back home, she is the centre of this universe. But the spotlight is something Amerie never asked for. Yet, with a boy at school missing (one of the less annoying ones), can Amerie find the courage to save the day?

Fantasy / Drama
Anonymous Bird
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Prologue - Volume I: The Root

“Do you feel lost?” she whispered.

The desperate figure looked up at her with eyes too tired of the past, and too doubtful of the future.

“My dear friend, I will not forsake you. Take this elixir and your family will be saved...are you willing?”

He looked at the face of this woman, this ‘friend’, whom he had never once seen. In the moonlight, her face radiated a serene beauty. He envied the gleam in her eyes, a vigour he had lost. If this woman was in earnest, she might have a cure for them all. After all, what was left to lose?

One nod and the deal was struck.

She smiled sweetly with her mouth closed, like she was trying to conceal the teeth that lay within.

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