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Serpent's Enchantment

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We follow Daniel Ritz a 17-year-old boy, an outcast of his family. Treated as if he was the biggest waste in the world to everyone, it was another grey day for Daniel until a coincidental encounter that would turn his dull world upside down. A path of risk, betrayal, and death filled with power and life changing experiences. What will Daniel choose? Will he take the gamble or Will he turn away.

Fantasy / Action
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The Bastard

“You’re so annoying.” A young boy said to the shorter young boy. The taller one frowns and pushed away the other

The short young lad falls from impact made a loud thump, as they were playing outside in the backyard.

“oww!” the short boy yelps. His eyes turning red and a stinging feeling as tears slowly form his dewy eyes.

Looking downwards to hide his expression, the tall one feeling guilty said “A-are you okay?” a worried look spread across his face.

The tall boy reaches out his arms to help, “I’m sorry Daniel, here let me help you.”

Daniel accepted his brothers arms gladly; he has always been weaker compared to his brother. But that fact never bothered Daniel.

His brother Joshua, loves his little brother as he was a target of bullying at school and no matter how annoying Daniel got, he always has a soft spot for him and him only.

Just now, this little brother of his was pestering him to play. Joshua wanted to read his book rather than playing as they already played today.

So, Joshua out of annoyance pushed Daniel down, he didn’t mean to push that hard.

Joshua sighed, “Daniel we already played today, didn’t we? Big brother needs to study so he can play with you more tomorrow.”

Daniel still looking down his feet below whispers, “Sorry… “he fidgets his fingers anxiously.

Joshua raises his hands and pet Daniel’s hair and smiles, “It’s okay, next time listen to your big brother more, okay?”

“DANIEL RITZ!” a woman shouts, surprised me and knocked me out of my daydreaming.

At the same time that woman who shouted was my mother burst opens the door and looks at me, “What are you doing? Why are you not ready yet?”

“Sorry, mum. I don’t know what to wear” I sheepishly smiles. Today is a very special day for my family, it’s my father’s company anniversary.

And as his second son I was obligated to attend, even if I don’t want to.

“Mum are you not going to join us again this year?” I asked her. She was picking outfit and freezes over the question.

She didn’t answer for awhile and brought the tuxedo the house butler gave me yesterday. “You know I shouldn’t, they don’t like it when I am there. Better just you go.” she smiles.

I nodded knowing she doesn’t like to talk about it, I changed my clothes into the formal attire. I styled my dark brown hair into the side; I never really liked my so called ‘father’ so I am glad I don’t have his face I look just like my mom.

What I do have is his eyes sadly, piercing green eyes our family’s trademark. I took a deep breath went outside of my room and said my goodbye’s.

I knew the car was waiting for me, and so we went off to the restaurant.

I got a text from my brother Joshua “everybody is already here, please be quick they are starting I saved a seat for you.”

They started already? Well, what did I expect I am just a bastard’s child after all why would they wait for me?

I arrived 10 minutes late, I swiftly enter the VIP room everybody looked over my way.

My father seems displeased, I didn’t care. I just paid my respects and sat next to my brother.

Joshua gives me a plate of food filled with everything that I liked, I gave him a thumbs up. He nodded in response.

Everybody that attended are distant relatives I don’t really know them personally. Usually, they just talk to Joshua anyway.

A woman in her 50s raised her voice and said, “Oh my Joshua you had already gotten so big, very handsome too just like your father hmm?”

Joshua laughs, “thank you aunt Janice.”

“You know my daughter, Rosa. She turned 17 lately why don’t you say hi Rosa?”

I’m guessing the blushing blonde that has a pair of googly eyes for my brother is Rosa. But- isn’t she- Joshua’s voice cut off my thought process.

“You mean Cousin Rosa? Your age is the same as my brother’s isn’t that right Daniel?”


This snake is trying to push it over to me.

Okay act cool, chic, and composed. I looked over to Rosa and just nodded.

This is awkward who would in the right mind try to match make two cousins that’s inces-

“I- of course Daniel… aha” I could tell by the way they look at me as if I am just but a cockroach.

But we all know who the cockroach is in this situation.

The meet up continues as if nothing happened, I suppose my father was in a good mood as he didn’t say anything about me being late.

Unlike last time where I got hit, today it seems my lucky day maybe I should but a lottery ticket.

Everybody went home as I was the last one to go with the rest of the main family.

It consists of Joshua’s mother, father, Joshua and myself.

The three of them looks like a real family, I would be lying if I didn’t envy them. But I am grateful Joshua treats me very well as if I was his real brother.

I zoned off when I heard a screeching of a chair, my father stood up, “Joshua, go and take your mother to the house.”

“What about you dad? Let’s go together.”

“No. I need to talk to someone.” He sternly said.

Joshua nodded didn’t think twice over what would happen as soon as he is gone.

He took his mother and went outside as directed.

My father however didn’t leave instead, he took a glass and threw it over my way. The glass hit the wall even so shards of glass cut through my skin.

A stinging pain on my cheek and neck. This feels like nothing as I had felt way worse.

I stand tall, I didn’t want him to see me weak. My father panted heavily after he threw the glass.

“Father you should be careful of your leg you could fall at any moment” sarcasm filled in those words.

“SILENCE! You impudent thing!” his face all red, looking at me as if I was pollution itself.

I wasn’t even a human in his eyes how, ironic.

“How Dare You come here, and late at that! You can’t even do one thing right.”

“You embarrassed me and MY family, not only that your bad luck got over to my side now! If Joshua didn’t beg me to have you here I would-“he closes his eyes, Sighed.

I stayed silent as it was already tiring hearing his nonsense.

He stares at me once again, “listen well, bastard. Do yourself something useful and be better hmm?”

I stood there until he finally steps out of this room, I breathed out air from my lungs and sat down.

That crazy f***er, he got mad just because he can’t secure a project and that wasn’t even my fault.

Honestly if he didn’t get mad, to me that would be weirder.

I checked my cheek and sure enough there was blood, great how am I going to explain mum.

I sighed, went up and searched for a convenience store. First, I need to take care of my cut before I can go home.

No cars left, walking it is. I needed fresh air anyway.

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