Is it a Dream

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Life in Elysian was great, but for those who lived beyond the walls of the kingdom, they knew only of horror and violence. For many years it had been peaceful. For many years everyone in and outside of Elysian have lived in harmony. But one day the kingdom is attacked and it's up to Everlina to stop it. But first Everlina must look inside herself and remember who she really is.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1

She began her new life, gasping for breath, surrounded by water.

Looking around she couldn't make out where she was. She could hear voices in the distance. Screaming and yelling mostly. She could smell the salt making her gag. She could hear the waves crashing against land.

She wanted to cry, but no tears came; she could only wait for someone to find her.

My name is Everlina Thea Androma. She thought.

That was the only thing she could remember about her life. She didn't know her age, who her parents where, where she was. It was like before that very moment she couldn't remember the time before she was engulfed in water.

She didn't understand how this happened. How she was trapped in water. Her mind acting like she was a new-born. Not focusing on anything. She tried remembering something. Something to gasp onto and to not let go. But it was as if her memories were taken.

No, she thought, I have to remember....... I remember.

Flooding into her mind were thoughts, facts, images and details of another world. She pictured dancing and laughing. She remembered the blazing sun on her skin. She remembered the smell of sweet lilies and daisies. She saw a field of flowers that went on for miles. She could picture another world. Yet she couldn't quite fully grasp what her mind was trying to make her remember.

From that small memory she couldn't remember where she came from. But she had found it familiar the sounds and the smells vaguely remembering a distant past. Images of people flooded her mind. There was no recognition, their faces replaced with screams and yells and darkness. She couldn't remember one person she knew of or recall a single conversation.

She continued floating amidst the water. She soon became use to the sounds of the swaying of the waves. A long time passed. Seconds became minutes. And those minutes extended into hours. Yet, it was not possible for her to know for sure how long it had been as it felt like a century had passed. Wait. She was a lot smarter to be thinking that it had been that long. Trusting herself and her natural instincts she knew she had roughly been in the water for an hour.

Bizarrely she felt calm, and not at all panicked. She felt like this was meant to happen. She allowed herself to be swept along with the waves. She had no fear of water. Drowning yes, but the waves weren't dragging her under, they were swiftly pulling her along. She was rather curious about where she was. Remembering that she had heard some voices earlier she decided to take a chance to see if anyone was near.

'Hello, is anyone there' she yelled. Not hearing a reply or anything above the waves she decided it was best to sing. She decided to sing a lullaby.

'Where the words go

When you are stuck

Why the words stop?

When you can't talk

How many words

Are you thinking

How many thoughts

Are in your head

How long it takes

A simple phrase

There is lots more

That you can say'

Hearing voices closer to her. 'I'm here, I'm here, I'm in the water' Ever began to shout.

She heard the voices become louder and the stomping of feet within her direction. 'Hurry please' She yelled. Seeing people in the distance and hearing more voices Ever sighed in relief that she has been found.

A few seconds later a figure appeared in her line of sight. He told her to hold on to him and not let go. Closing her eyes she felt herself being pulled out of the freezing water. Looking up she found herself staring into light blue eyes. she felt grateful that she was safely on land.

The silence becoming too much for her saviour he asked 'what's your name sweetie'.

'My name is Everlina. Everlina Thea Androma. But I mainly go by Ever or Lina'. she replied.

'Well Ever, I'm Raven' he replied.

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